We’re Gettin’ Ol’ Skool!

Put it on Yo' Shoulder!Takin’ You Back

There’s something about a tune that seeps deep into your body, that lifts your spirit and sometimes warps you to another space and time. I did a throwback ride on Wednesday night and here are some of the tunes I used and wanted to share them with YOU!

Take a listen and let me know where this brought you back to! For me it was the Needham Youth Center circa 7th grade…HOLLA!

  • Hate It or Love It Remix – The Game Ft. Mary J.
  • Paranoid Funk – Robin Skouteris
  • Hypnotize – Biggie
  • Push It – Salt-N-Pepa
  • It’s Tricky – Run-DMC
  • Summer on Smash – Nas
  • It Takes Two (remix) – Rob Base
  • Beat It (Mutrix Remix) – Michael Jackson
  • Throb – Janet Jackson (SO HOT!)
  • Temperature – Sean Paul
  • Come Baby Come – K7
  • Set a Drift On Memory Bliss – P.M. Dawn (cool down)

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