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Does Bodyweight Burn System Work? is it for you?

In the last couple of years, weight gain has been an epidemic. It is good to know that more than two thirds of women in the world are struggling with obesity and weight gain. You can agree with me that you would not want to become one of these people who are struggling day by day. You might be aware that weight loss is not an easy task. If it was easy, it could be rare to find obese people.

Nowadays, most people believe that weight loss can only be achieved with a calorie controlled diet and regular exercises. However, the Bodyweight Burn System has emerged as the newest solution in the market. This program uses a different approach to lose weight. The creator of this amazing program claims that you only need to exercise for at least two to three minutes a day. In such times, you can still enjoy your favorite and carb rich foods.

People who have been lucky to use this program have been claiming that they had awesome results within a short period. Furthermore, this program works by activating fat burning metabolism. It does this more when compared to other popular programs in the market. There are numerous crazy weight loss products in the market. That is the reason we decided to provide an unbiased review of this program and what you should expect.

Are you tired of busting your butt at the gym but you are only seeing mediocre results? We have included everything you should expect from this program.

Bodyweight Burn System Review
Bodyweight Burn System Review

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Bodyweight Burn System Review

What is Bodyweight Burn System?

It is simply a series of short 21 minute bodyweight workouts that are aimed at helping you lose weight and burn fat. This program has been designed for both men and women. Additionally, you don’t need to have any kind of equipment when using this program. Therefore, this workout program can be adapted to any level of fitness or age. On the other hand, the short daily workouts in this program require some adjustments. All these adjustments are explained in this program. The main aim of these adjustments is to make the exercises tough.
The difference between this program and other programs in the market is that it takes into consideration the current strength and fitness levels. You can attest that exercise intensity is subjective. It is one of the personal things to you as an individual. Do you know that what could be easy for you cannnot be easy for someone else? Another crucial thing you should note about this program is that the methods are scientifically backed. They have been proven through various studies.

Bodyweight Burn System Review 4
Bodyweight Burn System Review

Who is the person behind this program?

The popular Bodyweight Burn system has been created by Adam Steer. He is popularly known as the Bodyweight Coach on the internet. From the effects you will get from his program, there is no doubt he deserves that name. If you have been in the fitness industry for a long, then you might have heard about Adam. How is Adam known for? He boasts of a unique approach to bodyweight training. The best thing about his approach is that it is quite effective.

All the methods outlined in this program have been used by Adam to help his personal clients get the perfect shape of their life. It is worth noting that Adam has been producing reliable and effective bodyweight training programs for more than 10 years. He is the face behind some of the most popular programs in the market. More than 100,000 people have lost weight and achieved their dream body after using his programs. You can see how he is experienced in what he does. Bodyweight Burn System is the latest program in his line. It is considered as the best material he has ever produced in his lifetime.

Sometimes back, Adam shied away from having gym training and other bodyweight exercises. He spent many years trying to study the bodyweight of experts. In his studies, Adam also read many research papers that other people in the fitness industry have often ignored. Be guaranteed that the methods and tips outlined in this program have been tested and taught by Adam to his thousands of clients around the world.

He is lucky to have been invited to the United States of America, Slovenia, and Germany to teach at seminars and workshops. You can find all his work online in the form of the Bodyweight Burn Program.

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Bodyweight Burn System Review
Bodyweight Burn System Review

Does this program work? 

The highly regarded workout program is based around short and intense workouts. Unlike other programs in the market, the Bodyweight Burn System goes against the very core of workouts. Additionally, it boasts of numerous bodyweight exercises that you have never seen or heard before. If that is not yet enough, this program shows you why working out on a treadmill or cardio class will never get you into great shape. At the end of this review article, you will completely agree with Adam’s take on this. You don’t have to worry if you have never been a great fan of arduous workouts or even cardio equipment.

Some people assume that long bouts of exercise are great for losing weight and burning fat. When you keep punishing your workouts, your body will start to produce stress hormones. This hormone will put your body into protection mode. This means that your body will store more fat. In most cases, fat is found midsection.

In 2006, Stanford University conducted a study involving habitual runners back. The research showed that all runners who run more than eight miles a day but end up putting more weight after every year. It has also been discovered that long workouts can increase the likelihood of repetitive strain. This will end up causing stress injuries.

Bodyweight Burn System Review
Bodyweight Burn System Review

You might notice some good results when it comes to body composition. However, keep in mind that many people give up on Cross-fit exercise. This is mostly caused by injuries. That is the reason Adam has produced this program. His main aim was to help you get away from the repetitive types of exercises. He has also gone to the extent of creating optimal exercise methods just to ensure that you are losing weight and burning fat. Here are the three methods you will be introduced to in this program.

Cardio flow

This method of exercise has been included to replace cardio that includes treadmills and stationary bikes. Kindly don’t worry about raised cortisol levels. Remember that stress injuries are prevalent with more traditional forms of cardio. What is cardio flow? We can describe it as a sequence of bodyweight exercises that fit together and are performed in a continuous movement chain. The main aim here is to provide a smooth flow from one bodyweight exercise to the next. In reality, it is more of fun. Therefore, there are more chances of burning fat and losing weight.


Afterburners in this program will remind you of the numerous finishers you perform in the gym. These are the basic sequence of exercises you will be required to perform at the end of your workouts. This will get your heart rate pumping. These types of exercises are known to produce what is known as the EPOC effects.

What these exercises do is to fire up your metabolism. This will keep burning fat well after you have trained the required training sessions. In his study, Adam states that he discovered that the EPOC effect was still working 38 hours later. That must be fantastic.

Metabolic muscle sessions

This is where many people miss out on fat loss plans. You might be one of those people who believe that performing exercises that promote muscle growth will make you become big and bulky. In fact, that is the reason you will find many people avoiding working out with weights. Those huge guys you often see at the gym might be consuming more than 5,000 calories in a day. High insulin sensitivity is another benefit you will enjoy when you are burning fat and losing weight.

Bodyweight Burn System Review
Bodyweight Burn System Review

What you get with the Bodyweight Burn System

This program comes with the following materials.

BW3 workout series

These workout series consist of high quality videos. The videos cover all the 12 workouts in the system. In these videos, Adam is coaching you through each session.

Instructional video series

The creator of this program has included detailed video demonstrations of every single exercise in the system. This is important in helping you get the best from everything you perform.


Similar to other top programs in the market, this program comes with a bonus. You will be given 30 days of free access to the Platinum club. Additionally, you will have a great opportunity to receive individual help besides attending advanced coaching calls. However, the bonus will be made available when all the spots fill up. This makes it an exclusive club.

Another thing you will like about this program is that you can download it directly to your computer or even smartphone. The entire program plus the bonuses have been valued at $371. But remember that you can get this program for a limited period for just $19.
You can also purchase this program via Click bank. Therefore, it must follow the Click bank strict rules.

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How does Bodyweight Burn System work?

This program consists of two sections. Each of these sections lasts for about six weeks. Here are the two sections.

Metabolic Base

The workouts in the first six weeks will help you build lean muscle while at the same time increase the rate of your metabolism. Kindly note that you will have the same schedule every week. Actually, it consists of six mixed workouts and one rest day.

Metabolic Explosion

Workouts in this section are more difficult when compared to those in the previous section. But you will still be able to handle them as you did in the first six weeks. Additionally, you will have to do mixed workouts followed by one rest day.

Meal Plan

You will like the meal plan because it is not a strict diet. There are five types of food days in this program.

Low Carb Days

On this day, you will be required to include protein and a lot of veggies. You are also advised to have a protein shake.

Moderate Carb Day

You are required to take a lot of carbs to fuel your muscles. On this day, you should take three meals a day that include protein and healthy fat.

Good Carb Days

Although the author has not indicated the portions of food you should eat, you should not overeat.

Back Load Days

This day does not have specific requirements. On these days, you will be required to be training late in the day.

24 Hour Fast

The primary purpose of this day is to create a huge calorie deficit.

Bodyweight Burn System Review
Bodyweight Burn System Review

Pros of this program

  • This program can be used by both men and women.
  • It will work with any fitness level or age group.
  • You don’t need to have expensive equipment to use this program.
  • You can perform the workouts in this program anywhere and at any time.
  • You will be provided with 30 days of free access to the Platinum Club.
  • All the workouts in this program are short and varied.
  • The author has backed up his claims with research and scientific evidence.


  • This program will not help you pack on size and strength.
  • It will not help you if you are one of those people who prefer working out with weights in the gym.

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Final Thoughts

Bodyweight Burn System has received numerous thumps up from many people. This program will work for you if you don’t have enough time or you don’t like going to the gym. Additionally, entry people can easily use this program. We hope that our detailed review article will help you decide whether the Bodyweight Burn System is right for your needs. Do you have any questions regarding the Bodyweight Burn System? Kindly feel free to reach our team. Thanks.

Bodyweight Burn System Review
Bodyweight Burn System Review


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