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Before, After, or Whenever You Like? The Most Suitable Time To Drink Creatine

When to drink creatine?

This is a very important question that is frequently asked by a number of newcomers in the fitness field.
Some say it should be taken before a workout, some say after while some others leave it to the drinker’s discretion.

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Anyone who goes to the gym must have seen trainees taking down shakes, capsules and powder form of a muscle building supplements very frequently.

It would not be wrong if I say that almost more than half of the times the supplement take in is creatine. Creatine is a very popular and commonly used supplement in the fitness and bodybuilding world.

Anyone looking for some strength building and shaping up of the body’s muscle mass can use creatine for that purpose.

Creatine Is Not A New Addition To The List Of Health And Fitness Supplements. It Has Been There For Quite Some Time Now. A couple Of Decades To Be Precise.
Although the supplement has been successfully used by bodybuilders for such a long time, there still is some level of skepticism about its advantages and functions.

Most people are unaware of the large number of benefits that are associated with this wonder drug. Very frequently we see people treating creatine like a drug from the blacklist. All the beneficial popularity that it has gained over the years goes down the drain when people continue to see it with suspicious thoughts.

But the reality is very different. Several successful studies and researches have been carried out in lieu of creatine. Accordingly, it has been deduced that the number of advantages provided by this supplemental ingredient is numerous. Not to mention that it is also completely and 100% safe to be used by all types of training individuals and athletes.

Some of the best benefits of using creatine are given below:

Muscle growth

Beside the benefit of power rack, creatine is an effective way of building muscle mass other than proteins. It makes the myogenic satellite muscle cells strong, improving that ability to regenerate and grow skeletal muscles.

Higher productivity

According to several researchers, creatine is useful in an enhancement of productivity. People who regularly take in creatine supplements complete more jobs and tasks as compared to those who do not.

It acts as a performance boosting element. It does not matter what type of physical activity you are involved in, the creatine helps make you utilize your time to the fullest.

For example, if you are planning on lifting weights (check out our weight bench reviews here), this is another factor to consider when deciding when to take creatine.

Improvement in MENTAL strength


In addition to boosting physical performance, the creatine has been proven to show improvements in the brain’s capabilities as well.
It enhances information processing capabilities and improves memory and learning abilities.

Boosts the testosterone

Lower levels of testosterone are a common side effect of aging. As a consequence, the body’s energy levels, endurance capabilities, mental strength, physical strength and sexual drive also suffer a downward trend. In addition to many therapies, Creatine has been declared as a great element that boosts the testosterone production in the human body.

Strength jolting

Creatine is known to provide the strength jolting that is needed by most trainees badly. When training in the gym has reached your highest levels, the creatine intake will help you move to the next level. Creatine builds muscle cells and gives them strength to perform more vigorously and longer.

Does timing matter?


Now that the benefits of this wonder drug have been highlighted, you might be thinking when should you take creatine or when is the best time to take creatine? Let us have a look at the discussion below for a better clarified answer.

Like all other fitness and muscle nutrients, the timing of the supplement intake is very critical for the success of the ingredient. In order to optimize the results and outcomes of the supplement, you should take it at a time that it will be most effective.

Before workout

If you take creatine supplements and products right before a workout, the following is likely to happen:

  • Increased levels of ATP or energy units
  • More power to workout 
  • Higher ability to activate muscles
  • Improve weight lifting capabilities
  • The ultimate gain in muscle mass and size.

This looks very attractive. But let us now look at a second option.

After workout

If you take creatine supplements and products right after a workout, the following is expected:

This second timing is also quite beneficial in the long run. Now let us analyze the third option.

Whenever you want to

According to many scientists, the timing of the creatine intake is less important as compared to the benefits and outcomes that it provides. You can take in the creatine any time of the day without any stresses and fears.

What to do?

Most of the researchers believe that taking creatine after the workout is much better and advantageous than taking it in before or any other time. The mechanism of the creatine product is such that it supplements the body strength while providing resistance for the workout and building fat free body masses at the same time.

Based On The Research And Scientific Studies That Have Been Carried Out, The Post Workout Intake Is The Best.

This DOES NOT mean that taking it before the workout or any other time would not be beneficial AT ALL. It is simply a better of comparison between more and less. Overall the creatine will remain beneficial but its effectiveness will be super enhanced through the time difference of consumption.

So, no need to get trapped and confused with the big complex words and jargons. Simply follow the instructions of a good trainer or coach at your gym and ask for advice accordingly.

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Final advice

Creatine is a very effective and efficient way of building up body mass without losing on the essential nutrients or energy boosting elements. It has been consumed by fitness experts and athletes for a long time now and has thus become very popular because of its remarkable results and outcomes.

It is available widely on the market and can be purchased under different brand names. Make sure to take an optimum dose according to the advice of a nutritionist or expert in the field.

Although it has been seen to provide better results, once taken after workout sessions, there still needs to be more research to prove this. So, take it before, after or any other time, and enjoy its benefits.

You are welcome to give feedback and comments to us anytime.


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