Q: You Know What’s FIERCE? A: Doin’ What You LOVE!


I work at the new and HOT cycling studio, REVOLVE and train people in home, but I also teach at corporate locations. It’s there that inevitably, almost daily, I get told, “You’re SO lucky that this is your job!” I always respond with, “It’s not LUCK, I chose to do this! AND YOU CAN TOO! What do YOU love to do?” Almost as certain as the line I get is the look I receive back to my comment (think eye roll with a little stank face mixed in). People would much rather stay in an unhappy certainty that take the leap into joy. Believe me, I get how challenging it is when you have a cush job making crazy cash. I work in locations where finance is the game, this is New York, BUT what if the alternative is the same $ AND you get to actually enjoy your work?


Three and a half years ago I was working for a major music company, sitting behind a desk, passing the time on IM and counting the minutes to get to the gym to teach my class or go workout myself. I was teaching fitness classes on the side. I was training a few clients and even coaching my boss to run his first marathon. I have a degree in athletic training and sports medicine, but was making my income as an executive assistant, YUCK (for me, I think it’s a VERY admirable and extremely demanding position, RESPECT).

Fresh Air Fund Camper and MEMy AHHA moment was when I took a “vacation day” from my corporate gig and volunteered at the Fresh Air Fund Camp in Fishkill, NY. I taught intenSati classes for 6 hours straight to inner city teens who spend their summers at summer camp! I can’t even describe the ultimate bliss that I received from seeing those kids shakin’ it and having so much fun! Don’t get me wrong, I got stank face that day too…lots of it, but 2 minutes into each session, smiles, yellin’, sweat and fun was filling that room…it was AWESOME! I knew I had to make a change.

A few weeks later I was set up to teach a fitness class on the Upper East Side to teens, I went to tell my boss that I would be out of the office for a couple of hours each Wednesday…he said no. In that moment, something inside me screamed. This is what I wanted, this is what I was good at, THIS class was FOR me, so I quit.  I had no idea what would happen. I was terrified. My boss (who sidebar is amazing and I thank every day for saying “no” to me) sent me home and told me to sleep on it. I walked home and cried the entire 2 miles terrified about what was to come. How would I pay rent, get benefits…how would I live? I was unsure of SO MUCH, but the one thing I was sure of is that I needed to do what I loved. And the rest is FIERCE history…


The answer to this question is simple…have faith in YOU! Believe in yourself! That cheesy line from Field of Dreams is so true, “If you build it, they will come.” Okay, maybe not dead baseball players, but what you love in life can be just the thing that brings you boatloads of cash too. It starts with one question (well 2) What makes you happy? What would do you LOVE to do?

I KNEW in my heart that I wanted to bring fitness to people. I was FAT, I was UNHEALTHY…my fitness journey, my knowledge of the body, my passion for health…these are my gifts! I had faith that I had the answers. I did…I still DO.


22 classes, 15 personal training sessions, working with the AWESOME HealthClass2.0 bringing health & fitness to inner city schools in NYC each week…this is my life and it’s only getting FIERCER! When my alarm goes off at 5:01AM each weekday, YES I’m sleepy, BUT there’s never a moment where I don’t want to go to work. YES there are times when I’m sore when I don’t want to work out, BUT then I walk in the door, turn on my music and start shakin’ my ass thinkin’, “DAMN, I can’t wait to start class!” I honestly LOVE what I do each day. I love learning new ways to challenge the body. I love listening to music to find that perfect song. I love pushing people to their limits and most of all I LOVE watching people change!

The answer is simple, my Fierce Friends, find what you love, what you’re good at, what makes YOU happy and share it with the world. It’s your gift and you were meant to share it!

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