For 10 years I’ve practiced yoga, but nearly daily for the past three years. In the early days of my practice I would book all my fitness workouts for the week and cancel the yoga sessions thinking, “I’ve worked out enough today, I don’t need yoga.” When I decided to take on my second fitness competition I knew that I had to make yoga was a priority.

My first go at body building allowed my worst colors to shine through. Whenever someone would ask how I was doing I would say, “Tired, sore and hungry” pretty much on repeat. I was a grump to put it VERY mildly…a wild B!tc# on wheels is more like it. I knew yoga in addition to my meditation practice would be key to keeping me in a space of gratitude for the long haul of training for a show. I’m healthy, I’m strong, why not be grateful while trying to get my body as fit as can be, right?

My yoga practice which started as a workout 10 years ago became a moving meditation, a way to allow me to reconnect to myself through my breath and to get quiet. What once I would cancel on the regular became a daily MUST do for wellbeing. Living in New York City, being on “show” at the front of the room as an instructor it’s easy to be LOUD and distracted by the outside world and in turn less in tune with me. I had always known that I would one day train to be a yoga instructor, but I needed to find the right home.

Practicing at Modo for me I felt like Goldilocks.  I had tried so many varietals, so many studios and all were great, but this was “JUST RIGHT”. I felt at home, found a community and a hot practice that I loved. I SO enjoyed being a student I selfishly wanted to keep it as my happy place.  What I gained from yoga is a peace within me that never existed before and I wanted to share that gift. As I grew deeper into my own practice I knew that my time had come to teach.  Oh and don’t get me wrong, I’m still sassy ol’ “me”on yoga, just a better, more peaceful version.

For the past five weeks I lived in Montreal studying with the amazing team of teacher trainers from Modo Yoga. For 13 hours a day 66 people from around the world (and now my life long friends) practiced twice per day and were in lecture learning the anatomy, philosophy and history of yoga. 30 days later I’m 300 hour certified as a yoga instructor and beyond excited to share this practice with all of you. There tears, there was laughter, I was pushed out of my comfort zone and I’ve learned more in the past month than I have in the past decade.


I’ll be finishing up my 500 hour certification from NYC and will be hosting practice classes starting later this month. I will keep you posted on the dates and times of my classes and I would love you to join. Looking forward I have ideas of what I want to do, but in true yogic fashion I’m going to breathe and stay present and enjoy the moment.


Mondays in November I’ll be hosting small group meditations. These are 50 minute sound baths that will allow you to recharge and reset. Tibetan singing bowl healing is tradition that is thousands of years old that allows sound vibrations to flow through your body allowing the body to return to its natural state of peace and ease. All you need to do is lay and be, the bowls will do the rest.

Register for all THREE weeks at a significant discount ($108) HERE
One week at a time $40 each. Click the date to register:
Monday, November 12th
Monday, November 19th
Monday, November 26th

BE MY #RIDEORDY check out my schedule this week at  SWERVE Fitness.