Important Tips for Eating Way Less but Still Feeling Full!

Okay, so you may be wondering why I’m super excited about these specific topics, and why I feel like it’s so important to eat less and feel full!

Well, not only have I lost 50 pounds, but I’ve kept it off along with figuring out which tips actually helped me on my weight loss journey.

I have lost the weight by following a set of rules, and followed specific workouts and exercise routines that have really turned out to be life-changing for me!


One of my main problems would be that I binge eat and once I begin to binge, I do not stop until I cannot fit one more morsel into my mouth.

At the time I wanted to feel full, and I still want my stomach to feel full and satisfied all throughout the day.

So I’ve accumulated a list of tips that will make you feel full and satisfied, all the while losing weight! So let’s get started…


Learn some great meal tips while choosing healthy food.

1. Stay hydrated throughout the day, but don’t force yourself.


Don’t babysit the water, yet don’t chug it either, and find a happy medium and quickly hydrate with H20 throughout your day.

You can go to work with a water bottle, or order water at any restaurant, or bring it inside with you! It’s super easy to do if you plan one step ahead of time.

This article explains the CORRELATION between drinking lots of water and weight loss. It is definitely an eye-opening article and I’m glad I read it!

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2. Slow down!

Eat slowly, very slowly, because your brain can take up to 10-15 minutes to react to your stomach is full.

So if you are quickly stuffing down helping after helping, you are not realizing you are full until it is too late (and you might be making yourself ill!)

So slow it down, and take your time, so that your brain can catch up to your stomach!


3. Fill your plate to half of what you would normally put onto it.

It might look empty, bare, or space, but it is enough. Trust me! If you normally load up your plate with beef, mashed potatoes, and peas, remember you need HALF of that plate.

So take off half the mashed potatoes, and half of the steak and the peas can stay because they’re a green vegetable.

Even though peas are actually not as good for you as beans or other green veggies.


4. Fill your plate up with mostly yummy vegetable and yummy fruits!

You won’t have room for anything unhealthy. If you do opt for a salad, then remember that dressing is super-fattening -so lighten up on that dressing or don’t use any at all!

This Harvard University study totally explains all the details of salad dressings. Which ones are the worst and the dressings to skip altogether? You may be surprised at what this study shows! So check it out.


5. If you’re craving a snack, like all of us tend to do between meals,

…then instead of going directly to the cookies, get a bottle of water instead.

Drink before eating, maybe you will change your mind! You could get full too, or fill up more so you don’t eat as much as you would have before filling up with water!

6. Count calories when you can.

We know it’s not possible to do that all the time, but when you can count those calories up on your plate!

A ton of restaurants now has a calorie count OR a weight watchers point count now. Mainly large chain restaurants like Friday’s, Applebee’s, and Chile’s now have weight watchers calorie count numbers posted in their menus. Thanks, Oprah!)


7. High fiber and complex carbohydrates need to be chosen over ANY and ALL junk foods.

If you’re at the supermarket choosing rice, it’s so easy to pick brown or whole wheat rice instead of white. It’s that easy, so try to make it a habit.

8. Remember dairy is so fattening, like super duper fattening compared to other foods.

So try to skip the milk, skip the chocolate in the milk, eat cereal with almond milk or lactose-free milk, and definitely try to stay away from cheese, ice cream, and anything else considered dairy.

If you must drink milk, please choose a low percentage of fat, or get skim milk when you can. Skip the creamer in the coffee!

Trust me you will not regret this when you see actual results! Pounds will be melting away and off of your body!

The list of the best milk products to drink is:

  1. Skim milk. (80 calories, 0g fat per 8 ounces)
  2. Lactose-free and fat-free milk. (90 calories, 0g fat per 8 ounces)
  3. Rice milk. (120 calories, 2g fat per 8 ounces)
  4. Low-fat goat milk. (100 calories, 2.5g fat, 1.5g saturated fat per 8 ounces)
  5. Hemp milk. (110 calories, 7g fat per 8 ounces)
  6. Almond milk. (70 calories, 2.5g fat per 8 ounces)
  7. Soy milk. (105 calories, 4g fat per 8 ounces)
  8. Low-fat chocolate milk. (170 calories, 3g fat per 8 ounces)

Yes, I said CHOCOLATE milk, but low-fat chocolate milk. Yes, we are telling you that low-fat chocolate milk is a somewhat healthier choice than regular milk! So drink up!

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9. Don’t drink soda!

Don’t drink juice! Soda is just awful, and awful for you. It’s carbonate dyed sugar water and juice isn’t that much better.

Honestly, most juices are just as sugar-packed as sodas! So just stick with good old water, you always know exactly what you’re getting with water! Try a water enhancer like Mio, if you NEED to spruce it up a bit.


sugar in soft drinks

10. Chicken is a much better choice than beef.

First off, chicken is a better protein choice than beef, because it is leaner. Secondly, beef is gross and is terrible for the environment in so many ways. Skip the cow meat, and if you need meat, choose the poultry! Chicken or turkey is packed with protein and barely any fat.


Educate yourself on the best fitness routines and cardio exercises that assist in losing weight!

So there are a couple exercise and fitness regiments that work best for losing weight. Cardio exercise mixed with some kind of weight lifting would be ideal.

Unfortunately, solely running around your neighborhood doesn’t do the trick anymore.

Maybe starting with a run, adding a cycling class, followed by kickboxing, and ending with some weights being lifted, would be the perfect work out!

Seriously though, a brisk walk or run, followed by a bit more cardio, and ending with some lifting for toning different parts of your body would be the best thing you could do for your weight loss journey.

So cardio such as P90x and Sean T, can be replicated and be made into a more realistic fitness routine.

Your heart rate needs to be raised into an elevated zone for the workout to be considered a cardio workout.

So fitness routines like Jillian Michaels and Sean T would actually work. or check out the Jillian Michaels workout app! It’s new with great reviews.

Sean T has a beach bum workout that is amazing and should get you in phenomenal shape by summer!

Check it out. He’s known for the “insanity” work out, but if you just want to use his expertise for cardio then just use the beachbum workout instead of his whole system.

The best fitness programs for lifting and for growing your glutes!

Now for lifting weights and toning your body, that is pretty much up to you. You can decide what areas you need to work on. You can find any toning fitness routine on the 8fit app, or any YouTube fitness expert.

But if you looking to grow your gluten, or want a better butt, then there are some fitness experts to look up to.

For better glutes check out some Instagram fitness stars and check out some toned behinds to aspire to. Check out @amandaeliselee who has an amazingly toned rear, and she has workout plans to help her viewers!

Which exercises are amazing butt exercises for the most optimal glutes ever?

Well, we’ve done the research for you and here’s what we’ve found out.

The best exercises are hip lift progressions, toe taps, single leg front raises, squats with kickbacks, single leg squats, dumbbell squats, plies, super lunges, sun salutations, clam dig rotations, and other butt-toning moves.

I will explain a few of these to you here but for all the moves check this site out.

Hip lifts start by lying in your back with arms out to the sides with knees bent while feet flat on the floor.

Lift your hips toward the sky or ceiling and hold for a few seconds and then come back down. Repeat this and if it seems to easy, lift one leg straight out while you lift your hips and switch sides.

Continue for 30 seconds on each side. You will feel the burn.


Toe taps really isolate the bottom of your bum, so it really gives you a nice raise to your behind or a nice lift in the rear.

Start by lying on the floor on your back. Keep your legs together but raise them in the air. Then tap your left foot on to the floor, then lift back up to join your right foot in the air.

Continue those steps with the left foot. Each side should be exercised for one minute each. Your lower back should NOT hurt, so if it is starting to give you a dull ache just stop your toes from reaching the ground.

Go for the tap on the ground without touching the ground by hovering over the mat or ground.

Okay, the last one I will share with you is sun salutations which start in a different pose than the rest.

For my yoga enthusiasts out there, or ‘yogies’ this one will be easy for you. But just begin in the downward dog position and follow all the way through to a lunge and back to dog position. You will feel a burn in your glutes like no other!

By combining the water tips and utilizing these exercise points and tips, you are on your way to a successful weight loss journey.

Water not only helps you lose weight but it makes you feel better in your day-to-day life as well. It helps with headaches and helps fight fatigue.

Water also boosts your metabolism, cleanses waste out of your body, and suppresses your appetite.

But how does it boost your metabolism exactly?

Well, dehydration actually slows down metabolism and metabolic rate by 3-5%. But when you hydrate yourself it can speed you up about 20-30% depending on the amount of water ingested, and the weight of the person drinking the water.

Also when a person is dehydrated it can slow down brain functioning a lot. If you’ve ever gotten a foggy feeling or woken up in a foggy haze, and then drank some water, then you understand this fact.

Drinking about ten glasses of water can improve cognitive performance 20-30%. It cleanses wastes out of your body because it flushed out your system altogether, but especially the toxins from your liver, pancreas, and entire bloodstream.

And finally, the purpose of this article, is that water suppressed the appetite. It satiates hunger and fills your insides with water.

Although it doesn’t make you NOT hungry, studies show that people who drink lots of water, they do actually eat a lot less than those who do not hydrate as often.


Well, I hope these tips find you in good health, and if not, I hope they will help you find your best health.

By following these tips, it has helped me keep those 50 pounds away! So please, even if you don’t follow every single one, use at least one or two!

I promise it will help you on your weight loss journey and keep your tummy full in the process!

Please leave your comments below and let me know if I’ve been helpful in any way!

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