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For the past two hundred thousand years, our body’s weight control system and appetite have been functioning properly. A larger population of the world is becoming obese, which can be attributed to the food and drinks consumed. People are coming to realize that obesity is a slow epidemic that is gradually taking over the world. If this problem is not quickly addressed, in the next 30-50 years, a larger percentage of the world will be obese. Obesity is a problem that leads to other diseases.

Adaptive Body Boost Reviews
Adaptive Body Boost Reviews

It is the root cause of most heart disease. Other diseases like diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s are regularly increasing despite the advancement in medical technology. After about two hundred thousand years, how as our body genetic code changed so much? The science experts have given us various answers like balancing the intake of calories with the expended calories, moving more and eating less, reducing dietary fat. The low-fat diet was highly propagated during the 1950s, although at that time, it was heavily contested in the scientific world.

But the seed has already been planted, and the world fell for it hence, the greatest nutritional mistake experienced. All this theory has failed even after it was extensively practiced. Despite advanced improvements in medical technology, the health of the world population is still declining. Over 2 Million of normal weight people are harboring hidden fat in their organs, which leads directly to countless surprise heart attacks, contributes to Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, many cancers, and most of the diseases we experience in the modern world of today. The present generation of young people is the first to leave shorter lives than those of the past.

Many people would like to work on their physique, but then there are just annoying layers of fat that need to go first. No one wants the layer of fats hanging around their belly or the annoying ones stored in the thigh. Despite their best efforts, people are overweight because they have been given the wrong notions and teachings about obesity. Many people want to lose weight, but the thought of undergoing rigorous exercise or performing restrictive dieting is simply off-putting.

The Adaptive Body Boost Program Review

Few Truths About the Food We Consume

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There are many mistakes made about the low-fat diet, which Ancel Keys propagated, and since this mistake has been made, obesity and diabetes rate since then skyrocketed. Below is how some of the food and nutrients interact with the body system:

All food is composed mainly of three macronutrients: fat, carbohydrate, and protein. These are the primary source of energy, and they come in the form of calories and nutrients.

Carbohydrate: carbs have low energy density with just four calories per gram, and their end product is glucose, which the body either uses for fuel or stores—mostly as body fat. Carbs are the major component in many healthy whole foods, including some vegetables, fruits, roots, and tubers. Carbs are also the major components in wheat, which humans use on a large scale to prepare several products. Carbs are also the main components of refined sugar, refined wheat, which are used to produce processed foods like soft drinks, bread, candy, pasta, chips, baked goods, breakfast cereal, and lots more.

Some of these carbs are beneficial to the guts and help it carry out its functions, especially those slowly digested. But you have to note that sugary foods can destroy the gut’s function and dangerous to your overall health. The minimum amount of carbohydrate required by the body is zero. Your body can easily synthesize all the glucose it needs, unlike fats and protein. Consuming little carbs does not make you ill, unlike its two counterparts, it is not a necessary part of the human diet So

Fats: they possess a great amount of energy, usually about nine calories per gram. They are found in eggs, avocado, olive, meats, and other nutritious food. Fats can also be created through industrial processes; while some are not good for consumption, others are essential fats that cannot be synthesized by the body. For the body to get these nutrients, it has to be consumed. Also, fat-soluble vitamins require the presence of fats before they can be absorbed in the body.

According to the research, the human body’s minimum amount of dietary fat is about 20 percent of dietary intake. It simply means that at least 20 percent of your calories intake per day must come from fat. If it is lower than that, you will soon become ill. Oils and hydrogenated fats make solid at room temperature are used in baking.

Proteins: Protein has low energy density at four calories per gram; it is highly concentrated in foods like fish, eggs, meat, cheese, plant food, and vegetables. Protein is known as the molecular building block of the body. They are responsible for repairing worn-out tissue and synthesizing new cells.

The human body’s minimum protein requirement is around 15 percent of the daily dietary intake or 0.4gram per pound of the body weight. If your daily intake of protein approaches zero, you are at serious risk of becoming sick. Protein also influences the body’s appetite. It simply means that if your body does not get enough protein, there is a tendency for you to continue eating until it does.

The Ketogenic Diet

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Initially, the keto diet was developed to treat epilepsy, but it was converted for dietary use along the line and gave a positive result . The ketogenic diet has been used for weight loss for quite a while now and has been featuring in major weight loss program. Contrary to popular opinions about fat, it has been discovered that consuming a high fat serves as an alternate source of fuel for the body. The most widely known meaning of a ketogenic diet is any diet that allows the production of ketone bodies in the liver, shifting the body’s fuel source from glucose to ketone. In other words, practicing keto diets reduces the consumption of carbohydrate below a certain level.

This makes the body undergo a series of adaptation that will shift the energy source from glucose to ketone. There are other dieting regimens, but the major indicator of whether a diet is a keto is the presence or absence of carbohydrate. Under normal conditions, the body runs on the three main macronutrient – carbohydrate, protein, and fats. When carbs are removed from the weight-reduction plan, the body quickly uses up the stored fuel source and is forced to look for an alternative. One of these fuels is free fatty acids (FFA), which are utilized by most tissues in the body. However, not all organs can run on FFA. For example, some parts of the brain and nervous system cannot utilize these fuel sources but can function well on ketones.

Ketone is a by-product of the incomplete breakdown of Free Fatty Acids in the liver. They can be an alternative source of fuel for the tissue and the brain. The increased production of ketone causes it to accumulate, leading to a metabolic state called ketosis. As there is an increase in ketone production, there is also a Simultaneous reduction in glucose utilization and production.

Along with this, there is also a decrease in protein breakdown to be used for energy, referred to as ‘protein sparing.’ Ketogenic diets affect two hormones in the body – insulin and Glucagon. Insulin is the hormone that is responsible for the use and storage of glucose by the cell. It is responsible for moving glucose from the bloodstream to where it can be utilized or stored. Insulin is also responsible for glucose storage as glycogen in the muscles, while FFA is stored in the adipose tissue as a triglyceride.

On the other hand, Glucagon stimulates the body to break down the stored glycogen to produce glucose. When carbohydrate is removed or reduced to a minimal level, the glucagon level increases and causes the release of FFA from the fatty cells. The burning of the FFA in the liver leads to the production of ketones. Other hormones are also affected during the ketogenic diet.

Ketogenic Diet and Exercise

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Like every other weight loss diet, the success of the ketogenic diet is improved with exercise. However, a diet without carbohydrates will not sustain high-intensity exercise if you are interested in adding exercise to your keto; however, you will be able to perform the low-intensity exercise. For this reason, if you want to incorporate a high-intensity exercise with your keto, there is a need to integrate carbohydrates into your diet without disrupting the state of ketosis.

There are two ways of achieving this; the targeted ketogenic diet and the cyclical ketogenic diet. The targeted ketogenic diet allows for the consumption of carbs around the period of exercise; this way, you will perform the exercise without affecting ketosis. The cyclical ketogenic diet allows for the consumption of high-carbs, but this is done alternatively. The consumption of high carbs refills the muscle glycogen and helps you sustain exercise performance.

Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting can be described as a duration of fasting that takes place often in between periods of everyday eating. It may be otherwise defined as the consumption of less food per day. Intermittent fasting is shorter and is repeated regularly. For example, you can skip breakfast and eat lunch or skip a meal for the whole day. Our brains have been configured to eat during set mealtime even though our body is not hungry. We are constantly eating this way even though we are not hungry and keep on supplying our body with unneeded calories. These unwanted calories will later be stored in the muscles as fats. While research on intermittent fasting is still in the early stage, it has been shown that it can be a useful tool for weight loss.

Intermittent Fasting Versus Ketogenic Diet

Some may say intermittent fasting is quite similar to keto; this may be true; however there is still a slight difference between them. While the ketogenic diet requires the consumption of foods low in carbs and high in fats, intermittent fasting does not require any meal consumption. But the way they function is quite similar. Here is the fact that you may not be aware of; you are fasting between the period of your last meal and breakfast. That is why it is termed “breakfast” because you are breaking a fast.

During fasting, the reduction in the level of insulin as there is no intake of carbohydrates. The pancreas takes a break from the production of insulin. The body has to turn to another fuel source, which is the fats stored in the body. The body will not use the energy stored in the fat as long as there is an instant source of energy made available from the consumption of the carbohydrate-rich meal. This is a little bit similar to what happens during keto.

Four hours after your last consumption, the insulin level begins to decrease; about six hours after the consumption of a meal, your insulin level is at its lowest. This is when the body enters the fasting state. Suppose there are another meal consumption before the six hours window; the insulin level increases. While does the body needs to work to access the stored energy when it can quickly make use of the readily available ones. Also, when you are sleeping. You are in a fasted state; this is when the body repairs worn-out tissue and performs other activities.

The fuel used to carry out this activity is fat. Contrary to popular opinion, fasting makes you focus and awareness, not lightheaded and tired. Many people often confused it with starvation, but the difference is that intermittent fasting is intentional and conscious while starvation is not.

Intermittent fasting and the ketogenic diet are similar; the body enters into a ketosis state to keep the body going during fasting. During fasting, the body burns fat as fuel; this is the goal of the ketogenic diet. In other words, the longer the body stays in the fasting state, the longer fats are being used as fuel. The combination of intermittent fasting and Ketogenic diet increases the rate of weight loss. But before you combine the two, you have to let your body adjust to a new way of eating before incorporating this into your diet plan. Incorporating intermittent fasting with keto is quite flexible.

The Thomas Delauer Adaptive Body Boost

Adaptive Body Boost Review
Studies have shown that reducing calories will help shed unwanted body weight and reduce inflammation, but he discovered the key to shedding unnecessary weight and sustaining weight loss. To achieve this, the body has to use the fat stored as a constant source of fuel. The brain and the body consecutively can utilize the fuel source. The biggest fear of everyone who has lost a considerable amount of weight is gaining it back; it is too easy to fall back to the old lifestyle.

Within the twinkle of an eye, those annoying fats are back on. Apart from this, many dieting regimens ended up failing as people are not able to keep up with them. This results in stress and the inability of people to focus on. The Thomas Delauer adaptive boost’s main idea is to train the body to adapt to fat as the source of fuel and not glucose. This means that consuming a large number of fats and reducing carbs intake will result in weight loss. He designed this program to help people with bad dieting experience. Studies have shown that the body operates better on energy derived from fat. The book provides the best approach to using this research to your benefit. it gives a unique and effective way of burning fats.
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The Adaptive Body Boost Program

Adaptive Body Boost Review
It has been established that the program is a logical and effective approach to losing weight by operating on fat fuel. here is the highlight of what the program entails:

  • It offers a step-by-step approach to how the ketogenic diet works and how you and your family can best use it.
  • It comes with a video explanation of each step.
  • The program teaches you how to incorporate the dieting regimen into your daily lifestyle, even with a busy schedule.
  • The program is backed with solid scientific data that is guaranteed to produce results.
  • It also comes with the breakdown of meals to consume and ones to avoid.

Not only this, but there are also loads of information that you will find useful. Like earlier said, it focuses on using fat as the ultimate source of energy while eating a tasty and nutritious meal. Many people have tried these and they are seeing positive result. This program may be the answer to your prayer but it requires you adhering to the rules.


  • There are no side effects when using this program compared to fat burner pills and others
  • It is easy to use and follow
  • It is affordable and accessible
  • It contains scientifically proved methods


  • It requires commitment
  • May be expensive

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