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My Bikini Belly 2.0: is it a scam?

Nowadays, getting a great and admirable shape is undoubtedly one of the most important struggles for most of us. If you ask a woman what she likes most, you are more likely to hear that she prefers a perfect body. The optimum goal is not to lose the shape of their body. However, women always have a tough challenge when trying to stay in shape.

You can attest that most of the women who have given birth are having a hard time getting back in their old shape. That’s why many young mothers go to the gym after work just to shed some extra pounds.

According to them, the gym is the only way to get the form muscles back. Besides going to the gym, multiple weight loss products provide fast ways to lose weight. All the programs promise but only a few of these programs provide results.

In the last couple of years, consumers have become a bit skeptical about such kinds of products. One of the products that usually claim to be a reliable program is My Bikini Belly 2.0. Is this program effective? Who should use this program? What are the pros and cons of using this program? In this review article, we will answer all these and other common questions related to this program.

My Bikini Belly 2.0 Review

What is My Bikini Belly 2.0?

Typically, this program reveals how the diet industry has been deceiving consumers for many years. In the program, the author has been claiming that the program can be more effective to do a short variety of workouts. This is quite different from the traditional belief in lengthy exercise routines.

The main aim of the creator was to have a program that would help people over 35 years achieve a slim bikini body. Usually, this program covers the unique concept of Metabolic Activation Training. The main idea here is to stimulate all three parts of the natural system of the body. These parts must be synchronized to lose fat in the belly.

It would help if you were guaranteed that this program works effectively for women over 35 years. All this is due to the related hormonal changes in the body. It is good to keep in mind that these changes are smart ways to lose fat in the belly. If you have used this program in the past, then you can agree with me that the large portion of the program mainly talks about how to deal with hormones.

The quick and simple workout course aims at stimulating the body to burn fats in the targeted areas. Women who have accumulated fat in their belly can use this program and be guaranteed excellent results. The idea behind this amazing program is very simple: your body wants to be healthy. Women’s bodies deteriorate because of stress. This is made even worse by the quality of food they eat.

The most interesting thing about this program is that it teaches users the things they should do every day. They are simple to follow. This means that time-constrained people can follow them. Your body releases hormones that increase metabolism through workouts. This burns fat while you are asleep.
The creator of this program vows to give users lessons on how to shut down the menopause genes and start their metabolism.

My Bikini Belly 2.0 Review 2

About the creator of this program

It is easy to know if a program is legit or not if you know the author of that program. That’s why it is advisable to research more about the creator of any program before deciding to purchase it. It is a crucial step you should never forget in all products.

This program was created by Shawna Kaminski. The outstanding lady is aged 52 years. At one time, the popular athlete represented Canada. Besides that, Shawna is a competitive fitness model who has a lot of titles in her name. She has worn the Toughest Calgarian Alive award two times. Some of her clients in Boot Camp take part in the program videos demonstrating various workouts.

What you will learn from this program

The main benefit of this program is the decrease of fats in the belly through Metabolic Activation Training. This program contains three major parts. It also shows you how to deactivate the hormones that cause weight gain. This activates a hormone that shrinks. In turn, you will have a drastic increase in metabolism. An increase in metabolism is very significant in burning belly fat.

Besides that, the author has included a compressive exercise guide. The exercise guide educates users about the best types of exercises and their purposes. Away from that, this program features easy-to-follow 15 minute videos. The videos contain three people of varying skill levels. The skill levels are beginner, intermediate and advanced.

You can follow the person in the video according to your preferred level.

Remember that the main objective here is to help you achieve the body you want and deserve. You will also have a chance to improve your skin while at the same time promoting healthier teeth. In the end, you will have enhanced your confidence.

Let’s take a look at the three workout sessions in this program:

The Belly Flush

It is the first part of this program. The Belly Flush section shows you how to shut off menopause molecules. You will take control of your body when you can turn these molecules off. This section comes with several exercise routines that stimulate the fat-burning component of your metabolism.

Bikini Belly Burn

The second part of this program focus on fat shrinking hormones. After a while, your body starts to modify the hormones. This helps in increasing metabolism.

Bikini Belly Blast

It is the final part of this program. Usually, it concentrates on maximizing metabolism while still shedding off fats. Bikini Belly Blast consists of exercise routines that are easy to follow. This helps the body to activate the anti-aging molecule.

How does this program work?

Shawna uses Metabolic Activation Training. This training works by activating your body natural systems. The natural systems need to be working in unison at optimal levels for your body to burn fat. There are three systems that you need to activate. After the third workout, all the components will be working together.

This will help you burn fat quickly. It turns the molecules associated with menopause on and off.

There are more possibilities that the workouts you are doing or did last are only focused on boosting your metabolism. Are you aware that your hormones have a huge impact on burning fat and your overall metabolism? That’s why you should ensure that your workouts are turning your fat-burning hormones and fat-storing hormones off.

My Bikini Belly 2.0 Review 3

Does this program work?

The most important question that this review article must answer is if My Bikini Belly is effective. Based on the feedback and testimonials, My Bikini Belly is effective and has proven results. The highly preferred program is supported by science and was tested by the creator herself.

Most of the feedback has shown that people achieved a toned chest and lost fat in the abdomen area. Additionally, it helped them achieve tight and strong muscles. Furthermore, My Bikini Belly features a quick start guide that helps you start the program in the right way.
Unlike other programs, this program does not include scientific terms and fitness jargon.

You will like this program in that it does not have any technical details that can confuse you. Instead, all the instructions in this program are simple and easy to follow. If you have evaluated the whole program, you can agree with me that it does not touch on nutrition. This can be an oversight keeping in mind that nutrition is very important when working out.

Is this program worth it?

In her program, Shawna has mentioned that working out can be stressful on your body. Actually, they can end up ruining your metabolism. For women above 35 years, a healthy metabolism is essential in keeping energy high and weight off. In fact, you will easily gain weight if the two things are not working properly.

It is no longer viable working out like you did in your twenties. You should consider My Bikini Belly if you want to lose belly fat and gain your energy back. It has emerged as the newest and healthiest approach. With this program, you will be able to re-balance your body. This gives you the edge you need to burn off fat. At the same time, it keeps the fat off as you get older.

This program is different from other programs because it does not require any equipment. You only need some commitment for a short amount of time. Every woman above 35 years will be able to experience the benefits that come with this program. So, it is definitely worth your time and hard-earned money.

How can you get success with the My Bikini Belly 2.0 program?

It would be better for to you follow the following details if you want to get success of the program.

  • Consider step by step process. This not only helps you get around but also be firm in an easy way.
  • You will notice that this program works for you if you are spending much time doing workouts in the gym.
  • There are additional guides of nutrients that ensure you only consume the right kind of foods.

Pros of using this program

This program comes with numerous benefits that you will realize after using it. We have compiled some of the most common pros you will notice in this program.

  • Quick and easy. You will take a very short time when using this program. Actually, you just need around ten minutes or even less to do these physical activities.
  • Maximize fat loss. This program provides simple and effective workouts to get the biggest benefits of fat loss. You will save a lot of time and energy online and videos published by the author of this program.
  • It is an affordable program. The best part about this program is that its consumption is moderate. It is cheaper when compared to joining a gym club or investing in a harsh diet. As a leaner, you will get a sexy toned, and slim body from this program. Besides, you will be guaranteed strong and good-looking performance.
  • Adjustable. My Bikini Belly 2.0 is suitable for any woman of any age. Additionally, you can also use any additional equipment and follow some effective exercises planned to be done by women. Be assured that you will have positive impacts on your body when you have a profound foundation in the program.


  • You need to follow a 21-day blueprint for results.
  • There is no hard copy of this program.

Where to purchase this program

You should purchase this program on the My Bikini Belly 2.0 website. Also, you will be given 60 days money-back guarantee when you purchase this program. Therefore, you can ask for a full refund within 60 days if you are not satisfied with the results. After requesting a refund, you will get every penny without any question. The creator guarantees that this program will work for any woman in a short period. That is the reason she gives plenty of time to users to hold her to her promise.


With My Bikini Belly 2.0, you will discover pathways to improve a bikini-sized body. This program helps you create a diet plan that is essential for your body to lose weight. It will also make muscles stronger. This program has been designed for every woman to give them the confidence they have always admired. We hope that this review article will help you determine if My Bikini Belly 2.0 can help you get your dream body shape. Feel free to contact our team. Till next time. Thanks!


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