Changes will only make you stronger and show you who you REALLY are and who you were meant to be. Everything is starting to become clear and I’m excited about where the future is taking me.
You’ll see that I’m no longer teaching the 5:30PM on Thursday nights at SWERVE, but you still have LOADS of chances to WERK with me this week. There are more changes to come next week, so stay tuned!
I hope you had an amazing Halloween and “fell behind” perfectly with the extra hour of sleep. NOW it’s time to get all ready for the week ahead! Book your classes now! Check out where to find me…
IMG_4125MONDAY 11/2

6:00AM Signature FHIXThe Fhitting Room (w/Carlos) 31 West 19th St, Register HERE

7:00AM Signature FHIXThe Fhitting Room (w/ Dennys) 31 West 19th St, Register HERE


5:30PM Team CyclingSWERVE, 30 West 18th Street Register HERE

6:30PM Team CyclingSWERVE, 30 West 18th Street Register HERE


5:00AM Team CyclingSWERVE, 30 West 18th Street Register HERE

6:00AM Team CyclingSWERVE, 30 West 18th Street Register HERE

5:30PM Signature FHIXThe Fhitting Room (w/ Daury), 201 E. 67th St. (@3rd Ave.), Register HERE

6:30PM Signature FHIXThe Fhitting Room (w/ Daury), 201 E. 67th St. (@3rd Ave.), Register HERE

7:30PM Signature FHIXThe Fhitting Room (w/ Daury),  201 E. 67th St. (@3rd Ave.) Register HERE 

Dyan on a BikeTHURSDAY 11/5

6:30PM Team CyclingSWERVE, 30 West 18th Street Register HERE


6:00AM CyclingSWERVE, 30 West 18th Street Register HERE

7:00AM CyclingSWERVE, 30 West 18th Street Register HERE


9:30AM Team CyclingSWERVE, 30 West 18th Street Register HERE

10:30AM Team Cycling, SWERVE, 30 West 18th Street Register HERE

12:00PM Signature FHIXThe Fhitting Room (w/Jason) 31 West 19th St, Register HERE #FIERCETRANNY


2-fer Tuesday

Whud Up, Fierce Ones?

I’ve been a bit lax with my writing the past few days. I apologize, but know that I’ve been workin’ my butt off literally. I know that if you don’t move it you lose it, but in my line of work it also means mo’ money, more awareness, more skillz…this all, in the end, benefits YOU! I learn what works best, in terms of what keeps me going (NUTRITION), what keeps me inspired (YOU and TUNES) and what brings me “down” (MEDITATION).


I’ve added 6 cycling classes a week to my teaching schedule taking my tally up to 20/week. I LOVE my job, but I know that I have to take care of myself even more diligently now. Nutrition is a HUGE part of this equation. In the past month I’ve dropped almost 8 lbs, whoot whoot! I haven’t been focused on “weight-loss”, but I HAVE been very clean with my eating and listening to what my body wants. Here are some of my favorite things that have been keepin’ me going (and the why) for the past few weeks!

  • EBOOST – This powdery goodness can be added to your water (I put a 1/2 pack of the orange kind in 16 oz of purified water). EBOOST’s ingredients are REAL stuff you’ve heard of; Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Green Tea, Vitamin B-12 and Folic Acid.  And some stuff you may not have heard of; Quercetin, 5-HTP, Resveratrol, Huperzine-A, but no worries it’s all good, FIERCE! EBOOST is sweet (which is why I put 1/2 in double the amount of water), but it’s done with Stevia, a plant, not a chemical. WHY I use it? Cuz it keeps me goin’! I get a little “crazy” with green tea. I get shaky, feel “out of it”, but EBOOST has Green Tea so I get the benefits of the natural caffeine, but without the jittery feeling! On top of that it has a healthy set of vitamins that are critical for all of the added physical output.
  • GREEN JUICE – I love me some green drink! I like to start my day with one post class that is (I still coffee up pre-class!). In my juice I get spinach, kale, cucumber, apple, parsley and lemon. Fresh pressed is the way to go for me. I totally love me some BluePrintCleanse Juice, but if it’s available I go JUST pressed juice. 2 things…you get to CHOOSE YOUR ingredients (which really is key for me cuz I don’t enjoy ginger and it’s in A LOT of green drinks) and it’s EXTRA fresh! Elixir and Jus’ Juice (outside of Coffee Shop, Union Sq, NYC) are two spots I frequent. WHY I crave it? My body knows, I think, how good this is. it’s REAL, it’s FRESH, it has cleansing properties for my bod and LASTLY it makes me FEEL good, strong & ready to GET FIERCE!
  • BREAKFAST – You ain’t no dummy! You KNOW this is the most important meal of the day. Yes, I start with a coffee, yes I have a green juice on my way home from class…it all seems so “on the go”, but I DO take time to MAKE my own breakfast. I know how important it is to actually know what goes into my food (including LOVE). Now, I’m totally a creature of habit. I literally eat the SAME thing each morning. 1/2 cup quinoa salad made in advance (quinoa, garlic, parsley, onion, crasins), 1/2 cup low fat organic cottage cheese and 3 scrambled egg whites with sauteed onions (in one tsp olive oil), fresh spinach and yellow peppers. LOVE IT! AND it keeps me going  until late afternoon.
  • LISTEN UP – This isn’t a specific thing, but it is THE most important thing that I’ve begun doing this past month. I’m listening to my body, when it’s hungry I eat, when it’s tired I sleep…these two things, I believe have lead to the drop in weight.


You know it…this is what I’m listenin’ to, playing, sweatin’ it up to this week. ENJOY!

  • Rosa Parks Remix – Outcast
  • Countdown – Beyonce
  • Canned Heat (Calvin Harris Remix) – Jamiroquai
  • New In Town – Little Boots (I LOVE ME SOME LITTLE BOOTS, FIERCE!)
  • Buy My Love (Fareoh Remix) – Wynter Gordon
  • Clique (Fresh Direct OG Edit) – Kayne (do I need to put West?), Jay-Z and Big Sean
  • Drop It Low –
  • Rude Boy (Wideboys Remix) – Rihanna
  • Anything Could Happen (Blood Diamond Remix) – Ellie Goulding
  • We Found Whitney (Isaac Jordan Remix) – EZ Money, Whitney Houston & Calvin Harris


AHHHHH, after all the cycling, running, teaching, training, talking, traveling, lugging I’M READY for a break! At the end of the day (and sometimes on the subway) I sit and listen. I focus on what I want, need, am grateful for. I’m so appreciative to be in this space. Surrounded by people I love, family, friends, roommates, co-workers, it’s pretty awesome and I truly believe that I’ve created it all.

At night I take a moment to appreciate it where I am and everything I have! I then focus on what I want to create in the future. I put on my “greatest hit” The Hicks. If you don’t know who they are, Abraham is a spirit voice, Jerry and Ester are the physical ‘Hicks” here on earth. Ester is the channel for Abraham’s voice and Jerry is her husband and “business partner” if you will. I know it sounds totally CRA CRA’Y, but TRUST a sister, it’s an awesome meditation and FIERCE way to end your day. THE VORTEX is the name of the meditation and was introduced to me by my friend and mentor Patricia Moreno.

Let’s get down to business, THE VORTEX is a guided meditation that comes in four parts, General Wellbeing, Physical Wellbeing, Financial Wellbeing and Relationship Wellbeing. You pick which of the 15 minute sections you want to focus on and all you have to do is sit, breathe and listen. It gets me in a space, before I sleep, of peace, joy and excitement for what’s coming. Download it and lemme know what you think!

I LOVE YOU, ALL! Take care of YOU and listen to what your body needs!



I can see you ARE FIERCE!



D_GreenJuiceMoment of Clarity

Today as I was about to teach my 2nd class of the morn and was drinking my fresh pressed green (kale, spinach, parsley, lemon) I decided to take a pic and “Facebook” it. I post pics of my food frequently, DUH, I’m a girl. I send/post pics of the food; I’m eating, that I’ve made, something yummy that I WANT to eat. It’s FUN and makes me A. Appreciate what I’m eating, but more importantly B. THINK about what i’m putting into my bod. Today I want to start a lil’ game with YOU!

The Challenge

This week (and hopefully you will continue) bring your food into photo and post it to Twitter with the hashtag #TweetWhatUEat. We always have our phones permanantly in hand, now THIS time it will be a good reason.


This is NOT about feeling badly about what you’re eating…it IS a game to make us THINK. If you’re choosing foods that you don’t want pictured, then why do you want them in your body? It’s a good (Duh, I thought of it) question to ask and very eye opening. There will be times you take a photo of your “cookie” or “cocktail”…it’s not a BAD thing! Appreciate the food that goes into your body, love it and it will love you. This is NOT a shame-game it’s a game about awareness and sharing.

I’m SO excited! I wanna see what you eat! Remember #TweetWhatUEat! Let the games BEGIN!!!



I can see you GETTIN’ FIERCE!

Being Wonder Woman…You Betta WERK!

The Backstory

I’ve been working like a crazy person (just like a person with a busy work schedule, not crazy or I am a little, but in that fun crazy way not like in the she needs meds kinda way…I think.) ANYWAY, Camp started last Saturday and it’s been fantastic. The campers are on a 4 week journey to build their strength, endurance and commitment. After our one hour session on the Pier on the Hudson I give the gang homework. I’m going to share with you what they did last week and will again next week so that you can participate at home should you wish.

Here Goes

Take 10 minutes for yourself. It’s really quick, but will get your body prepped and even stronger for this coming Saturday. I want you to take on 4 moves; the burpee, the sit up, the push up and the squat.

The Deal: I’m giving you the #s you determine the breakdown.
Squats – 80
Push Ups – 60
Sit Ups – 200
Burpees – 60
I want you do do them each day. You can do 20 squats, 15 push ups, 50 sit ups, and 15 burpees and repeat 4 x or you can double that (40 squats, 30 push ups etc 2x). You can do squats/push ups together and then sit ups burpees. It’s totally your call on the order you do your numbers in. All that matters is that you get them in. I’m in this game with you too!!!
If you need help with the exercises you can check out my blog to see how to do a push up and burpee. It shows you the breakdown of the movements. If you need anything AT ALL please shoot me a line at dyan at getfiercetraining dot com. Remember to water yourself! AT LEAST 2 liters a day and get LOADS of sleep!!!
Where The Eff does Wonder Woman Come In?
I’ve ALWAYS wanted to be Wonder Woman for Halloween, the Linda Carter version, not the plastic version you dump out of a bag! We’re 5 weeks away from the day  and I’m DOIN’ it complete with shiny nude tights and all. I don’t wanna wear a cape or some lame skirt to hide my thighs…I wanna show it all off! I’ve said it, it’s done. I’ll be Linda Carter this 2012. Get ready (I’m doin’ my extra 10, probably 20, minutes a day fo’ sho!)
I can see you GETTIN’ FIERCE!!!

Fierce Friday: Whatchu Talkin’ ‘Bout, Willis?

Takin’ It Back

Fridays on GFT use to be for reader questions. It’s the summer and I admit I’ve taken some “summer Fridays” and haven’t been posting. Not no more, I’m back on, Kids! I’m posting and answering the questions YOU want to be answered each and every Friday. It can be ANYTHING you like, physical, emotion, personal…you let me know what you want me to talk about. I got an email from one of my fave readers/students this morning, so today’s post is for him.

Q: I know that both blueberries and blackberries have something called antioxidants, but I am not sure what that really means. I mean I know antioxidants are supposed to be good for me, but I am not sure why and was wondering if you might be able to explain. Also, which is generally a better choice, blueberries or blackberries?-G.R.

The Antioxidant Story

It is SO confusing to be a consumer these days. Advertising has taken over and shifted our thoughts our opinions and the worst part of that is many times we don’t know what it all really means. In this case the promotion of foods “Rich in Antioxidants” IS a good thing, but why? Ahhh, that’s where I come in…

I’m gonna get a lil’ scientific on yo’ ass for a second (not too much). Antioxidants are molecules in the bod inhibit the oxidation of cells (anti-meaning against, oxidant referring to oxygen). When a cell oxidizes it results in the production of free radicals. Now, while I think that sounds like fun (I kinda think I’m a bit of a “free radical”) it’s not that awesome for our bodies. Free radicals cause cells to mutate and can cause cell death. Free radicals are thought to be a cause for cancer, arthritis, hardening of the arteries and compromised immune systems. By eating foods that are rich in antioxidants we can reduce the amount of cell oxidation and thus the amount of free radicals in our bodies, phew, did you get all that?

There are three major antioxidant vitamins; beta-carotene, vitamin C, and vitamin E. To get these antioxidants into your bod you don’t have to run to the drugstore, you can find them right in your produce aisle. If you fruit or veg has a deep purple, blue, red, orange, and yellow color, it most likely contains TONS of antioxidants. Now, before I share the list of antioxidant rich food with you I want to let you know that to get the biggest benefits eat these foods RAW or LIGHTLY STEAMED; don’t overcook or boil (I was a giant offender of the over-steam!)

Beta-carotene and other carotenoids: Apricots, asparagus, beets, broccoli, cantaloupe, carrots, corn, green peppers, kale, mangoes, turnip and collard greens, nectarines, peaches, pink grapefruit, pumpkin, squash, spinach, sweet potato, tangerines, tomatoes, and watermelon

Vitamin C: Berries, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cantaloupe, cauliflower, grapefruit, honeydew, kale, kiwi, mangoes, nectarines, orange, papaya, red, green or yellow peppers, snow peas, sweet potato, strawberries, and tomatoes

Vitamin E: Broccoli, carrots, chard, mustard and turnip greens, mangoes, nuts, papaya, pumpkin, red peppers, spinach, and sunflower seeds

Other foods that are rich in antioxidants include:

  • Prunes
  • Apples
  • Raisins
  • All berries
  • Plums
  • Red grapes
  • Alfalfa sprouts
  • Onions
  • Eggplant
  • Beans

Blue vs Black

Now to answer G.R.’s question about what’s better the blue or the blackberry. Below are the nutritional facts. They’re both similar in their composition, but I tend to think that the one that tastes better to YOU is the one that’s “better”. You’re going to eat more of it and more importantly enjoy it! Isn’t that what this is all about? Finding healthful foods that make you FEEL good and ENJOYING the whole process. If it’s tastes like crap to you what’s the fun in that (I’ll answer that rhetorical questions….there’s NO FUN)? Choose foods you like best, enjoy ’em and BE FIERCE!

Blackberries: 1 Cup

2 grams of protein, 62 calories and 7.6 grams of dietary fiber.

Potassium – 233 mg, Phosphorus – 32 mg, Magnesium – 29 mg, Calcium – 42 mg, Sodium – 1 mg, Iron – 0.89 mg, Selenium 0.6 mcg, Manganese – 0.93 mg, Copper – 0.238 mg, Zinc – 0.76 mg, Vitamin A – 308 IU, Vitamin B1 (thiamine) – 0.029 mg, Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) – 0.037 mg, Niacin – 0.93 mg, Folate – 36 mcg, Pantothenic Acid – 0.397 mg, Vitamin B6 – 0.043 mg, Vitamin C – 30.2 mg, Vitamin E – 1.68 mg, Vitamin K – 28.5 mcg

Contains some other vitamins and minerals in small amounts.

Blueberries: 1 Cup

1.1 grams of protein, 84 calories and 3.6 grams of dietary fiber.

Potassium – 114 mg, Phosphorus – 18 mg, Magnesium – 9 mg, Calcium – 9 mg, Sodium – 1 mg, Iron – 0.41 mg, Selenium 0.1 mcg, Manganese – 0.497 mg, Zinc – 0.24 mg, Vitamin A – 217 IU , Vitamin B1 (thiamine) – 0.055 mg, Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) – 0.061 mg, Niacin – 0.08 mg, Folate – 9 mcg, Pantothenic Acid – 0.184 mg, Vitamin B6 – 0.077 mg, Vitamin C – 14.4 mg, Vitamin E – 2.29 mg, Vitamin K – 28.6 mcg

Contains some other vitamins and minerals in small amounts.

No go and enjoy this BEAUTIFUL weekend!



I can see you GETTIN’ FIERCE!