Eleven Days, Eleven Ways


2/3s to what? Well, I plan on being 105 years old, so I’m 1/3 of the way through my life (or so I have planned). I think about all the time I have left and I get REALLY excited! SO MUCH more to do…to experience. I want to be my BEST for the next 70 years, so I’m taking it to the nest level!

NOW I’m Cookin’ With Gas

In ELEVEN days I’m turning 35! I have ELEVEN “things” that I’m adding in that ,I feel, make ME a better person. I’m sharing one with YOU each day. Today is a really good one, for me…

#1 I will be making (most of) my meals at home. (75% is the #)


  1. LOVE: I love to cook, it relaxes me and makes me feel accomplished, like I’ve given myself a very special gift. I have a crazy schedule, but it is actually conducive to being able to cook for myself IF (GIANT IF) I make time.
  2. KNOWING: I’ll know exactly what’s in the food I’m putting into my body. Even when we eat out and order “healthfully” we are not in control of what goes into our food. This way I will ensure that all that goes into what I eat is GOOD for me, no stray butter from the grill or extra sodium in my food!
  3. VEG/HEALTH: I tend to use only veggies when I cook for myself. It’s easy and there’s very little “mess”. I can chop everything on Sunday and use it in a variety of ways throughout the week. Mostly veggie meals equals not only a much lower calorie meals, but also much healthier (or how I do it, anyway…no tempura here!)
  4. $$$: I live in NYC and it’s EASY to get healthy food on the go. I get a green juice in the morning (which I will continue to do), but there’s Whole Foods, organic markets, vegan and veggie restaurants on nearly every corner. So, not only does it get easy to eat out, but it also get expensive! Then when I’m in there I tend to grab a “little something extra”. Not no’ mo’! Keepin’ in at home!

DAY 1 and DONE. 75% of my meals will be prepped and eaten at home. How do you feel about this? Is this doable for you? What percentage of your meals do you currently make at home and would you be game to upping that number to? Let me know!



PS – I LOVE my birthday. I love attention and gifts and phone calls and messages…duh, I’m a fitness instructor, I love being the center of attention! I want to FEEL my best on this day and every day going forward. 105 HERE I COME, lookin’ and feelin’ FIERCER than ever! WE ARE FIERCE!