I Ain’t No Fool…

OMG, It's a Clock and a Scale...It's TIME!

OMG, It’s a Clock and a Scale…It’s TIME!

The WEIGHT-ing Game

Have you ever waited for a Monday, New Year or even a birthday to begin “a new”? I was TOTALLY planning to start my “extra on point”diet plan on Monday, April 1st (going to Cabo for my girl’s wedding and wanna look EXTRA FIERCE!), but then I thought to myself, “Self, get the @#$k outta here, you’re starting NOW!”

With teaching so much (excuse #1) I’ve been eating healthfully, but not AS awesome as I would like. I haven’t been eating after 8PM (which I love), but I’ve been on the go so much (excuse #2) I’m only cooking about 50% of my meals and adding breads in before 3PM…this is NOT what I want to do (just being a gluten glutton). The gluten in bread makes me feel “puffy” and gross. All of these aren’t making me feel EXTRA Fierce and that’s the plan, right?

Now’s MY Time!

I’m doin’ it TODAY…no cheating, lots of sleeping and LOADS of healthy veggies. I weighed myself this AM and my goal over the next 5 weeks is to drop 8lbs. My mantra in class is #IcanIamIwill and I’m bringing that to THIS now! I haven’t had an official weight loss goal in a while. Getting on the scale made me feel good, strong and in control. There was a time where I felt defeated getting on the scale and now I’m in the game to WIN (me and Charlie Sheen)! The effect of these goals is dropping lbs, but REALLY the goal is to FEEL awesome! I feel GREAT right now, but I’m going for AMAZIBALLS, People!

Here’s MY Plan: 

  • Green Juice and egg white breakfast
  • Protein shake with fruit (mid-morning snack)
  • Veggie heavy lunch with maybe a protein (no chicken, blood type focused, and limited soy products 3x week)
  • Fruit or nut snack
  • Protein shake with added goodness (whatever my body feels like it needs
  • MINIMUM 3 liters of water/day
  • MINIMUM 6 hours of sleep/night
  • No eating after 8PM
  • No bread (at all) no complex carbs post 2PM
  • No dairy (I love me some UNSWEETENED almond milk if you’re wanting to join me, but can’t bare to drink black coffee!)
  • Lastly…no sugar! At night this is going to be challenging for the 1st few days. I’m a sweet to end the meal kinda gal, but NOT NO MO’

Okay, Fierce Ones, What’s your goal and what’s YOUR plan to get there? It’s time to get on it! Today is YOUR day. Let the fun begin and let me know what you’re up to by posting below!



I can see you GETTING FIERCE(R) starting TODAY!!