IMG_7994A lover of meditation in all forms Dyan was searching for a way to share this practice with her students. After experiencing the bowls for the first time Dyan was hooked and knew this was her way to share her way of bridging the yin and yang of healthful practices. Dyan is a certified Atman Buti Tibetan singing bowl practitioner and loves to share this healing modality for any and all willing to lay.

This Tibetan Healing Bowl tradition of vibrational therapy is thousands of years old that allows sound waves to flow through your body allowing restoreation to the body’s natural state of peace and ease. All you need to do is lay and be the bowls will do the rest.

These are 50 minute meditations and this class is open to all fitness/meditation levels. Please wear loose fitting clothing with no buttons or zippers. Make sure to drink water throughout the day in preparation.

Small Group Session

Monday, May 21st 7-8PM: Register  HERE
FULL MOON Meditation, Tuesday, May 29th 6:30 – 7:30PM: Register HERE 
Monday, June 4th 7-8PM: Register HERE
Friday, June 15th 7-8PM: Register HERE

Each small group session is $35/person.

LOCATION: 220 East 22nd St., Suite 2B

For group or solo private sessions contact dyan (@) getfiercetraining . com