After THIS There’s Only One More!

I HEART YOU!Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. I’ve always loved this day…I know I know, it’s contrived, a “Hallmark holiday” if you will, but what’s wrong with a holiday that is focused on love? Perhaps it’s because my birthday is the next day that I love seeing all the red and pink lining the aisles of CVS, but in the words of Icono Pop, “I don’t care…I LOVE IT!” Whether I have a boyfriend in my life or not, it doesn’t matter to me…I celebrate the love I have!

Now, I have 2 more days to post the last 2 ways (of Eleven) that will aid in my quest to live my FIERCEST LIFE. I’m sharing the steps I’m takin’ to get there with you, one each day until my 35th birthday on Friday. Today is day #10. (Check out DAY 1DAY 2 DAY 3DAY 4DAY 5DAY 6, 7 & 8, DAY 9 for other game changers.)

#10: I LOVE YOU, ME!


  1. PEACE: It’s stressful to be anything BUT in love with myself. When I think judgemental or critical thoughts about my life or my body it doesn’t put out the vibe I want to give off. By taking a long (like 15 seconds) look at myself in the mirror and loving who I am I will releasing any angst I’m holding on to, I choose peace.
  2. JOY: How can anything BUT joy exist in this state of love!? I want to be in joy and enjoy my body and my life! DONE

DAY 10: I will look in the mirror each day. For 15 seconds I will appreciate my body, my world, my life for ALL that it is. I will, with honesty and warmth, look into my eyes and say, “I love you.”