Top Tips For How To Get Thicker Thighs (Tips For Sexier Legs!)

Whether you’re a man or a woman, you probably pay attention to your thighs. When you’re in shorts or a miniskirt, you want to look your best. Perhaps you’ve been working out for many years, just getting back into the regular routine of exercise, or this is the first time you’re truly putting your heart and soul into this.

Whatever the case may be, you want to know how to get thicker thighs.You’re not looking for some simple method because, at this point in your life, you know it’s going to take some serious effort. That’s a good first step. Never discount the impact that a solid mental attitude can have.Most people who don’t really want to put in a solid effort to something won’t ever see the results of that effort.

It will take time. After all, what you’re aiming to achieve is adding more muscle mass to your thighs. You could certainly eat nothing but candy bars and cookies for a couple of months and you will have thicker thighs, but that’s not what you want.You want lean, strong, solid thighs.



 You want lean, strong, solid thighs


The First Step Toward Thicker Thighs

Before we get into the various steps and strategies that can get you on the road to thicker thighs, you need a few things.

  • Raw determination.
  • Free weights.
  • Or a gym membership.
  • A calendar.
  • A good, healthy diet.

Raw determination. The first thing you need is the raw determination to accomplish your goals. What does this mean?
No matter which steps or strategies you decide to employ in your life toward getting thicker thighs, it’s going to be tough at times. You’ll feel burning in those thighs and there are going to be plenty of moments when you just want to give up.
If you enter into this goal of getting thicker thighs without the right mental attitude, you’re more likely to give up somewhere along the way.
Free weights. If you have access to some basic free weights, that would be fine. Depending on what size thighs you want, you may need a good, healthy amount of free weights.

These could be in the form of dumbbells or a bar. It’s your choice, but both will pose certain challenges, especially if you’re limited on space in your apartment or home. Or a gym membership. If you have the financial resources, a gym membership could be something to consider. You’ll have access to any type of free weights and other machines you need to maximize your chances of getting nice, thick thighs.

A calendar. Nothing beats being able to track your progress. On a calendar (make sure it’s a monthly calendar, preferably a wall calendar), keep track of the exercises you do daily. Track the amount of weight you work out with, and any other facts that will help you quickly and easily monitor your progress.
A good, healthy diet. Eat well. Your goal is to build muscle and that means your body will need more nutrition. Make sure you stock up on proteins (fish, chicken, etc.) and carbohydrates (potatoes, brown rice, etc.).Keeping your body properly nourished increases the likelihood you’ll be on track for nice, strong, thick thighs.
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Now, about how to get thicker thighs, let’s get into the details.

Step 1: Focus On Physiology

Your body is a machine. It needs proper nourishment and rest. You need to find the optimal balance. Depending on your age, your body may require a bit more sleep than someone else. Sleep is how your muscles rest and begin to grow and strengthen when you’re exercising and working out.

Food, your diet, is what it needs to operate at peak levels. If you think about your body like a car, if you put in the wrong fuel, it’s not going to run well, right? It’s the same idea with your body. Just because you may not consciously feel the negative effects of poor diet doesn’t mean your muscles aren’t. Get the right level of nutrients in your diet every day and make sure you sleep at least 7 to 9 hours every single day.

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Step 2: Plan To Work Out With Intensity

Plan To Work Out With Intensity

How intense do you work out? If you have a habit of hitting the exercise cycle for ten or twenty minutes when you go to the gym, watch the TV screen, or text on your phone while you’re doing it, then let’s just be honest: you’re not intense.

True workout intensity is be singularly focused on the task at hand. If that doesn’t describe you to date, then figure out what it is that keeps you from reaching a peak level of intensity.

Are you bored with the routine? Do you simply not realize how important it is to be intense? Put aside all distractions. Focus on the workout at hand. This is great advice whether you’re simply trying to get in better shape or you’re trying to figure out how to get thicker thighs.

Intensity. Feel it. Live it. Breathe it.

Strategy 1: Work Out At The Same Time Each Day.
If your body is not ready for exercise, it’s probably going to take you longer than usual to get into your routine. You may have a constantly shifting schedule at work and that makes it extremely difficult to work out at the same time every day.

However, it’s important to building mu​scle.

It’s like when you wake up at the same time every day for weeks and months on end, then suddenly, mercifully you have a chance to sleep a bit longer, but you’re up at the same time, anyway. Frustrating, right?


However, your body’s muscles have the same type of memory for these things; they are expecting to get exercise at the same time and are pumped up and ready to go at that moment. If you start altering the schedule, progress may be slower.

A great way to get in a good workout that isn’t cardio is to do some ab workouts. For tips on the best ab machines on the market.

Step 3: Pick Up The Pace


pick up the pace

Come on, move it! The next time you go to the gym (or if you don’t have a gym membership, visit one), pay attention to different people working out. What is their pace like?

What is your normal pace?

Perhaps you’ve been working out for months or even years and you’ve taken a rather casual pace to them. It might take you about an hour or so to get through your full workout, but are you doing slow repetitions? Are you taking a minute or two between different exercises?

Yes, you need a pause between reps, and going too fast is not always going to help, but you need to increase the pace of your reps to keep your thigh muscles constantly engaged during each rep.

If you give your muscles a chance to rest, guess what? You’re going to minimize the impact of your workout routine.

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Step 4: Add Weight And Reps

Over time, you’re going to notice things becoming a bit easier with the basic weight that you start with. That’s a great sign! That’s a sign that your muscles are growing. Yes, that’s right, growing. As they grow, you get stronger. As you get stronger, the same things you were doing a while ago suddenly become easier to tackle.

When you reach a point where you can do all three sets with the same number of repetitions in each set, it’s time to increase the weight. For example, if you do squats with 100 pounds ten times on the first set, nine on the second, and six on the third, and simply cannot push beyond that, that’s a good starting point. However, when you’re able to do three sets of ten, it’s time to increase the weight and reps.

Strategy 2: Check To Be Sure You’re Using The Right Form.

If you use the wrong form while doing any type of exercise routine, it can not only lead to fewer positive results, but it can also cause harm. You don’t want that to happen, so find an experience physical trainer, pay him or her for an hour, and go through your exercises. Record the workout session so you can see what you’re doing and take note of what he or she is saying. You can play this back later on, which is a great idea.

It’s also a good idea to video record yourself doing some of these exercises on your own then reviewing it every so often to make sure you’re staying on track.

Strategy 3: Skip The Cardio.

There’s a lot of talk about the importance of ‘cardio’ workouts. Yes, they can certainly be important, but if you’re walking, jogging, or even bicycling daily to get your heartrate up and stay in shape, it’s consuming a lot of the energy your thigh muscles could be using instead.

If you work out properly, maintain more intensity, and focus on faster and more reps and weight, your heart’s going to be getting plenty of exercise as it is. If you still prefer to get out and about to do some cardio exercise because it helps you de-stress and feel connected with nature, go hiking.

The more you push your legs climbing up or down hills, the more it’s going to benefit you in the long run, and the sooner you’ll begin noticing thicker thighs.



That’s how you start the process to get thicker thighs. Don’t expect overnight success or results within a week or two. You’re talking about the single strongest muscle mass in your entire body; it’s going to take time. However, you need to start somewhere, so no matter how out of shape you may be, how many extra pounds you’re packing on, or how strong other parts of your body are, you can get thicker thighs with some concerted effort and following these steps and strategies.


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