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Is Feel Good Knees a scam? Read this before buying

It has been discovered that numerous people are suffering from chronic joint pains. Besides being uncomfortable, chronic pain can interfere with your quality of life. With chronic pain, you will experience limited mobility where you will not be able to play with your children and grandchildren. It will be a tough task finishing your housework or even commuting to work. In fact, you will need to have a wheelchair sometimes. A cane or a companion will be essential to you when you want to get to the store.

However, Feel Good Knees will help you manage pain without having to acquire expensive or invasive treatments. You will forget medications when you have this program. In this review, we will explain what the program is and the person behind it. Additionally, we will cover all that you will learn in this program. That being said, you should continue reading to find out.

Feel Good Knees review

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Feel Good Knees Review

What is Feel Good Knees?

It is simply a system that infuses its method with a thousand year old ritual. With this ritual, you will be in a good position to decrease your knee pain by more than 58% percent. The highly regarded system is specifically designed to be used for at least six weeks. The best thing about it is that you can use it in your home. Furthermore, you don’t need to have any equipment. All that you should consider having is a comfortable place where you can stretch your knees through exercises in the system.

Typically, this treatment system is broken down into three different levels that include first level, second level and third level. You will also work your knee to a new therapeutic level especially when you are working through each level of the treatment. Remember that it is quite important to follow this program completely. You should avoid skipping any steps.

It is also worth noting that you will receive some bonus material after purchasing this system. It will help you in speeding up your healing process. This is good for your overall health.

feel good knees review 2

Who is Todd Kuslikis?

He is a popular injury prevention expert. The well-known fitness trainer studied nursing and human physiology at Western Michigan University. It is also in this University where Todd received his master’s degree.

He has concentrated more on Eastern and Western holistic practices in the last couple of years. The Eastern and Western holistic practices are said to have the ability to accelerate the body’s natural healing process. It is good to know that Todd has contributed greatly to numerous online health publications. Away from that, he is lucky to have worked with multiple types of clients who include nursing home residents, professional athletes and the United States of America military.

feel good knees review

What will you learn from this system?

This system will show you how to heal your body naturally. It is important to note that you are provided with exercises which you are required to do each day. Every order in this system include the following:

Main Book: This eBook contains everything that is necessary to understand how the body lubricates joints. You will also learn how the body repairs damaged cartilage while at the same time improving mobility. The main book also includes easier ways of alleviating pain.
2 Companion Guide: The most unique thing about this guide is that it is a quick and easy visual guide. This guide shows you the best ways to complete the exercises. You will find this guide beneficial more so if you have limited strength.

Pain Reduction Tracker: It is a free calendar that shows users how to record their progress. The helpful calendar will enable you to see how the program is decreasing your pain levels. This will end up improving your strength.

Video Library: Every order you place comes with a bonus video collection. The videos in this library will demonstrate the exercises. Therefore, you will learn the posture and form. Another thing to note in this video library is that the videos come with three levels of difficulty. You have the full freedom to pick the best video for your needs.

Who can benefit from this system?

Feel Good Knees authored by Todd is designed for anyone who has been struggling with chronic knee pain. You can use this system if you are a middle aged person over the age of 45 years. You might be aware that it is at this age when joints and tendons start protesting. Besides that, you should be guaranteed that this program is ideal for those people who are hooked on drugs for pain relief and are often fed up with rehab appointments with a therapist.

Kindly note that the blueprint is user friendly. You can implement it as little as 5 minutes in a day. It is important to keep in mind that chronic pain does not just affect the elderly. It will affect anyone who has been injured and suffering with the following conditions:

  • Postural Alignment.
  • Cellular Inflammation.
  • Cartilage Deterioration.

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Is this system practical?

Feel Good Knees system can be done in addition to any existing program. You can also implement this system anywhere and anytime. It is also ideal for those people who require daily rehab practice. Do you know that this program is not just restricted to healing the symptom of knee problems? It will also help the body heal itself. There have been claims that the Feel Good Knees will lower knee pain and inflammation. Underlying causes of knee pain will also be eliminated.

Basically, this program will harness the natural tendency of the body to heal itself. It will offer a structure and method to achieve this with great ease. The most interesting thing is that you will wean off completely from anti-inflammatory drugs.

Feel Good Knees Strategy

It is designed in a way such that it fights the most common causes of knee pain. Are you aware that inflammation is the root cause of the pain? In most cases, inflammation occurs as the body reacts to prolonged stress. This is a good way to deal with harmful stimuli such as repetitive movements. The main strategy used in this system is tapping on natural recovery ability.

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Feel Good Knees Isometric Workouts

Unlike other systems in the market, this program is organized in three two weeks phases. Here are the different phases of workouts.

Knee Pain Eliminator Phase

The isometrics present in this phase have been sourced from yoga poses. This makes it gently relax your knees. You might have heard that pain is a common condition that self-exacerbate with time. This makes people suffer from discomfort. In turn, this causes a sudden stop of movements which is a major mistake.

Most of the exercises in this program are designed in a unique way to strengthen the knee muscle and tendons in a more gentle way. The main reason behind this is to introduce them to a new stimulus without being extra hard. In this section, we will discuss the most common yoga like poses.

  • Standing Pigeon. Normally, you shift your weight onto one leg as you stand. From there, you are required to lift the opposite foot while at the same time leaning it against the inside of your standing thigh.
  • Reach the Sky. In this pose, you are supposed to separate your hands and afterward stretch your arms upward and backward. It is also a requirement to bend your head and torso backward.
  • Seated Pillow Squeezers. You should keep your feet flat on the floor while sitting on a chair.

Knee Rejuvenation Phase

You should enter a more solid protocol geared toward after every two weeks. By this time, inflammation and pain should have reduced enough for a tougher schedule. Here are some of the exercises.

  • Seated Towel Presses. In this exercise, you are required to lay down on the floor on your back. The best way to go about it is by rolling up a towel under your knee. From there, you can straighten your knee slowly. This should be done while lifting up your foot.
  • Seated Leg Raises. Unlike other exercises in this program, the seated leg praise is done by lifting the lower leg up and down. The left and right leg should be alternated. This exercise is very crucial in restoring mobility to the knee joint. You can achieve this without the stress of your own body weight.
  • Laying Pillow Squeezers. Keep in mind that this is a more challenging variation of the seated pillow squeezers. Both exercises are done while lying down.

Knees Renewal Stage

The last two weeks of this mazing program will mainly focus on fully restoring your knees. This ensures full functionality. Therefore, exercises will be harder. Your own bodyweight is added to fully stimulate them. Here is what you should expect from this stage.
Wall Sit. You can agree with me that indeed this exercise sounds easier than it is. All that is required from your side is squatting halfway down.

Using Towel Squeeze. It is one of the best upgraded versions of the above exercise. It enables you to challenge your horizontal plains at the same time.

Reverse Lunges. These exercises are performed exactly as they sound. You should reach backward with your foot instead of lunging forward. From there, you should consider pushing again to a standing position. This variation is softer when compared to the traditional lounges.

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Main advantages of this program

The main advantage of this program is for fast pain relief. It will help you tackle all kinds of knee discomforts. The reliable program will also rejuvenate your knees and strengthen them. Additionally, the Feel Good Knees program will help in developing back the strength of muscles. Along with this, this program will be available online. You will easily access this program with great ease anytime you want. To get the best results for your knee pain, you should invest a considerable amount of time.
The best thing you will like about this program is the 60 days money back guarantee. This means that you can use it for almost two months and return it to the original seller if you are not satisfied with the program. You will receive a full refund if you are not happy with this program.

Why Feel Good Knees is useful

Here are the reasons why this program is useful.

  • You only need to invest five minutes of your day to get the best pain relief experience. The process of treatment in this program and exercise will not give you any pain.
  • It will strengthen the muscles of your knees.
  • It will accelerate the treatment process.


  • You don’t have to bear any extreme pain when carrying this workout.
  • It is user friendly.
  • This program is available online. This means that it can be accessed anytime.
  • The price of this program is affordable and reasonable.


  • This program will only work if you follow the regime properly.
  • It is quite hard to get the program in a hard copy or book.

Is this Feel Good Knees scam?

People who have been using this program for a while have praised it for not being a scam. That being said, you should be guaranteed it will work for you since it worked for other people. If you don’t find this program fruitful, you can ask for a refund. You can find this program online in the form of an eBook. You should rest assured that anyone can access this program from anywhere in the world without any worries.

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Final Thoughts
Feel Good Knees is the right product for your needs if you have been facing knee problems and pains. You will like this treatment since it does not involve any pain. This is the ideal time to get rid of all kinds of discomforts with this program. We hope you will find this review article beneficial in the coming days. Do you have any questions? Feel free to ask our team.
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