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Can You Eat Jaggery For Weight Loss? Benefits & Drawbacks Of jaggery

Can you eat jaggery for weight loss? Does it cause any side effects? This sweet may be your reliable companion or not. Before buying, let’s check this article.

Can you eat jaggery for weight loss_

Are these sweets good for losing fat?

People keep seeking new methods for losing pounds. Some recommend using jaggery as a healthy way to slim down. But can you eat jaggery for weight loss?

Absolutely! Jaggery is good for slimming down since it appears to be an excellent low-calorie alternative. It supports your digestion and metabolism.

We will discuss the impact of this sweet for slimming down in this article. Let’s join us, and you’ll know whether or not to include it in your diet!

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Can You Eat Jaggery For Weight Loss?

The answer is Yes. You can eat jaggery for weight loss because of some effects.

Jaggery, also called “gur” or “gud,” is a popular winter snack in India. People use it to sweeten Indian cuisines.

Compressing and condensing palm or cane juice is the primary method for making this treat. The whole process has three main steps:

  • Extraction: The manufacturers press palms or canes to extract the sap and juice.
  • Clarification: The juice then stands in big containers so the sediments can settle at the bottom. They will get a clear and pure liquid.
  • Concentration: Manufacturers will move the juice to a pan and boil it.

Due to the molasses content, jaggery has more nutrients than refined sugar. Some people use it to replace sugar in their dishes and beverages.

The idea that this treat is more healthful than refined sugar is one reason for its increasing popularity. It also offers health advantages, including losing weight.

Here are four scientifically proven methods that this antioxidant powerhouse might help you slim down effectively.

Support your digestion

If your digestive system does not function properly, it causes havoc throughout your entire body. Then, a honey-brown treat like this comes into play.

Daily use of a bit of this treat after your meals aids digestion by stimulating digestive enzymes. Furthermore, if you can’t stop yourself from eating anything sweet, a tiny piece of jaggery will satisfy your cravings for sugar.

Detoxify your body

Jaggery also aids in the removal of toxic toxins from your body, speeding up the weight reduction process. Jaggery is also a detox since it assists in purifying the blood and eliminating toxins.

Boost your metabolism

For those who are inexperienced, the greater your metabolism rate, the simpler it will be to shed pounds since you can burn calories more quickly.

The jaggery, which is high in potassium, aids in the improvement of your metabolism. As a result, it can speed up your journey.

Deal with water retention in your body

Because the jaggery is high in minerals like potassium and zinc, it not only helps maintain your body’s electrolyte balance, but also promotes the removal of water retention. You can lose some pounds as a result.

This kind of sugar does help in slimming down

This kind of sugar does help in slimming down

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Which Type Of Jaggery Is Best For Weight Loss?

There are three main types of jaggery: sugarcane, palm, and coconut. Among these three, sugarcane appears to be the most beneficial for slimming down.

Sugarcane jaggery comes from boiled and filtered sugarcane juice. It’s one of the most common types of jaggery.

One method to determine whether a treatment is genuine is light to dark brown in hue and hard to chew. The darker the sugar, the better. Light-colored sugar indicates adulteration.

The treat includes potassium, which aids electrolyte balance in your muscles. As a result, it is an excellent sugar substitute for a healthy diet.

Aside from losing pounds, this kind of sugar also helps avoid cough and respiratory system diseases.

Sugarcane is the best option

Sugarcane is the best option

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What Are The Disadvantages Of Jaggery?

Jaggery has 385 calories per 100 grams, making it inappropriate for dieters.

Though a small amount won’t harm you, overeating might contribute to weight gain. It’s sweet and high in carbohydrates, which is exactly what you don’t want when you’re trying to lose fat.

The treat may also cause parasitic infections, indigestion, and nose bleeding. It may also raise your sugar blood level.

The best tip for alleviating the problem is to avoid eating jaggery and fish together. They will lead to severe side effects.

Moreover, if you have ulcerative colitis, never eat the jaggery at all costs.

_ The sugar may cause some side effects

The sugar may cause some side effects

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Which Is Better: Jaggery or Honey?

Although both of them raise blood sugar levels, it is preferable to consume honey and jaggery since they include micronutrients.

Honey is high in vitamin C, vitamin B, and potassium, whereas jaggery is iron, copper, and magnesium.

Honey can also burn fat

Honey can also burn fat

Is Jaggery A Good Alternative To Sugar For Weight Loss?

If you’re considering jaggery for dieting, remember that both jaggery and sugar have almost the same number of calories. As a result, substituting this treat for sugar won’t significantly impact your efforts.

Frequently Asked Questions

People have shown their concerns about losing weight with the sweet. Here are some of their most frequently asked questions.

Can I eat jaggery if I want to lose weight?

Yes. Sugar boosts your metabolism and assists your digestion. It also removes water retention in your body and benefits your weight loss plan.

Will I gain weight if I eat jaggery?

Yes. Although this treatment helps in boosting your digestion system, it’s still sugar. If you overeat, you may gain weight.

What happens if you eat jaggery every day?

100 grams of jaggery contains about 383 calories. As a result, eating it every day might produce a huge spike in your blood sugar.

It’s better to start with a modest amount of jaggery, perhaps 10 to 15 grams. You should also eat it with food to reduce the total amount of sugar consumed.


There are numerous ways to slim down. Eating the jaggery appears to be a new method that can help, but you may expect the side effects.

It would be best to maintain a healthy diet and do exercise every day. This video shows you how to start a keto diet that can assist you in losing fat.

Hopefully, you will find this article helpful. For any further information, please feel free to ask. Thank you for reading!


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