Listen Up! It’s Tunesday

Dakota Rockin' OutSOME FAVES

These tunes even get Dakota on psyched (in her own lay on the ground with her jump rope kinda way)! I haven’t posted a list in a few weeks, so that makes today’s post extra FIERCE and longish. Enjoy every second of this extended ear candy!

  • Latch – Disclosure
  • New Kings – Vicetone vs Popeska ft. Luciana
  • On My Own – Miley Cyrus
  • Walking On Air – Katy Perry
  • Do What You Want – Lady Gaga
  • You Make Me – Avicil (Dirty Pop Deconstruction Remix)
  • Under Control – Alesso & Calvin Harris
  • Reload – Sebastian Ingrosso
  • Watch Out For This – Major Lazer
  • Doo Wop – Lauryn Hill (Italo Bros Remix)
  • Counting Stars – OneRepublic (It’s the Kue Club Remix)
  • Stronger – Surkin
  • Biting Down – Lorde (Probcause Remix)
  • Timber – Pitbull ft Kesha
  • Nothing Compares to Wrecking Ball – Miley Cyrus vs Sinead Oconnor

I love YOU! If you wanna CLEAN it up with me the week of November 11th click HERE and we’ll Rock the GO GET FIERCE Gingersnap’s Organics Cleanse TOGETHER!





PRAISE YOU (or ME)…Like I Should!


I don’t speak enough about myself in my life. My blog is my space to share with you what I’m thinking, feeling, as well new things I’m doing in the arena of health and fitness. I was approached by a writer for FITMAPPED to be interviewed for one of their blogs. This is after being featured in an article in Well + Good last week. I realized that I’m so unwilling to share about my successes that I don’t even have a PRESS page on my OWN WEBSITE! Hello, that says something.


I FINALLY created my PRESS PAGE. You can see all that I’ve done. I’m a top fitness instructor in New York City and despite my education in athletic training, I’ve only been working full time in the industry for 4 years. This is my life’s passion and I know it’s what I’ve come to do. I never thought that sharing my health and weight loss story would shift so many lives and inspire others to share their stories, but it has. I get emails daily asking how I did it, what was my moment and asking for help. My clients have lost thousands of pounds and it all began when I opened up and was willing to share my own story.


I encourage you that NO MATTER WHAT you’re going through; a break up, a medical issue,   challenges in your job, weight loss to share your story. It will not only free you from the “you’re the only one” feeling to perhaps shifting you to being someone’s hero. YOU my friends have a story to share. What’s your story? I invite you to share it with me below or email it on over!



Gettin’ Your ISH Together


It’s Monday, the most common day of the week to start a new. The year is nearly 3/4 over and I want YOU to have your BEST year yet! If there’s anything that you still are wanting in your world…it’s OVER! It’s your time to start thinking, “I GOT IT!” and to make whatever you’re still waiting for to  happen.


Make THIS day the day you do for you. Whatever you want is possible and it starts right now. Write what it is you want as if you’re already there, that you HAVE it. Take 5 minutes to create your vision for your body, your career, your relationship…whatever it is you’re focusing on and make your dream BIG. Let the feeling that you GOT IT flow within you. As this next week passes and you feel like you want to steer yourself in a direction that doesn’t fit with your goal, reread your vision and make a decision that will get you there; go to the gym, don’t eat the cookie, go on the date, ask your boss for that raise…WHATEVER it is THIS is the time to do the work. It’s getting you closer to your dream one step at a time! Remember YOU’RE FIERCE…start livin’ like it!

Below Is my schedule for the week, join me! If you’re not in the city and you want to WERQ with me you can check HERE to find out how.

All classes are 45 minutes unless starred. Starred classes (*) are 60 minutes.


7:00AM Revolve, 52 East 13th Street, Body Ride (with weights) Register HERE

9:30AM Revolve, 52 East 13th Street, RIP Ride (with weights)* Register HERE

1:00PM Cycling, TheClub at Hearst Tower


6:00AM Cyciling, Bank of America, One Bryant Park

12:00PM Cycling, Bank of America, One Bryant Park


9:30AM Revolve, 52 East 13th Street, Body Ride (with weights) Register HERE NEW!

5:30PM TheClub at Hearst Tower, P90X*

7:30PM Revolve, 52 East 13th Street, Body Ride (with weights) Register HERE NEW!

8:30PM Revolve, 52 East 13th Street, RIP Ride (with weights)* Register HERE BACK ON!


6:00AM Bank of America, One Bryant Park

7:45AM TheClub at Hearst Tower*

5:30PM Revolve, 52 East 13th Street,  Body Ride (with weights) Register HERE 

6:30PM Revolve, 52 East 13th Street,  Body Ride (with weights) Register HERE


7:00AM Revolve, 52 East 13th Street,  Body Ride (with weights) Register HERE

12:30PM Revolve, 52 East 13th Street,  Body Ride (with weights) Register HERE 


11:30AM Revolve, 52 East 13th Street,  Real Ride Register HERE

12:30PM Revolve, 52 East 13th Street,  Body Ride (with weights)* Register HERE

6:00PM Revolve, 52 East 13th Street,  RIP Ride (with weights)* Register HERE




How Much Is TOO Much (Food)?


As a fitness instructor and personal trainer how I would LOVE to say that if you work out an hour each day the pounds will fall off or even stay away, but that simply NOT the case. Exercise is just a small part (I tell my clients 10%) of the weight loss. There’s a MUCH larger factor and it’s WAY more important in your overall health and that’s what you put into your mouth, Duh!


There is NO “typical” workout, but to give you an example, a person who weighs 150 lbs and is running at 6.0 MPH will burn approximately 600 Calories in ONE HOUR. Did you know that’s just the amount of calories in ONE McDonalds Quarter Pounder with Bacon and Cheese? So, if there are two people, one runs eats the McDonald’s burger and another who choses not to eat that burger and didn’t run at all…the net net is the same. Does that make sense? The effect of not eating the burger or running for an ENTIRE HOUR and eating the burger is mathmatically the same (now this doesn’t factor in benefits to the musculo-skeletal system or ill effects of the burger, just the math, people).

SO many times I hear students and clients saying, “working out makes me SO hungry!” and YES it should if you’re doing it correctly, but the choices you make are so very important. Fruits and veggies are not only crucial to the diet for nutritional purposes, but they help to make the body feel full without an excess of calories.


Calories BurnedI’ve done this for you before, but here’s the deal. First you need to know the answer to the question, what is a Calorie? A Calorie is a unit of energy. It’s the energy that it takes to raise 1 kilogram of water one degree Celcius. It’s a bit technical, but the takeaway is that a Calories is ENERGY! To lose one pound of fat you need to burn 3500 Calories. This is a BIG number to lose one pound and more effective and efficient to decrease your Caloric intake with food than Caloric output with exercise. I teach 20+ classes per week and if I’m not mindful with what I eat I can easily pack on the pounds (sad but true)!

To get the full story on how to calculate YOUR numbers of how many calories you need to eat per day click HERE!

If you’re interested in working with me to help you find your ideal weight you can find out how to do that HERE.

Have an amazing day!




Music LIFTS the Soul!

I'm STILL posting these until they manifest on my ears!

I’m STILL posting these until they manifest on my ears!


Whenever I hear a song that calls up an extreme emotion it changes my energy; I want to dance a little more passionately, workout a little harder or even cry. Today is a day where, at least in New York, the energy is a little heavy remembering the events of 12 years ago. I think we all have a part in lifting up, not only ourselves, but others. Today I’m going to do MY part…not to make people forget, but to lift them up to a higher place. A place where love and kindness are the default, where a smile and a hello to a random stranger changes someone’s day, a place where we feel safe and at home.

Today I invite you to do YOUR part to bring light and love to those around you. Here are some tunes that create a great space for the SOUL…

  • Feel the Love – Rudimental
  • The Heart of the Matter – India Arie
  • Let There Be Love – Christina Aguilera
  • Adorn – Miguel
  • Love Like This – Faith Evans
  • Thinkin About You – Frank Ocean
  • Lovecontract – Musiq Soulchild
  • Again – Faith Evans
  • Baby – Angie Stone
  • Ascension – Maxwell
  • No Ordinary Love – Sade
  • Say Hey – Michael Franti
  • Halo – Beyonce
  • Music – Leela James
  • Thing Called Love – Bonnie Raitt (I know it’s OLD, but it makes me HAPPY!)
  • On and On – Erykah Badu





Oh SNAP, Here’s the Deal!

gingersnapHERE GOES

If you know me, you know that I’m a VERY bad cleanser. I have every excuse in the book to not do ’em or follow through. Here are some of my favorite “reasons” for not starting, cheating & quitting; “I’ve worked out SOooo much today!”, “I’m STARVING!!!”, “I feel sick, I MUST need to eat something!”, “I have a headache.”, “How can I possibly teach when I’m this friggin’ hungry?” Those are just a few of my go tos to get me off track.


Today I’m on Day 3 of a 3 day cleanse from Gingersnap’s Organics. I’ve made it through like a champ (well, if champions mildly complain about being hungry)! I walked Dakota over to 7th Street between 1st and A to pick up a Green Shake mid-morning from GO. I got to chat with Omar, one of the amazing peeps that work at GO, and he said it’s the freshest and cleanest kitchens he’s ever worked in (including his home kitchen). I have to say that you can taste it and feel the goodness. I don’t know it’s a Greek thing, but one of the greatest compliments my mom ever gives about food is that it’s “So Fresh” and that’s the way I feel, FRESH!

Gingersnap'sFO’ REAL

Yes, I was hungry yesterday, but it was only for a hot minute and I made it through. I went to bed wanting to eat, but I wasn’t really hungry and I didn’t cheat. I woke up this morning and felt awesome! I hopped on the scale thinking I feel great, but not SO much lighter and BAM I’ve lost 5lbs in 2 days! WHAT? Yeah, it’s crazy, I KNOW!  Believe me, I’m psyched that the pounds are falling off, but even more excited that I’m feelin’ so good.

I’m going to continue my “cleanse” aka new way of eating next week with 4 days of the Raw GO cleanse (it’s all gluten free, raw & organic). Next week more of my clients will be joining me, if you’re interested or have questions you can hit up the Gingersnap’s Organic Website!

Happy & Healthy Eating!




Where I’ll Be. Come Sweat with Me!

FAITHHere We Go Yo’!

OH MY GOODNESS, I’m back teaching intenSati! Come shake your thang with me this weekend, I’ll be teaching at the Supah FIERCE B East Studio in Amagansette, NY! I’m in NYC all week and this (below) is where I’ll be.

If it’s your FIRST time at Revolve shoot me a line at Dyan at GetFierceTraining dot com and you can ride with me FO’ FREE!

All classes are 45 minutes unless starred. Starred classes (*) are 60 minutes.


7:00AM Revolve, 52 East 13th Street,  Body Ride (with weights) Register HERE

1:00PM TheClub at Hearst Tower

5:30PM Revolve, 52 East 13th Street,  Body Ride (with weights) Register HERE

6:30PM Revolve, 52 East 13th Street,  RIP Ride (with weights) Register HERE* (7/12 ONLY)


6:00AM Bank of America, One Bryant Park



6:00AM Bank of America, One Bryant Park

7:45AM TheClub at Hearst Tower

12:00PM Bank of America, One Bryant Park, New  York City

5:30PM Revolve, 52 East 13th Street,  Body Ride (with weights) Register HERE NEW!

6:30PM Revolve, 52 East 13th Street,  Body Ride (with weights) Register HERE NEW!


7:00AM Revolve, 52 East 13th Street,  Body Ride (with weights) Register HERE


9:30AM BEast, 199 Main Street, intenSati Register HERE

See you in class!