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Why Do My Teeth Hurt When I Run Or Exercise? The Causes And Reasons

Running is no easy exercise. Anyone who runs avidly knows that there are certain side effects which accompany the overall outcome of this exercise. Muscle cramping is the most frequent complaint that comes from runners. Stretched tendons or sprains in the ankles or feet are also very commonly encountered during this hard and strenuous workout. But I am sure that many of you must not have heard of this unusual problem of teeth pain while running.

Although not a very commonly felt problem, a painfully strong feeling in the teeth while or after running is encountered by quite a few people especially in the hot and humid weather of the summer months. If you are one of the sufferers you might sometimes think why do my teeth hurt when I run or what could be the reason behind this pain.

These and many other questions of the same sort may be hovering in your brain all the time.

To get some logical and scientific answers, I have compiled this informational article for you. So, let us start with the very basics.



Sometimes there is a painful feeling in your teeth while you are running. The intensity of this pain varies from person to person.
Sometimes it is very mild and low while at other times it can be excruciating and very sharp.

This type of a running pain is not only limited to the teeth but may also travel across the entire jaw line and even in the ears region.
The portion of the face around the eyes may look a little swelled as well. In more extreme cases the condition is coupled with coughing, throat and nasal congestion and even fever.

Studies have shown that this problem is aggravated in weather that is hot and humid. Scientists and experts in the dental field also suggest that the root cause of this problem is associated with the vibrational motion that is characteristic of running exercise.

Below are some of the possible reasons that may be causing this problem for you

1. Oral Cavities or Infections:

This is one of the most common reasons for pain in teeth while we run. A cavity is a building up of bacterial growth within the oral cavity that causes the teeth to decay and damage over time.

If left untreated for prolonged periods, the bacteria will continue eating away the most protective coatings of your teeth. When the enamels and dents will be deteriorated the nerves of the teeth will be exposed to the outside.

This will lead to a painful sensation as and when we run. As the mouth cavity is subjected to vibrations during running, the pain grows and creates discomfort.

Cavities Should Be Treated As Soon As They Are Noticed To Avoid Further Complications And Complex Problems Like Infections. Another reason that is associated with tooth decay or infection is that blood flows to various parts of the body is increased as we run. When this flow hits the infectious area that is already inflamed, the pain might increase.



Gritting your teeth is one more reason for this pain while running. As a person runs, his feet hit the surface which creates a shocking wave throughout the body. As this shock wave hits the upper portion of the body like the jaw, it generates a painful gritting feeling. You do not have to be a habitual at teeth gritting, it just happens as you continuously hit the ground with your feet.

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Sometimes there are certain structural damages within your teeth and you are unaware of them. This could be due to an accident, traumatic injury or damages caused while eating something hard. When you run, it will cause pain.


You might be surprised to read this, but yes. Sinusitis might be a common reason for any type of teeth pain while you run. This health disorder causes mucous formation that leads to inflammation of the sinus cavity. This gives birth to what is known as referred pain.

This type of pain is felt in a different portion of the body then where it is originating from. In most cases, this pain is in the teeth or jaws. Similar condition occurs in ear cavity infections.


At times when none of the above reasons seems to be the underlying issue of the problem, then you should start looking at your running posture and positions. Sometimes unconsciously people run with more inclination towards one side of the body.

This may not be intentional at all. This failure to align properly can have a negative impact on your running and cause pain in the oral cavity especially the teeth.


These were some of the most common reasons of having tooth pain while running. It does not matter what the reason, but it is VERY IMPORTANT that you consult a professional dentist for the problem.

Getting a professional treatment for your oral disorders can curb the situation before it becomes incurable. Search the internet and other sources for all related information and then decide on a treatment plan. Identify the symptoms carefully and discuss candidly with the dental consultant for an effective treatment.


Treatments can be both long term and short term. Initially the doctor will treat you for the pain and try to stop the inflammation through over the counter drugs and medication. Treating the infection, if any, is also on top of the treatment plan.



We all have heard of the proverb, prevention is better than cure. For long term prevention and cure, one should follow a proper oral hygiene and should ensure cleanliness of the oral cavity.

Regular visits to the dentist are a must for proper examination for timely diagnosis of any growing cavities or infections. This will not only prevent any teeth pains and aches while running but will also ensure the health of the oral cavity.



So there you have it. The causes and reasons of the uncommon teeth pain that are felt while we run or exercise vigorously, have been highlighted. It is not a very alarming problem but should also not be left untreated.

It requires proper medical care and treatment for cure and prevention. Once you have been treated, running will become very comfortable and enjoyable once again.

We welcome your comments and feedback for our improvement.

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