#TBT #StartedFromTheBottomNowWeHere


Here it is. Another #TBT picture capturing the level of my unhealthy lifestyle. Just to note I’ve ALWAYS been the Queen of #Selfies even in 1999! I look at these photos now and feel so far from that place, but it wasn’t long ago that I would NEVER share my story let alone post a photo! It would bring tears to my eyes with even the remembrance that I was that heavy. I was ashamed, I was sad, I still carried that “I’m a fat girl” mentality even as a fit person. I remember my mentor and dear friend, Patricia Moreno, saying to me, “Your past is a gift and one day you’ll appreciate your story.” I remember my eyes welling up with tears and thinking to myself, “When is that EVER going to happen?” I couldn’t believe that was possible to FEEL like a fit person even in a completely fit body. I weight 125lbs I was working out 2x a day and eating healthfully, but my mind was that of my formerly chubbs self.


There was a day about 4 years ago when my parents were coming to the city and I had them bring my photo albums from college. We were looking at the photos and dying laughing! My mom kept saying, “You weren’t that big!” as we were seeing me grow larger and large in photo laughing harder and harder. I was like, “MOM…come on, I’m huge.” I realized that I WAS that person, but I’m NOT her now. I’m truly grateful for her, she taught me so much and I think it was that day that I set her free. I was done holding on to who I was and FINALY owned who I am and continue to grow to be.


The thing that kept me from feeling “fit” is that I kept seeing my old story. I was focusing on NOT being that old story and even though I had a new body it was with the same mind, so to me it felt the same. It sounds mental, but it’s the truth. You’ve got to see the picture as it is, with no judgement and then decide where you want to go. I see myself today as I am. I’m super excited for where I’m going. I’ve raised my bar and I now know that with this shift I can inspire others to get to their dreams (bikini competition HERE I COME!)


I wish for everyone to live in a body that they are proud of and that they have created with love. It’s simple, but I believe that if you live in a body that makes you feel strong you can go out into the world and do anything you dream possible. I want to light up the world with my energy and I’m inviting you to join me.


Today is the day you make the shift. Take a #SELFIE and #GETFIERCE #ItAllStartsToday See yourself honestly where you are and know in an instant you can be something completely new. This is your new beginning…Welcome!