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Can Weight Loss Get Rid Of Hooded Eyes?

For those with high body mass index (BMI), fat may gather below the skin of their eyelids, making them look saggy and puffy, even if they have enough sleep. The fat accumulation, combined with natural gravity and aging causes hooded eyes to look (and sometimes) feel heavier.

Since the problem stems from body fat, overweight individuals might experience this more severely. Let’s learn the answer to “Can weight loss get rid of hooded eyes?” and find the solution to your problem.


Can Weight Loss Get Rid Of Hooded Eyes? 

Those on the plumper side of their physique will have more prominent hooded eyelids due to their body fat accumulation, as we have spoken of before, so losing weight is definitely a way to tackle the problem. When people take in less fat in their diet or use more in exercise, their body no longer has the surplus to store.

When your body has too much fat, you’ll have hooded eyes

When your body has too much fat, you’ll have hooded eyes.

However, picking up a weight and a meal plan is not the sole method to get rid of hooded eyes. The eyelid skin will still suffer from the effects of fat weighing on it, so it will remain droopy as before. In this case, one will have to combine weight loss with skin improvement treatment, such as adding vitamin B12 and resveratrol. This will improve the skin’s elasticity.

Weight and the surplus of fat in the body is not the sole reason behind hooded eyelids. Those who consume alcohol and caffeine or are dehydrated can see the effects on their face as well, as their skin starts to age faster or lose its resilience. Watching your diet is essentially the best way to combat hooded eyes due to all this.

How to Get Rid Of Hooded Eyes Naturally? 

Any person that has gone through a weight loss regime will gladly tell you that working out is important, but eating right is the factor that makes or breaks your effort. Before you pick up the dumbbells, consult this list of foods and daily habits below to improve your eyelids’ condition:

Chamomile tea

Chamomile-tea-is-very-effective-at-rejuvenating-your-mood-and-skin. - Copy

Chamomile tea is very effective at rejuvenating your mood and skin.

Start your kettle and bring chamomile tea into your life! Chamomile tea is famous for its ability to calm inflammation in your body and soothe your mood, whether you’re drinking it or applying it straight on your skin.

If you want the tea to directly affect your eyelids, simply dip a cotton pad in cool chamomile tea or use the teabags, and lay it on your eyelids for 20 minutes like an eye mask. Repeat this once in the morning and once in the evening to see the best result.

If you are looking to drink instead, a cup before bedtime should be most effective. Because of its soothing effects, the tea will not make it hard for you to fall asleep. People even claim to sleep better after taking the calming sip!


Cucumber, as you have seen in countless beauty-centric movies and spa videos, is great for the skin of your eyes to feel hydrated. You simply have to cut a chilled cucumber into thin slices and lay them atop your eyelids. You can also use a gently massaging motion to make sure the slices come in full contact with the eye skin.

Aside from the traditional method, you can also opt to use cucumber juice on the eyelids as well. The application essentially has the same benefits!

Aloe vera gel

Aloe vera gel is not unfamiliar to those in the skincare game. The substance helps release the tension in muscles and gives skin a hydrated glow. To use aloe vera gel on your eyelids, put a small amount on them and massage them softly in circles for a minute or so. After that, you should leave the gel there for around half an hour before washing it off.

Using aloe gel gives your overall skin a shiny hydrated look. - Copy

Using aloe gel gives your overall skin a shiny hydrated look.

Ice water therapy

Another way to very literally give your eyelids a hydration boost is to put ice cold water or ice cubes on them. The straightforward method consists of shoving your face in ice water for 20 seconds, wait half a minute, and repeat for around 15 minutes straight. Your skin will feel immediately tightened afterward.

Egg white

The last food on this list that will make your face feel invigorated is egg white. It serves to regain your skin’s elasticity once the fat it carries is gone because of your diet or exercise. In order to try egg white on your face, remove the yolk completely and whisk it up. Use a brush or the back of your spoon to apply the whisked whites on your eyelids and wash it when it gets dry.

Less sun exposure

To prevent your skin from aging and sagging, many dermatologists advise that you prevent yourself from exposing yourself directly under the sun. Head into the shades once it is past 11 AM, and put sunscreen on if you must go out.

Proper sleep

In your sleep, the body tries to repair the damages going on in your body, which will include your skin. If you’re taking in the good nutrients and repairing minerals but do not sleep properly, you won’t see many results. Your eyelids will also sag more as an outcome of sleep deprivation and sleep.

You must get at least 6 hours of sleep everyday to avoid having hooded eyelids and causing the existing sagging to become worse.

What Eyelid Exercises Help To Improve The Hooded Eyes? 250

Aside from eating right and overall weight loss, there are exercises for your eyes you can do. Here’s how you can go about it:


Even if you do not want to work your eyes out, gentle massage and cleanse still counts as warming your eyes up for rejuvenation. Rubbing your eyelids in a circular motion will make your muscles soft and flexible.

Basic muscle stimulation

Give your eyelids a more thorough and powerful treatment with an electric toothbrush to wake them up further. The pressure from the tool daily will give your eyelids the jolt it needs for your skin to start working on itself.

Resistance workout

Follow the advice from the National Stroke Association and strengthen your eyes in order to give them more resistance. As more of us are forced to work with screens for a long period of time daily, our eyes and eyelids become weaker and sag more easily.


Working with screens for too long weakens your eyes.

The exercise we recommend for you is to place your finger on your eyelids, raise your eyebrows and try to close them for a few seconds. Blinking continuously or rolling your eyes will help your eyes become more resistant.

Trataka yogic eye exercise

If you are looking for a more eyelid-centric exercise, you can try Trataka Yogic. It is famous among the ayurvedic community since eye movement is very much tied to eyelid activity. Fix your gaze on one object for as long as you can, and you will feel your eye muscles becoming more tense and tight.

Eye patch workout

The eye patch workout is best for those whose one eye sags more than the other since people tend to use the healthy side for more challenging tasks. The exercise forces both eyes to work on the same level by covering the more active one so that your droopy eye becomes more active.


In the end, can weight loss get rid of hooded eyes? The answer is “Yes, but not entirely”. In order to get rid of the droopy eye problem, a lot of factors have to come together along with losing weight, such as exercising and dieting. If you want to see some actual changes to your eyelids, you should form a proper plan that combines all these factors instead of focusing on just one.


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