Dyan NEW headshotAs a personal trainer, Dyan finds that the best training methods come from the heart. Developing quality and caring relationships with her clients Dyan challenges her clients to bring healthful behaviors to all aspects of their lives. Each plan is tailored specifically for the the individual. Dyan coaches, inspires and encourages through every step of the process. The goal in every session is to surpass each client’s own beliefs to what they thought they could do. Like Dyan always says, “It’s always about realizing we always have a little bit more to give.”

Working through functional movements Dyan creates workouts that enhance strength, stability, promote weight loss and self-confidence. On top of the physical changes that inevitably occur, Dyan seeks to inspire a deeper emotional change in her clients which is what she believes will put an end to the yo-yoing and keep the physical results long-lasting.