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First Strike Program: is it work for you?

Do you live in a crime-infested area? Have you ever been attacked in your life? This might have happened to some of you. There are numerous things you should focus on if you want to be a warrior.

Some of these things include fighting, education, and meditation. However, exercise is considered one of the most important things. Therefore, you should understand multiple aspects and the best gears to become a warrior. That is where the First Strike comes in.

You can agree with me that the first strike is all that you need. It can be a life challenge or a tough opponent. There is a lot that you can cover in this program when it comes to being a warrior. In this article, we will discover everything you should know about the First Strike program.

First Strike Review (2)
First Strike Review

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First Strike Review

What is First Strike?

It is simply a self-defense program that mainly focuses on training users in the art of defending themselves and their loved ones. Unlike other courses available in the market, this program is very legit. That is the reason it has been gaining a lot of popularity in the last couple of years.

This program has specifically been designed to help you become a better fighter. Besides teaching you offensive techniques, the First Strike program will teach you defensive techniques. These techniques are very crucial especially when the situation arises. The First Strike program is an eBook.

This eBook will guide users through various tips and tricks on how they can win fights with great ease. Another crucial thing you need to note about this program is that it is written uniquely. This makes it easy to understand unlike other programs online.

First Strike Review 2
First Strike Review

About the creator of this program

Todd Lamb is the author behind this amazing program. He was assisted by Ari Kazan. Todd was one time a team leader. On the other hand, Ari is a teacher of martial arts. Over the years, Ari has been working as a personal safety expert.

Through their program, Ari and Todd Lamb have tried to explain self-defense in a step-by-step procedure. That is the best thing about this program. This program will help capitalize on human power within you. This program insists on basic self-defense tips.

You don’t need to have any kind of prior training when learning the First Strike program. Additionally, it does not matter whether your body is of athletic type or not. This is the right time to get mastery over self-defense using this program even if you don’t know martial arts.

The author of First Strike believes that everyone can fight back although the society we live in has made us not respond to any kind of violence.

But in some instances, we have to fight back. You should always fight against the opponent when your loved ones are in danger or when your life is in danger, and you need to save yourself. So, it is important to know what is necessary for such situations. The Chest training defense system has proved to be quite effective.

You might be aware that there are numerous moves in martial arts. However, most of these moves are not useful in real-life situations. Ari and Todd have combined all types of useful techniques with other important elements of martial arts.

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A general overview of this program

The step-by-step self-defense system will unleash the most fundamental instincts. It comes with 17 deadly moves that you can use to protect yourself and your family from attackers. You will have an easy time neutralizing the attackers simply because the training is already hardwired into your genes. Remember that martial arts do not help you.

You might even get killed when using martial arts. The best types of self-defense moves should be based on human reflexes. The moves will help you encounter your opponent effectively and fast. In his program, Todd has indicated that this is what he wants to teach people.

When can violence strike according to Todd Lamb?

You can agree with me that indeed violent crimes have been known to strike at will. Strikes never come with a prior warning. At times, they can be very disastrous. In the First Strike program, Todd Lamb has identified the scenarios when violence can strike most. In this section, we will discuss some of the scenarios.

  • When you are walking down at night with your girl. In such a case, you might be attacked by a thug and even follows you. The mugger will follow you even if you try your best to walk away from the scene. If you do nothing, the results can be very disastrous.
  • A situation where you are driving from school minutes after picking your daughter and you decide to stop at a busy intersection. Without noticing, the back door opens, and a kidnapper comes in with a gun pointed at your daughter’s head. What can you do?
  • An instance where you are confronted by a couple who is fighting right on the street you often pass through. During that time, the male is getting abusive with his spouse. To separate them, you decide to step in. Kindly note that this can be very disastrous more so if you do not have the physical and mental skills.
  • You decide to visit a new locality. You get into a section where you are unwanted. It is at this time when you are required to show positive body language so that you can escape from becoming a victim of that specific area.
  • You enter your house after a long day in your office and find the unknown person inside. The intruder is a burglar. Remember you are in a serious situation because the thief has seen you, and so have you. What would you do to save your life? You should have the basic knowledge to avoid a mishap.
  • You have withdrawn some money from an ATM at night, and you get mugged without knowing. How would you save your life? How can you react to prevent your money from getting robbed?

Who is this program meant for?

You are advised to use this program if you have never thrown a punch in your entire life. You will use these skills when you are faced with a crisis. Additionally, you should also consider purchasing this program if you have already received martial arts training and you are not sure of its application in the real-life scenario.

You should be guaranteed that this program will work wonders for you. Are you not confident enough to face your adversary? You should not leave this program behind because it will teach you how you can unveil your alpha dog confidence.

If that is not yet enough, this program will be ideal for you if you have never been to a gym and you have never had a chance to lift weights in your life. This will make you not only weak but also vulnerable. Fortunately, this program will help you overcome this drawback. Finally, people who simply avoid conflict and hate the idea of getting into a fight should use this program.

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Contents included in this program

First Strike Combative System

It is simply a combination of multiple deadly moves which are followed by Special Forces across the globe. The three-minute tutorial will teach you everything you have been looking for to win a fight.

Command presence 

The digital guide is valued at $19.95. This guide will teach you the best way to keep your head high. Additionally, it will make your presence felt wherever you go. It is worth noting that this guide comes with tricks that will help you gain confidence. These tricks will ensure that you are always feared wherever you go. It is the most silent way of expressing your will without having to lift your finger.

Advanced Situational Awareness

It is the second bonus in this program. Typically, this guide teaches you the best way to manage the most complex situations. It is very crucial in containing a conflict. You will be able to solve things before they get out of control. This technique was originally used in the Special Forces training program. If you purchase this guide separately, you will be required to pay about $29.

The Alpha Nation Online Coaching

It is a special bonus that the authors of this program have extended. Kindly keep in mind that this bonus is available for a limited time only. It is important to know that this video comes with hundreds of well-known fighting styles. These fighting techniques will teach you how you can become well-rounded. This will help you to have complete control of any situation.

The Art of Being Invisible

It is the last and final bonus offered in this program. Usually, this bonus will teach users how they can keep a sharp eye especially on the activities of their loved ones. Do you know that most surveillance experts use the skills you are taught in this guide? You will never find these skills anywhere other than in the First Strike program.

The Workshop

Recently, we have witnessed Todd and Ari begin imparting their combat training via the means of the workshop session. In this section, they teach their students to face to face. You will have to pay $379 to access the workshop.

First Strike Review
First Strike Review

Pros and cons of the First Strike program


  • Trust Factor. This program has been developed by Special Forces officers. Todd and Ari have been veteran leaders in unarmed combat.
  • It comes with a money-back guarantee. In case you dislike this program, you have the full freedom to return it to the original seller for a full refund. You should return this program within 60 days after purchasing it.
  • It boasts of simple strategies. You can attest that you would want a program with simple and easy-to-understand techniques. That is what you will get in this program. Each training in this program is easy to follow. Therefore, you will never have any problem mastering the techniques.
  • This program is workable in a practical scenario. You will discover that most of the techniques outlined in this program work well in practical life. This means that you will be able to relate to them without any issue. Additionally, the fighting style will always be within you.
  • Confidence booster. The video tutorials will be one of the biggest confidence boosters to you. You will not only manage to learn the best fighting tricks but also unleash the confidence that has for a long time been buried in you.

Cons of using this program

  • This program does not come with a practical trial. You will not have a chance to judge whether the fighting styles encouraged in this style did any good to you. The reason behind this is that you might not have gotten into a real fight. You will not have the trust in abilities unless you get a chance to practice what Todd and Ari have taught in their program.
  • It is quite boring at home. It is a boring program, especially when you don’t have a company. It will ever be more boring if you are one of those people who like learning something new. That being said, you should avoid this program if you are one of those students who like attending physical lectures.

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Final Thoughts

The First Strike program is a self-defense system that teaches people how they can neutralize enemies and ending fights within a short period. This program has a series of steps and multiple visual aids. The authors of this program have been lucky to train some of the deadliest forces in the world. We hope that you will find this review helpful as you plan to purchase the First Strike program. Do you have any questions regarding the First Strike or any other program in the market? Feel free to contact our team. Thanks!

First Strike Review


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