No JudgmentI’M LAWLESS (Not Lucy)!

Tomorrow is My SPECIAL Day. For the past 10 days I’ve been sharing with you the steps I’m takin’ to get to my FIERCEST life. I’ll be 35 tomorrow (no shame in my game, I’m psyched to be my age) and I’m committed to getting BETTER each and every year until I kick it at 105. Today is last day of my 11 “Rules”. (Check out DAY 1DAY 2 DAY 3DAY 4DAY 5DAY 6, 7 & 8DAY 9 & DAY 10 for other game changers.)

#11: I’M EASY!: The Last Rule is that There Are NO Rules!


  1. PEACE: I’m done being hard on myself. I’m a Work In Progress and I’m getting better each day. If I get frustrated with myself each time I don’t meet my goals (I’m realistic I know there will be some of those times) then what’s the point? I’ll have created stress for myself. I will be easy and focus on achieving all of my goals the next day.
  2. JOY: Life is all about being happy. I choose me, what makes me happy and I understand some days rules are meant to be broken.
  3. LOVE: Coming from love in all that I do is the most important thing for me. Judging has no place in my world. If I look at myself with anger or frustration I’ll look at others the same way and I don’t want that for me or for you.

DAY 11: The last rule is that there are NO RULES, NO JUDGMENTS! I will be easy on myself and do everything I can to follow my guidelines, BUT if I can’t meet one or two on a given day I will be easy on myself and know that life is a learning process! I know that I’ve put these steps into place because they make ME FEEL good and if I choose to not follow them, I will FEEL the difference. I don’t need