People ask me how I got into this industry and yes I have a great story; former athlete, exercise science major, gained all the weight, worked in corporate America, lost all the weight, started a biz, living the dream (or rather a dream in progress). What I share when I’m asked how to get into fitness as a career  or to lose weight it’s the same answer, “You need to get started and you need to go all out.”
To me GET FIERCE. is all about living as a whole and getting real. I know first hand that losing/gaining weight (no matter what the goal) won’t make a person happy. Getting to a number means nothing. On any given day we can look ourselves in the mirror and think I look horrible or beautiful and it has NOTHING to do with the reflection in the mirror and everything to do with the feeling that lies inside.
I know the rules of losing weight, building muscle. I know how to get people physically where they want to go, but that’s not why I do what I do and that’s not my goal for myself. It’s great to fit into a dress, but that dress is only a temporary “fix” or high. My goal in teaching and training is not only to shift the physical body which is a great and powerful result, but to help people learn how to find peace within themselves. THAT’s the goal!
This is the part I’m talking about when I say you need to go all in. When I started training myself I got a body that looked the part, but I still wasn’t happy inside. I started reading more books, taking more courses, getting even fitter in the process, but still I wasn’t happy. I had to learn, to search and be open to the answer and that was when I found my meditation practice. When I began to delve into myself I found my contentment and now know that it starts within. Meditation has transformed me and my training process. If I had been going half ass I would have spent years training my body not realizing that there was something missing to my process, but giving my all to my game I realized that I wanted more and I had to find that.
Whatever you want, whatever you’re working for, commit to the process. Learn wholly, to grow with no expectations and to surrender to the process. Trust that it is all working out exactly as it’s meant to.
Come #GETFIERCE with me this week…and meditate with me next Tuesday.
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