THIS is what happens when you're grateful for where you've come from and live OUT LOUD. Now that's FIERCE. THANK YOU HEALTH Magazine!

THIS is what happens when you’re grateful for where you’ve come from and live OUT LOUD. Now that’s FIERCE. THANK YOU HEALTH Magazine!


I love sharing what I’ve learned and am learning in my journey. I started with the hope that just perhaps I would be able to inspire one person to make a shift in their own lives. I knew if I could effect one person, so would they and so on and so fourth and we would create a massive shift. NOW my dream is MUCH larger. I want to change hundreds of thousands of lives. I never really knew how that would come to be, but I know if I’m living out loud and sharing from my heart it can never steer me wrong.

Check out my piece in HEALTH Magazine this month (October 2015). This is only the beginning, My FIERCE Friends.


When I first became trainer and instructor I would never share my story. I thought no one would want to train with a “Fat Kid”. I was ashamed that even though in the past I had the knowledge of what it took to be fit and healthy I wasn’t putting it into action. I was embarrassed and kept that part of me a secret. I remember very distinctly living in a fit body and still FEELing fat. I was still holding on to my old fat kid because I wasn’t appreciating her for what she had given me…a journey.

When I started meeting with potential clients they would give me excuses why they “couldn’t” lose weight and that I’m “lucky because I’m little”. I was like HOLD UP! Are you effing kidding me? I was fat as hell. I KNOW how challenging it is not to lose the weight, but to stop making excuses about why you can’t. Excuses are easy, they let you off the hook from doing what you really want to do. I finally (over time) let go of my old “fat girl” story and I embraced my journey.


You can’t keep blaming your past for all the crap it brought you…it’s old and no one wants to hear it anymore, FOR REAL. I’m your friend and I’m telling you that you’ve got to appreciate where you came from because it made you who you are. If I weren’t ever fat growing up I wouldn’t be able to relate to my clients half as well as I do today. I wouldn’t appreciate how AMAZING it feels to be fit. I wouldn’t work as hard to stay healthy and eat clean. I wouldn’t feel the need to sweat every single day. I hold SO MUCH gratitude for my past and the present it’s allowed me to create. You’ve GOT to appreciate that where you came from brought you HERE. NOW…write YOUR new story. It starts HERE. Make it FIERCE.

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