Cinderella Solution Program: Is it a Scam?

Any woman can gain weight and become obese if she doesn’t care about her daily habits. However, some women have hormonal diseases which result in weight gain. Studies show that women are likely to be affected more by weight gain compared to men. Due to all these reasons, it shows that women are increasingly looking for ideal solutions for their weight loss goals.

Every woman will be excited to get an excellent weight loss solution. However, most weight loss products in the market today promise to give the required results but end up not doing this.

Additionally, some weight loss products may even require self-starvation or eliminating certain foods in order to speed up the metabolism or fat burning process. Although this can sometimes work, it generally restricts some essential nutrients to your body. For women who’ve been struggling to find a solution for weight loss, they should try the Cinderella Solution .

cinderella solution reviews
Cinderella Solution Reviews

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Cinderella Solution Review

What’s the Cinderella Solution?

It’s simply a weight loss program designed for women above 25 years. It’s available online and comes as a series of PDF e-books. After purchasing the plan, it can be easily downloaded.

Just like other PDFs, the Cinderella Solution can be easily accessed through a desktop, smartphone, and tablet, which are more convenient for everyday use.

It’s generally designed for women and has two key phases, namely the Ignite and Launch phases. Each phase takes two weeks and has its own meal plans.

Cinderella Solution Review

The Cinderella Solution is majorly centered on getting the right food combinations to increase the rate of fat burning and weight loss. Apart from this, the Cinderella Solution also contains a low-intensity workout guide. The workouts mainly focus on the hips, butt and the abdominal muscles.

Before you begin the Cinderella Solution program routine, you can either choose to learn about it first or plunge and get started at once.

How does it work?

To prevent gaining unnecessary weight, your body must have proper metabolism. The Cinderella Solution was originally designed by Carly Donovan, who was struggling to lose weight in a healthy way.

Carly Donovan – Cinderella Solution Review

The Cinderella Solution puts more focus on ICE dysfunction, which is a disorder that arises when the body has a hormonal imbalance that affects metabolism. Women with insulin hormonal imbalance are more susceptible to changes in their metabolic rates.

Using the Cinderella Solution will help you learn more tips and tricks for staying ahead of the insulin hormonal imbalance and its effects.
The key principle used here focuses on regulating and restarting the function of the three key hormones which regulate metabolism, weight and fat loss.

Additionally, you’ll get some tips for increasing your lifespan by eating healthy foods every time. You’ll also get to know the right foods and beverages to eat in order to attain your weight loss goals.

Cinderella Solution Review

Pros and cons

Just like any other weight loss program, the Cinderella Solution has its own advantages and disadvantages as follows:


Easy workouts: most women aren’t that active when it comes to serious routine workouts. However, with the Cinderella Solution, you’ll get to work out on low-intensity exercises which will help to regulate your hormones and boost weight loss.

Works well for women: You should understand that weight loss in men is different from that in women. This is because of the difference in hormonal function, body composition, among other factors. This, therefore, means that weight loss in women requires a more standardized approach. However, the Cinderella Solution comes in as an excellent solution for weight loss in women.

Detailed information: the Cinderella Solution has comprehensive and well-detailed information that explains the hormonal function in the body, and macro nutrition among other relevant topics related to its use as well as weight loss information. This information helps people to stay healthy and balanced lifestyles.

Money-back guarantee: This program has a 60-day money-back guarantee. Therefore, you can get a full refund if it fails to solve the intended purpose of weight loss.

Provides value for your money: This program is usually focused on women and provides detailed information surrounding how it works. This provides value for your money. A single purchase of this program can completely make you lose weight for good.

Customer service: The Cinderella Solution comes with excellent customer service. You’ll get essential tips and tricks to start this program without any difficulties or doubts.


Requires time for actual results to show: the normal time taken to complete this process is 28 days. You can, therefore, start seeing positive results after this period provided that you stick to all prescribed meal and workout plans.

Needs commitment: Naturally, all weight loss programs or products need both commitment and effort. This similarly applies to the Cinderella Solution. To get the desired results, you must be committed to all recommendations properly.

Works for women only: the same way women are struggling to lose weight, is similar when it comes to men. Therefore, the Cinderella Solution can only work for women and leave the men disadvantaged.

Cinderella Solution Review

Is the Cinderella Solution legit?

It’s not always advisable to seek weight reduction help from family members and friends. You should anticipate positive results provided that you stick to the given guidelines. The Cinderella Solution is legit and can make you to accomplish your weight reduction goals. Ensure that you keep track of what you eat so that you can get in shape.

Where to buy

The Cinderella Solution can be purchased directly from the official website with all described things that come alongside the program.

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Does the Cinderella Solution work?

Most online customer reviews show that the program works. Most past users claim to have seen the desired results, although a small percentage says that it doesn’t work. However, this can be due to different body compositions.

Cinderella Solution Review

Final verdict

Cinderella Solution works well for women and guarantees 100% desired results. You’ll be able to lose weight and gain the shape that you’ve always wanted.

The Cinderella Solution Review


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