5 Hot Fitness Regimens to Achieve Your Fitness Goals

If you’re looking for hot fitness programs to try out in 2020 to help you achieve your health and fitness goals, you may be please to know that there are a lot of options for you to choose from.
There are five in particular that has generated a lot of enthusiasm among fitness professionals, their clients, and those who frequent the gym on a regular basis. Even newcomers can’t wait to see what all the fuss is about.

So, if you’re one of them and would like to know more, you can select from the following list, based on your personal preferences and fitness goals:

5 Hot Fitness Regimens to Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Bodyweight Exercises for Fitness

Whether you are new to fitness, or a veteran or avid fan, bodyweight exercises can serve as a workout alternative, especially if you don’t have access to free-weights or mechanical devices, or if you haven’t advanced to that level.

There are a lot of different bodyweight exercises to choose from, so it should be easy for you to find some that fit your stage of fitness development. And, you can obtain a full-body workout just by performing bodyweight exercises. However, it is a good idea t start with the easier ones first. For example, for a great upper-body workout, begin with some simple pushups.

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Pushups are one of the best-known bodyweight exercises, and one of the most productive. For example, you can get a great chest workout, or a chest workout, simply by altering the angle and position of your arms. And the great thing about pushups is that they can be performed just about anywhere.

Squats are another bodyweight exercise and are probably the best for getting your legs into shape. You may have seen professional bodybuilders performing squats with a ton of weights hoisted above their heads, but, for general fitness purposes, bodyweight squats will do just fine.

So, by focusing on technique, rather than weights, you can still develop and strengthen your leg muscles sufficiently. then, as your strength improves, you may vary the squats for better results.
Pullups are a great bodyweight exercise for strengthening your back muscles. However, they may be difficult to perform if you’re overweight. Nevertheless, pullups can be exploited greatly simply by altering your grip and the distance apart your arms are placed. But, if you’re a beginner, start with the basic pull-ups first.

For the more advanced fitness enthusiasts, there is another version of pull-ups called the “muscle-up.” This maneuver involves starting off with a regular pull-up action, then extending that action until your whole upper body is above the pullup bar. This maneuver is very difficult to perform and requires a lot of strength, so you probably won’t see many people attempting it unless they’re seasoned veterans.


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High-Intensity Interval Training

High-intensity Interval Training is a great way to buildup your muscles while shedding fat. Basically, this exercise involves alternating between an intensive workout and a rest period until your too exhausted to perform more.

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) can be adapted to just about any exercise you choose to achieve different results. So, it is a good idea to experiment with different exercises to see which one produces the best results for you.

12 minute hiit
One of the more popular exercises people use HIIT for is sprinting. A lot of people just aren’t able to run long distances to get in shape, but anyone can run a short distance at top speed. So, by alternating quick bursts with short rest periods, you can improve your cardiovascular health, while strengthening your legs and shedding fat at the same time.

A lot of people also use HIIT to get those flat abs they’ve always wanted. HIIT allows them to see more immediate results than they would otherwise perform regular sets. The science of repetition is intensified by HIIT.

You have seen the word “quick” or “fast” mentioned with HIIT, but there is bo law that says you can’t modify the timings of the exercise and rest periods. However, you should be consistent throughout the segment.

There is a more intense version of HIIT, however, that involves switching between different exercise rapidly and delaying the rest period until the end of the exercise. Only the more seasoned fitness enthusiasts will attempt this exercise.

Now, it isn’t necessary for you to try to adapt HIIT to every exercise you perform; you can add it to your exercise regimen once a week, or month. Or just use it every now and then to add a little variety to your exercise routine.

However, if you go to the gym regularly and perform the same routine every time, your muscles may have become accustomed to it. Why not add a little HIIT to the recipe to spice things up a little?

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CrossFit or Fitness?

CrossFit exercises burst unto the scene like gangbusters in the early 2010s. It diverges from our typical workout regimens like bodybuilding or strongman competitions and has charted its own path in the fitness genre. There are even CrossFit competitions to see who’s number one.

CrossFit is normally taught in classes by registered trainers, but you can apply a lot of their techniques at any regular gym. Basically, CrossFit involves combining different workouts into a single routine, while concentrating on what they call, functional fitness.

It is less about the type, or the number of exercises, as it is about the positive effects the regimen can bring to your daily activities.

crossfit exercise
As a result, you’ll find that you have better mobility and balance, and find yourself using your whole body to perform tasks, instead of just using your arms and legs independently. For example, when you normally lift a heavy object, you employ your back, arms, and legs for the best results. This is the same philosophy CrossFit teaches you to inculcate into everything you do.

Since it is in a class format, beginners seem to find it less intimidating than gyms geared toward weightlifting, which are usually full of people with bulging muscles already.

One of the things that makes CrossFit so attractive is that it is so much fun. They have created an environment that is both enjoyable and engaging, with a familial atmosphere that makes you want to come back.


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Yoga and Pilates for Fitness

When most people hear the word “yoga” they think of meditation or spiritualism. Others view it as a limbering-up exercise. However, yoga can be used as an integral part of your overall fitness regimen. In fact, yoga is an excellent fitness avenue that offers a whole host of additional advantages.

The main thrust of yoga is to work on the core. It may not be readily apparent when you first start out, but, little by little, the regimen will increase in intensity.

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For one thing, you might be required a particular position for an extended period. Something that requires a strong core to execute. It shares the same philosophy as planks do for an ab workout – they both work on strengthening the core.

But, yoga doesn’t just benefit your abs. Given the multiplicity of positions involved, you’ll find that there are some that benefit your arms more, while others are more conducive to strengthening the legs, etc.

While yoga isn’t intended to be a muscle-building exercise, it can result in a stronger body. It may also improve your body’s tone so that it better reflects the muscles you already have.

And there are other benefits that may accrue from adopting a yoga regimen that can complement your normal exercise routine. For example, it will increase your flexibility, which can be extremely beneficial when performing your regular exercises.

Yoga can also help improve your ability to perform squats properly, reducing the likelihood of an injury from improper techniques. The same philosophy applies to weightlifting.

Because it works on the principle of loosening up the muscles, joints, and tendons, yoga has been generally viewed as a preventative measure for injuries.

It can also help reduce the number of cramps you encounter, and reduce pain and prevent painful muscle tears and separations. So, by introducing yoga into your exercise routine, you can avoid many of these dangers.


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Strength Training for Fitness

One of the most important components of any exercise routine is strength training. This is particularly true for weightlifting, whose goal is to become as strong and muscular as possible. But, strength training is also an excellent way to get, and stay, in shape, and, therefore, it is an integral part of many people’s exercise routine.

The newcomer might be a little intimidated by the prospect of beginning a weightlifting regimen when he sees others lifting massive amounts of weights over their heads, but try not to lose heart. Just start with an amount you can handle.

Strength Training
Rather than trying to do it all in one sitting, some weightlifters work on different parts of the body on different days. This is done to keep from becoming overly exhausted. But, try to work on parts of the body that come in pairs – like arms and legs – on the same day.

You can be forgiven if you’re tempted to step-up the pace of your progress, but try not to go too fast, or you could injure yourself.

And don’t be afraid to ask for help from other gym patrons. Everyone had to have a starting point, and, more than likely, they had to ask for help along the way. So, leave your ego at home.

It is not like you’re asking them to become your personal trainer, or anything like that (Although you can hire one); you’re just asking for a minute of their time.

Asking for help is also a good way to make friends at the gym, which can also help alleviate the pressure that comes with being the “new guy.”

Make sure you set aside rest days between workouts, especially when just starting out. Besides, your muscles will be so sore the next day it won’t take much convincing.

But, that’s a good thing. It means that you have given your muscles a thorough workout and they need time to repair themselves. That reparation period is when the muscles become bigger and stronger.

So, no matter which exercise regimen you choose, or how many of them you incorporate into your workout routine, you will definitely see the results, physically, mentally, and spiritually.


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