Ohhh, We’re (More Than) 1/2 Way There

My YearMakin’ It Happen

In the beginning of the year I posted a blog with all of the things that I wanted for this year. We’ll, my friends, we’re more than 1/2 way through this year and I’ve being doing what I love with great success, but I’ve got some WERQ to do. HERE‘s what I posted on the first of the year and below that are things that I’m adding in that I’m making happen before the end of this year!

THE NEW (what’s comin’):

  • Great financial success
  • Awesome(r) and more frequent GET FIERCE training camps
  • Even more private clients
  • ALL of my classes are SOLD OUT
  • Amazing 2 week international vacation with my love
  • Writing for a MAJOR publication
  • Video work on my site and for others
  • STILL loving my roomies, dog & home
  • Appreciation for each and every day


  • I weigh 112lbs and am the fittest I’ve ever been
  • I complete the 90 day P90X program with ease

From TODAY we have 6 Full months to make our dreams come true. What are you committed to getting done by the end of 2013? Let’s make it happen together.



WERQ With Me

If NYC for the 4th of July? Come GET FIERCE with me on Pier 45! Here are all the deets:

  • DATE: Thursday, July 4th
  • TIME: 11AM – 12PM
  • PLACE: Pier 45 (@ Christopher St.)
  • COST: $20    


I can see you GETTIN’ FIERCE!