Sound, Vibration & Breath are the tools that will be used for Healing you mentally, physically, emotionally & spiritually to create the life you desire.

Join Kathleen Booker, Queen of Serene and me for a Breath-full & Sound-full Healing session. This evening will fill you AND envelope you in Love. Breath has existed since the dawn of time. Singing Bowls is a tradition that is thousands of years old that allows sound and vibration to flow through your body allowing restoration to the body’s natural state of peace and ease. Together they transform for a magical healing. For this evening, all you need to do is lay and be, the breath & bowls will do the rest.

Please wear loose fitting clothing with no buttons or zippers. Make sure to drink water throughout the day in preparation. This class is open to all meditation levels. Please arrive 5 – 10 minutes early to get settled in and ask any questions you may have.

DATE: Tuesday, May 23rd
TIME: 7:00PM – 8:30PM

LOCATION: Balance Arts Center, 34 West 28 St., 3rd Floor ,New York, NY 10011
COST: $47

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