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How Does Hot Water Help In Weight Loss? The Answer Is Here!

How does hot water help in weight loss? This method is safe, effective, and cheap. Let’s see how it works, and you can include it in your diet strategy!

How to lose weight by drinking

 How to lose weight by drinking?

There are many tips for you to shed pounds. Consuming lukewarm drinks can also work. But, how does hot water help in weight loss?

This method speeds up your metabolism. It also promotes the rapid breakdown of fat molecules in your meals, resulting in fat loss.

This article will discuss this method in detail. If you are planning a diet, you will find it beneficial. Now, scroll down and save the useful information!

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How Does Hot Water Help In Weight Loss?

Some people try slimming down by trying this method. How does that simple beverage do the trick?

Boost metabolism

Metabolism refers to the process through which your body turns what you drink and eat into energy.

Calories from foods and drinks interact with oxygen in this intricate process to produce energy your body takes to function correctly.

It’s natural to blame your weight change on your metabolism. However, since metabolism is a biological cycle, your body has a number of systems in place to manage it to fulfill your specific needs.

Warm plain liquid boosts the metabolism. Hence, it’s among the best approaches to jump-start your body’s slower operations.

Break down fat

It’s critical to monitor your fat consumption when aiming to shed. In this case, warm drinks can help a lot.

Lukewarm drink encourages your digestive system to burn fat by breaking it down and mobilizing it to molecules. As a result, your body can release unhealthy fat quicker and easier.

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Curb appetite

Using this method can curb your hunger. Drinking a hot drink 30 minutes before every meal is one method to shed.

The liquid lowers appetite by making you feel full. So, the next time you have a craving for something and are battling the temptation to overeat, grab a hot drink and wait for 20 minutes.

Maintain body temperature

Warm plain liquid helps to keep the body warm. Of course, if the drink is too scorching (or too freezing), the digestive system will suffer.

However, warm water (up to 50°C) is beneficial in keeping body systems going smoothly. It aids in proper food processing, nutrition intake, and waste elimination.

1. Drinking can accelerate your weight loss

Drinking can accelerate your weight loss

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When Should I Drink Water To Lose Weight?

This method is most effective when taken early in the morning with your stomach empty. After every meal, you can also do it to dissolve fats and help digestion.

So, to stay fit and healthy permanently, let the drink take care of the start of your day and the end of your meal.

How Much Hot Water Should I Drink A Day?

Experts recommend drinking about six to eight cups of warm water every day. It’s the amount of moisture your body, skin, and hair require to stay hydrated.

If you want to boost the impact, try adding honey and lemon to the liquid. These ingredients can speed up your metabolism and lead to fast fat loss.

You can learn more recipes to make fat-burning drinks from this video.

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How Hot Should The Water Be?

To achieve the best result, make sure that you consume water at the ideal temperature, which is about 50°C.

If the temperature is below that range, the effect will decrease. Otherwise, if it’s too hot, it can burn your tongue.

What Are Other Benefits Of Drinking Hot Water?

In addition to losing weight, this method also offers many benefits. To be more specific, drinking lukewarm water helps:

  • Relieve the nasal congestion;
  • Strengthen the effects on the central nervous system;
  • Assist in the relief of diarrhea;
  • Maintain your hydration;
  • Decrease shivering in the cold;
  • Improve your circulation system;
  • Reduce your stress levels;
  • Aid in the cleansing of your body.

2. There are many benefits to expect

There are many benefits to expect

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What Are The Side Effects Of Drinking Hot Water?

Drinking can be problematic at times since it can burn your lips and mouth, resulting in mild blisters. Hence, remember to check the temperature carefully.

Besides, if the pipes are rusty, the risk of poisoning is quite significant. In addition, pollutants dissolve more quickly and to a larger amount in hot liquid than in cold ones.

Moreover, your kidneys have a unique capillary structure to remove extra water. Excessive volumes of liquid might cause harm since the system will have to work harder. Your kidneys will weaken over time as a result of this.

3. Be careful with the excess

Be careful with the excess

Is Drinking Hot Water At Night Good?

Warm drinks before bed can keep you hydrated throughout the night and may assist in the body’s detoxification process. It may also support the relief of stomach discomfort or cramps.

However, you shouldn’t drink too much before. An excess amount of liquid may keep you up during the night because you are busy in the restroom.

Can Drinking Hot Water Reduce Belly Fat?

Taking some warm drinks in the morning will aid in weight loss and decrease abdominal fat.

Adequate water consumption assists in eliminating toxins from the body and boosts metabolism.

Can You Burn Calories By Taking A Hot Plain Drink?

According to certain studies, drinking warm water might help you burn calories.

In a study, the power consumption of 12 participants who consumed 500 mL of cool temperature water was higher than when they took warmer drinks.


Drinking lukewarm water is an excellent way to lose weight. However, you cannot only rely on this method.

It would be best to follow a strict and healthy diet strategy. Also, you should exercise every day, get enough sleep, and avoid fast food.

Hopefully, your way to a perfect body will become shorter. If you are still confused, please leave a comment. We are willing to be your companion.

Thank you for reading!

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