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How Much Does A Barbell Weigh? The Various Types Of Barbells And Strength Training Bars

If you have been going to the gym in the recent past or you are a fitness freak or athlete then you must be familiar with the specialized instruments and machines used in a health and fitness center. Apart from providing the members with training on how to exercise and what workouts to perform, the gyms and fitness clubs are also providers of specialized equipment used for working out.

This fitness equipment may consist of the manual as well as mechanical and electrical instruments. Some of them are used for losing weight, while others are utilized for gaining weight. Some tools and equipment are dedicated towards body building only. One such commonly used item in the gyms and fitness centers is the Barbell. It is a simple metallic bar or rod with weights attached to it on either end. The weights can be removed and added according to the requirements of the user and weight lifter.

It is a widely used health equipment that often comes to our minds the moment we hear the term body building. Some people utilize it synonymously with weight lifting.


Although the basic structure of the barbell remains the same, there are different types and forms of this equipment utilized by different body builders and athletes all around the world. According to the requirements, the size and weights of the barbells changed. Therefore there is no standard weight and length of the barbell. The barbells available on the market are manufactured by different brands and companies. Some variations are owed to this difference in the manufacturing process as well.

Below is a brief description of different types of customized and specialty barbells that are available in different shapes and sizes.

The Best Barbell


This is the commonly available bar used in the local gyms and health centers. In many places, they are also known as the power bars. With the length of approximately 7 feet, this is a high rigidity bar. However, when loaded with extra weights some bending may occur. They are made from steel metal and are easy in gripping and holding large weights. They are used in exercises like:

  • Squat
  • Bench Press
  • Dead Lift
  • Overhead Press
  • Bent over row

The power bar has the handling capacity of 600 to 1200 pounds.


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The differentiating factor of this bar is the middle knurl. It enhances the gripping capabilities of the bar with the lifter’s shirt to avoid unnecessary sliding. Any bar that does not have a knurl in the center is not suitable for any kinds of squats. They are thicker in the middle and have more whips on them.


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With an increased whip, this bar is best suited for taking a slack right before anyone pulls. This ensures speedy movement and easy rise from the bottom. The bar is narrow and has a sharp knurl to provide a better gr​ip in the middle. Both these types of barbells and the power bars can weigh up to 45 pounds each. If the thickness is more, then the weight can go up to 55 pounds.


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These are no ordinary bars. They are the ones designed and manufactured to be used especially in the Olympic weightlifting events of the world. They ensure better performance and reduction in the chances of injuries. For a common man they may look exactly like any normal power bar, but in reality, they are different.

The material of these Olympic bars is high quality steel that is specially used for sporting equipment of professionals. It has a greater whip that makes it easier to catch than the normal bar. Their spinning capabilities are also better due to the bearings attached to either end. These types of bars are least risky for wrist and arm injuries. Many Olympic bars do not even have a knurling in the center. Their weights are also approximately 45 pounds.

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Not a very commonly used bar in the category, the cambered bar is ideal to be used for squatting practice. It is similar in design and manufacturing to the safety squat bar and provides good support for the back muscles during the squat exercise. Weighing between 45 and 50 pounds, this bar is utilized mostly by hard lifters and professional athletes.



A much lighter bar when it comes to weight, the Swiss bar is suitable for exercises that are meant for the upper body. portion. These work outs may include presses, rows, curling, and triceps extending exercises. The bar is equipped with a neutral grip that allows comfortable weight lifting especially on the shoulders and upper back. The weight of this bar is less than the other standard bars. It weighs around 35 pounds.

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Also known as the EZ bar, the curling bar allows the best support for bicep curls through pronating motion of the wrists. This bar can also be used for exercises that involve triceps extending workouts. They are short in size and length and weigh very little. On average the weight of an EZ curling bar is 15 pounds.

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So you see these were the few types of bars that are commonly used in the gyms and fitness exercises worldwide.  But it should not be forgotten that there are much more types of barbells and bars in the industry. Their type and form mostly depends on the requirement and making the bars.

For strength training, the barbell is the first line equipment that rules the big lifting exercises. With changes in design and variations in quality and weights, the simple barbell can be transformed into specialized equipment targeted for custom exercises. To help with building strength in your abdominal muscles, check out our buying guide for ab machines here.

It is not uncommon for you to see a large variety of barbells and weight bars with odd shapes and looks placed in specialized gym equipment centers. The selection of the bar that you will utilize for your workout depends on your exercise needs and requirements. The training and fitness goals and objectives dictate your choice of the barbell being used.

The trainers and coaches can act as a guiding beacon to help new weightlifters in choosing the right and suitable equipment. The training process can be made more fun and effective by using the right equipment for the job. For more information and feedback you can contact us through our website.

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