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How Accurate Is Fitbit For Weight Loss? Things to know

How accurate is Fitbit for weight loss? The detailed article below will give you the most accurate and complete answer. Check it out now for details!

How Accurate Is Fitbit For Weight Loss_

Today, Fitbit, smartwatches as a fitness tracker, and fashion accessories are even more prevalent. In particular, many people also think they are practical tools to support weight loss. So, how accurate is Fitbit for weight loss?

Not always 100% accurate! In other words, like most of the other versions on the market, it’s not exactly perfect, but it’s still a reliable calorie counter.

Let’s immediately learn this article’s content to understand better how accurate Fitbit is for weight loss.

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What Is Fitbits?

1. Fitbit’s brand

Fitbit’s brand

First of all, you should know that Fitbit was founded in 2007 by Eric and James and is headquartered in San Francisco, USA.

The company’s goal is to create health monitoring products for users of different ages (from children, teenagers, to elderly users) to easily identify their current health status and help them achieve their goals more quickly.

The devices of this company also have a sophisticated and luxurious design with many other modern functions that make people love them more and more.

The brand mainly manufactures products in two main categories – smartwatches and fitness trackers. Some famous product lines of the company must be mentioned: Charge, Inspire, Ace.

Thus, in this article, you can understand that Fitbit is a smartwatch device that helps monitor your health status.

Does Fitbit Help With Weight Loss?

1. Does it help heaviness loss

Does it help heaviness loss

The simple answer is yes. You can completely use Fitbit to support weight loss effectively. The point here is that you have to use it correctly to get the most out of this device.

Fitbit can help you track prior health status and calculate the number of calories you have used for moving. Therefore, this information also serves to support you to lose heaviness effectively.

With a compact device, you can set up a goal and take it with you to check if you’ve succeeded in achieving it.

However, you should also consider that Fitbit is just an assistive device. Therefore, to achieve your weight loss goals effectively, you should combine other methods in your diet and exercise regimen.

Indeed, if you only rely on each feature to calculate the number of calories through counting steps and distance traveled per day by Fitbit, it is tough to achieve the weight loss goal.

How Accurate Is Fitbit For Weight Loss?

1. How Accurate it is

How Accurate it is

Indeed, you are very interested in Fitbit’s accuracy. This device is only a tool to support this goal, and it is not the deciding factor.

In other words, you can use it to monitor your daily health status and rely on information about calories consumed to take specific actions. Besides exercise, you also need to have a nutritious diet and scientific activities to lose heaviness effectively.

Many people use this smartwatch to set weight loss goals but do not achieve the desired effect. So, they believe that Fitbit is not able to support weight loss.

It may be because they made some mistakes in using this device for heaviness control purposes. If you use the wrong method, it will be a measuring tool.

Your task is to know how to use the information from the device, then analyze and build a suitable diet and exercise regimen. In particular, you need to have patience and get into the habit of using the machine regularly.

Mistakes When Using Fitbit To Lose Weight

Many people use Fitbit for weight loss goals without success, and they think the device is not applicable. However, it may stem from their misunderstandings when using this device. We have compiled several issues such as:

Just hit the moving target

Don’t be fooled! When you set this 10,000 steps per goal on your device and get a notification, it is at the end of the day. Because if you only move without combining with nutrition, it is challenging for you to lose heaviness.

Don’t care about the number of Calories

Another mistake is that you do not calculate the number of calories used for daily movement. Therefore, you do not accurately control the remaining calories, leading to a constant heaviness, even a tendency to increase.

Information about your height and heaviness is also a basis for the device to set moving goals. Therefore, not filling in this content accurately is also a mistake that you should know.

In addition, people often forget to bring this watch with them, making its tracking intermittent.

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How To Avoid The Fitbit Mistake

To use Fitbit for effective heaviness control, you need to perform some of the following tasks:

Update information

First, fill in all information about your body parameters as soon as you set a goal. At that time, the device will give you suitable recommendations and track your training more accurately.

Combined with the diet

Certainly, besides exercise, a scientific diet helps you lose heaviness more effectively. Take it very seriously and control the number of calories you take every day.

Follow and rate

2. Keep wearing it daily

Keep wearing it daily

Finally, keep wearing this watch daily and check the information regularly. After a month, evaluate the results to make appropriate adjustments.

With the past month’s data, you will determine your calorie consumption so that you can take actions to help lose weight more effectively. Note, this goal needs to be available for a long time, so you should be persistent and try.

For more tips to follow, check out this video below!


Thus, Fitbit is not simply a fashion accessory, a smartwatch, but also an effective health monitoring tool. In particular, you can ultimately use it to support your weight loss goals.

We hope this article helped you understand how accurate Fitbit is for weight loss. And you use this device correctly to be able to control your heaviness.

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