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Do Areolas Shrink With Weight Loss? The Answer Is Here!

Do you want to lose weight but don’t want to reduce your bust size? Do areolas shrink with weight loss? This article will solve all your questions. Let’s see!

0. Do Areolas Shrink With Weight Loss

Weight loss and areolas

Overweight people, especially obese people, often have oversized busts. It’s time to lose weight to look more fit and healthy.

Do areolas shrink with weight loss? The good news is yes! That’s because areolas are part of your skin, so when you gain or lose weight, they might stretch or shrink.

If you want to know more about this phenomenon, let’s refer to this article to get an in-depth explanation. Scroll down!

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What Are Areolas?

Before jumping into a detailed analysis, it’s better to acquire knowledge related to areolas. What are they? Are they the same as nipples?

They are dark-pigmented skin areas surrounding the nipples of the breast, usually in females. Some areolas are circular, but some women with large busts will have oval-shaped ones.

They have Montgomery’s glands to perspire lubricating oil. This oil prevents the skin and nipple from chafing and aids lactation in the breastfeeding period in women.

When it comes to pigment, they vary significantly from person to person, from pink, red, purple, brown, dark brown, or even black.

In general, people with light-toned skin often have pale areolas, while people with dark-toned skin come with darker ones. But it’s not always the case.

Does the color affect their sizes? No! Pregnancy seems to be the only factor that changes the color of areolas. Doctors believe that the growth and darkening of areolas or nipples aid in making them more noticeable to newborns.

Are they smooth? No, they are relatively textured. That’s because lactiferous ducts look like pimples arising on their surface.

How to know if your areolas are normal? You should be aware that there is no sign to indicate whether yours are normal because these parts’ colors and sizes are diverse.

For example, their average diameter is between 3 and 4 cm, but some people also have oversized ones, up to 12 cm. However, it would help to know that this case is completely normal.

It also means that your two areolas may not be the same size and color.


Female breast anatomy

Do Areolas Shrink With Weight Loss?

As shared above, areolas are the parts of your skin, so they are easier to stretch or shrink when you become oversized or get thinner like other skin locations of your body.

Moreover, the size of areolas is dependable on the breast size. Fat, combined with the tissue of breasts, makes up a large prevalence of your breasts.

As a result, part of the pounds you lose might come from your chests as you lose fat all over. For this reason, if your breasts are smaller, your areolas will shrink.

However, if your skin in the areolas is rather loose from the moment you start losing weight, the areolas might remain the same size if your breasts get smaller.

Likewise, if the breasts become larger, the skin extends with them, increasing the areola diameter.

Do you worry about sagging arising on the areolas after weight loss? Don’t stress! As long as you don’t lose too many pounds, the skin in this area won’t sag and become too wrinkled.

Weight loss effect

Weight loss effect

Can You Decrease The Areolas Size?

Can you change the size of your areolas if you don’t want to have large areolas? All in all, changing their size is doable. You can do exercises, apply a weight loss diet, do surgery, or use skin lightening cream.

Do Exercises

As you know, breasts consist of mammary glands, fat, and connective tissues. Therefore, regularly doing exercise may help you lose weight and decrease the chests and areolas size

If you search for exercises to lose large breasts, you can watch this video:

Apply A Weight Loss Diet

Another way to make the areolas shrink is to follow the diet to get thinner. The purpose of these diets is to squeeze fat and make muscle tissue firmer.

3. Diet plans

Diet plans

Do Surgery

The doctor can eliminate some pigmented tissues and utilize them to rebuild smaller areolas. They will put an everlasting stitch inside your breasts to stop the areolas from increasing again.

After that, the doctor can create incisions along the newly made areolas’ boundary to hide surgical scars. Recovery time is usually quite quick.

You can do areola surgery alone or combine it with a breast lift or breast augmentation. The doctor only applies local anesthesia to reduce surgical complication risks when you do it alone.

This surgery may lessen the sensation in the nipples, which is one of the ordinary side effects of surgeries related to areolas.

Use Skin Lightening Cream

Some people recommend utilizing skin-lightening cream to decrease the areolas size. However, you should only apply this method with the consent of your doctor or specialist.

These products may aid in lightening dark skin locations, but the process might take a bit longer, around six months or many years, to show the results.

4. Skin lightening cream

Skin lightening cream

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Does Areola Become Larger With Age?

The answer is yes. It is completely natural and normal as your breasts will change their size when you get older. So, the areola also gets bigger.

Can I Get Back The Normal Size Of mY Areolas After Pregnancy?

Luckily, after Pregnancy, you can get the normal size and color of your areolas as the skin in this area shrinks along with the nipples.

What Does Itchy Areola Mean?

Areola dermatitis can be the result of a variety of factors. Eczema, allergic dermatitis, or irritation are examples. Certain forms of dermatitis can cause eczema.

5. Itchy areolas

Itchy areolas

In A Nutshell

This article has eventually solved your question: Do areolas shrink with weight loss? The short answer is yes because the size of breasts affects the skin surrounding them, including the areolas.

When you get thinner, the skin shrinks and makes your areolas get smaller, too. Besides, we also recommend some useful ways to decrease the size of areolas if you don’t want to get large ones.

Hopefully, this post will be helpful for you. Thanks for reading!

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