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Complete Mi40 Foundation System: is it a scam?

There is no doubt that gaining muscle has been a practice left for bodybuilders. For a long time, muscle definition has been associated with strength. In some negative instances, muscles are associated with steroids.

But what if we have been looking at it in the wrong way? It is good to know that gaining muscles is a complicated task to do. Fortunately, the MI40 Foundation system has made it a bit easier. You should follow the right direction and work hard to gain your desired muscles.

Nowadays, many people think that only steroids can help them gain weight. However, that is not the case. You are required to lift heavy weight if you want to gain more weight. From there, you should follow the advice of a mentor. This will help you get the desired results.
You can attest that not every person is ready to give the amount of result that is required for big muscles.

You will come across many people who are wasting their time and money on trainers. Some of these trainers don’t know much about the field. With this program, you don’t need to invest your hard-earned money on trainers and other crucial stuff. The main reason behind this is that it provides crucial things that will help you to get the best results you have always wanted to have.

You should be guaranteed that this program is a high-quality product that is ideal for those people who want to gain muscles within a short period. Additionally, this program comes with all the features and information that are necessary for gaining muscles. Furthermore, this system offers guidance about the minimum age. The best part about this program is that it delivers results within 40 days.

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Complete Mi40 Foundation System Review

What is the MI40 Foundation System?

It is simply a muscle-building system that will help you gain muscles within 40 days. Additionally, this program comes with a 40 days plan. This means that you will be required to purchase a new pack after taking it for 40 days. All you need to know about this program is that it will give value to your hard-earned money by delivering the maximum muscle gain result.

The highly regarded program encounters all the body fats. It will destroy body fats so that users can enjoy a slim and muscular body. The MI40 Foundation is among the very few workout programs that reveal the least age to start this workout. It is not the ideal program for your needs if you are fifteen years or younger.

In most cases, muscle-building systems do not reveal such things since they only need money without caring about age and health. You will come across numerous programs that claim that there is not any minimum age to start the workout. Kindly note that is not the case with this amazing program. The author of this program has indicated that there is a minimum age to start working out.

You might be wondering the reason behind the age limit being fifteen. Keep in mind that the muscles are in the developing stage. However, that does not mean that people more than fifteen years of age cannot use this program. You should go ahead and use this system without hesitation. Remember that there is nothing scam in this product.

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About the author of this program

This program has been created by Ben Pakulski. The fitness expert has been lucky to train some of the top athletes. Additionally, he is one of the most famous bodybuilders in the world. He has been praised for changing the lives of many people. It is worth noting that Ben completed his studies at the University of Western Ontario. During his stay in UWO, he studied several subjects that were related to muscle functioning.

Ben decided to help people by releasing this program a few days after knowing all the aspects of the human body muscle. He aims to transform the lives of people who are interested in choosing his great program. From a close look, you can see that indeed the guy is passionate about changing the lives of people.

Away from that, Ben is a public speaker and a nutrition coach. He believes that if you are determined and passionate about what you are doing, you can easily build muscles in a few days. It is interesting to note that Ben once struggled with weight before getting into the workout industry. The overweight guy decided to change his life at the age of sixteen.

It was only after the age of 16 when he began lifting weights. It was one of the best decisions he has ever made in his life. Ben fell in love with the body-building profession after spending most of his time on bodybuilding.

It is his hard work and passion that helped him have a successful career in the larger fitness industry. Ben started studying biomechanics due to his love for bodybuilding. He just wanted to know more about fitness.

ben-pakulski Complete Mi40 Foundation System Review

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How does this program work?

The working of this program is straightforward. This program provides all the things that will assist you in decreasing muscle protein breakdown. You will be able to increase muscle protein synthesis when you purchase this program. Typically, this program mainly focuses on cellular mechanisms. It is said that cellular mechanisms manage the breakdown and synthesis of protein.

You can see that there is nothing fake about this program. Furthermore, this program is unique such that it follows the natural method of gaining muscles. Therefore, your muscles will always remain healthier.

If that is not yet enough, it features an intelligence training manual and instruction workout videos. It is important to know that all these things will play a crucial role in boosting muscles. You don’t need to have any type of medicine when you consider using this program.

Reasons for your stunted growth

If you have used this program, then you can agree with me that Ben believes that everyone should be treated like a steroid athlete. Most of his clients don’t take these drugs. According to him, you should treat the body as a whole. In this section, we will discuss some of the things that might be slowing down your growth.

Being obsessed with lifting weight

During warm-up, you will feel your muscles. This will be more than when you are doing the actual heavy workout. In most cases, your body safety kicks in especially when you are doing intense exercises. In such cases, the tension will be shifted elsewhere.

It has been proved that increasing the amount of tension does not have to come with an increase in weight. You can go ahead and select muscle in your body. Muscles will be fired in different ways.

Believing that you are weak genetically

There are several body parts that we believe they can’t develop well when compared to other body parts. To many people, it is those skinny legs. A lot of women struggle with flabby arms. It is possible to encourage those stubborn areas to develop at the same rate as other body parts. You might be aware that the weakest points are when they are fully lengthened.

Not aware if you have done enough

Have you done enough? Can you do the prescribed sets on YouTube? Do you feel that you are not on your limit? Should you do more? It would be better if you work out to a point where you cannot do anymore. With this, you will have an elicit new growth. It is one of the greatest ways to overload muscle and metabolic debt.

Unable to stimulate a chemical response

What type of workouts are you missing to stimulate the release of the muscle-building chemicals? You might have guessed that the number 40 in this program refers to the number of days.

Gaining more fat than muscle

What is the role of your diet in your muscle-building journey? Nutrition is by no doubt an important part. The information about the right diet has always been consistent.

Complete Mi40 Foundation System Review

Who can use this program?

This program has been created in a unique way such that it is hard for someone who regularly works out. However, beginners will have a challenge using this program. It is good to be aware that this program is ideal for experienced people. You should have gone through some workouts before using this system. This will help you to withstand what is included in this program.

Implementation of these techniques can be difficult to handle for some people. It is not just beginners who will have issues with these techniques. You need to have mental effort to detract from the right weight progress. Regular movements have never lied. You will not know whether you are on progression with the outward and inward torque.

Would you want to build an accurate feel for the extra stress involved while at the same time getting the most out of these techniques? In that case, you should be ready to take time and effort more so if you are a beginner. You are recommended to start with the beginner program. This will enable you to prepare for the high-intensity techniques of this program.

What if you are an advanced or an intermediate bodybuilder? In that situation, you will have better chances of adjusting to these muscular stresses. In any case, intensions require a drastic reduction on the usual poundage that is normally used. All the workouts in this program that last for just 40 minutes are based on a five-week split routine. This means that there will be little room for flexibility. Therefore, you must plan your weekly activities.

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What are MI40 intentions and how do they work? 

Intentions and mass intentions are neurological inputs when performing resistance movements. You are required to push your hands outwards when you are performing pull-downs. This will create a different level of stress to the muscles. This will reduce your normal poundage. Additionally, this requires a complete adjustment.

Benefits of using this program

The excellent program comes with numerous advantages. It is the perfect program for people who love fitness. In this section, we will discuss the advantages that come with this program.

Unique muscle gaining system

Are you aware that most of the muscle-building programs available in the market are very similar? Most of those programs come with basic workout routines and nutritional advice. However, you will never see those things in this program. The creator of this program has included unique and accurate information in this program. These details will help you to gain muscles with great ease.

Additionally, it contains a few muscle-building tips. The strategies you find in this program cannot be found in any other program. You will never find the pursuit calendar and workout sheets in a single program.

as-seen-in Complete Mi40 Foundation System Review

True expert

You should make sure that your bodybuilding trainer is an expert. Some of these trainers available on the market aim to earn money. They don’t care about the customer who will be using their product. However, that is not the case with this program. Ben has been in the fitness industry for more than 15 years. Having a related degree is another plus point. Finally, he has provided high-quality results to many people.

Easy to follow

Although this program has a lot of information, it is easy to follow. You will have an easy time understanding all the things in this program even if you are new to the fitness field. The meal plans will help you choose the right thing to eat at the right time. Additionally, this program provides crucial information about supplements.


This program has numerous add-ons.

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Final Thoughts

This program has helped many people gain muscles. Therefore, it will help you attain the best fitness. We hope that you will find this review article helpful in the future. We look forward to hearing from you. Thanks.
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