Let’s Make Our Own Fireworks

It's MOIIf NYC for the 4th of July?

Come GET FIERCE with me on Pier 45! Here are all the deets:

Most Camps are cancelled on the 4th of July…not this one! THIS GetFierce Training Camp workout is a ONE DAY event at a discounted price to celebrate our freedom! A small personal training group where, just like in life, all you need is YOU… no equipment, just you! All movements will be functional and challenging. You will have others to “compete” with breeding an inspirational environment. There will be speed work coupled with strength training. Camp will include movements that will increase your flexibility and range of motion. Above all else, camp will be FUN and make you better and happier to take on your life!

*This session will max out at 12 people.

  • DATE: Thursday, July 4th
  • TIME: 11AM – 12PM
  • PLACE: Pier 45 (@ Christopher St.)
  • COST: $20    

I can see you GETTIN’ FIERCE!