Let’s GO Get CLEAN!


If you know me, you know that I’m a VERY bad “cleanser”. I have every excuse in the book to not do ‘em or worse I do them and complain the entire way through. Here are some of my favorite “reasons” for not starting, cheating or (on a rare occasion) quitting; “I’ve worked out SOooo much today, I need SOMETHING!”, “I’m STARVING!!!”, “I feel sick, I MUST need to eat!”, “I have a headache.”, “How can I possibly teach when I’m this friggin’ hungry?” Those are just a few of my go tos to get me off track.


I did a 3 day cleanse from Gingersnap’s Organics and I LOVED IT. I made it through like a champion! Now 2 months after my 1st 3 day cleanse I’ve done a 4 day and a 5 day cleanse and periodically do a day or two here or there. I’ve shared GO with a few friends and clients who have tried and they LOVE it as much as I do. GO is different. You can do 1 day, you can juice or you can do it with food. You have options and you can make it work FOR you, don’t forget about the Types of Juice Extractors that there are.


From going in and picking up my super fresh and crazy yummy food each day I got to know the store’s amazing owner, Jamie Graber. I told her how much I loved it and wanted to share with my people the way I do the cleanse and she was totally game. We’re gonna get clean the week of November 11th and i want YOU to join! I start with one liquid day (it gets me started out on a good foot and it’s only one day…I (and you) can handle that) and then 4 days of the GO cleanse (it’s all gluten free, raw & organic). A “typical” day is chia pudding for breakfast, a large salad for lunch and a dinner with side salad and pudding. Jamie’s also doing a drink with the 4 days to help us maintain our intense workout regimes! I’m so excited to feel great and do all together before the holiday madness begins!


The first time I tried Gingersnaps after the liquid day I did go to bed wanting to eat, but I wasn’t really hungry and I didn’t cheat. I woke up this morning and felt awesome! I hopped on the scale thinking I feel great, but not SO much lighter and BAM I’d lost 2 lbs. Day 2 I was so psyched to eat and the food was amazing. I got on the scale on the morning of day 3 and I was 5lbs lighter! WHAT? Yeah, it’s crazy, I KNOW!  Believe me, I was pumped that the pounds seemingly fell off, but that wasn’t the purpose…I really feel amazing when I eat so cleanly.

Includes: 1 day of liquids & 4 days of GO clenase with the drink changing daily on the go cleanse (heat, go green, go kick, go ginger lemonade)

Cost: $305 (Normally $320)

Register: HERE (scroll all the way to the bottom) *Sign up by Thursday, November 7th.

Add Ons: You can select additional items (at a per item cost) if you feel you may need more some days

Pick-Up On:

Sunday 6-10pm: 2 days of pick up

Tuesday 6-10pm: 2 days of pick up

Thursday 6-10pm: 1 day of pick up

Let’s GO do this!