I never really thought about what this SET YOUR SIGHT meant until I was thinking of a title for this post. It’s kind of perfect because unless we are mindful and deliberate with ALL we are doing we have no sights set. We awake, shower, dress, workout, eat, work…all just out of habit without any real vision for what we want the exact outcome to be. Why? Isn’t that odd? Why wouldn’t we wake get our minds clear, set expectations for the day and go about each moment deliberately focused on what our goals are for the day and broader yet for the year, our lives…wouldn’t that be awesome!? I think it would because then we’d get where we wanted quicker because there would be clear intention behind our actions. umm, yes please!

I was thinking about my own training for my upcoming competition. I am wholly committed to my fitness. Everything I do physically is purely focused on the outcome of my show. So much energy goes into my workouts, my meditations, my meal prep…all the things I do are to get my body ready to get on stage, but JUST to be on stage, I’m getting on stage to win.

At the beginning of my training I wrote about how I’m most excited for the lessons I’d learn along the way. I had a big one when my coaches pushed my show date back. I had the April 1st set in my mind as when I would compete. I started training on December 7th, that’s 5 months…that’s enough time, well, that’s what I thought anyway. My coaches said I wasn’t ready, to them April 29th was more reasonable. I had a mini meltdown. I cried. I was so upset.  I didn’t want to push the date. I was doing all the “right” things and my body was changing, but not enough to win and that wasn’t my goal. I learned in that moment that I like for things to happen when I want them to happen, Yup, it’s TRUE! I had to accept that even though I’m doing all the right things that I need to trust the process. That’s a big lesson for me. I like to think in terms of fairness. If I’m lifting, doing all the cardio, eating crazy clean, drinking water, sweating it out then WHY will I not be ready when I want to? Ahh, young grasshopper…trust the process. I listened and accepted my later date with trust.

Last Thursday I looked at my trainer and said, “I want to win when I get on stage and I don’t think I will on the 29th.” He looked back at me and said, “You won’t win.” I wasn’t sad or disheartened…I didn’t even shed a tear (if you know me you know that’s BIG)! I knew he was right. I said, “I think I need to compete in the fall.” Literally his face lit up and he responded, “‘I’ve been waiting for you to say that.” I would like to add an exclamation point right there, but Derrick (my amazing trainer) doesn’t talk with anything exclaimed, but I do have to say his face LIT UP and he was as excited as I’ve ever seen him (which is still pretty stoic, but exciting for me nonetheless).

I know now that I can’t rush the process. WHOA. For me this is HUGE. I have no feelings of sadness, there is no doubt, I know it’s all working out and I have to keep up what I’m doing and continue on. I’m doing everything I’m supposed to, but this takes time and I have an intention, to WIN. I have never looked this good physically in my entire life, I’ve never been as fit and strong as I am right now. I feel AMAZING and I’m only getting better. For me right now this makes me so excited because I really have fallen in love with the process and not just because I’m getting abs for the first time in my life. I love feeling strong. I love the way I look, but more than anything I love how I feel. I have 8 more months to grow and to learn.


It’s not about a number on the scale. This is just one measurement. I started this journey at 129. 9lbs down, but lots of muscle (& pride) gained!

There are many more lessons for me to learn on this journey, but I wanted to throw this one at you. Are you willing to remember your intention? What is your goal for your day? your week? Do you even have a bigger goal…like a year or five? Is it to pay your rent each month or do you want to make millions? Is every single thing you do in a day focused on getting you to that outcome? I want to invite you set one goal. Make your days about that. Stay focused. We have one life, My Friends, we might as well make it FIERCE.

If you’re interested in raising your fitness level or looking for a nutritional coach shoot me a line…I can help you #GETFIERCE


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7:30AM Team Cycling, SWERVE, 21 West 46th St.


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6:30PM Team Cycling, SWERVE, 21 West 46th St.

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7:30AM Team Cycling, SWERVE, 21 West 46th St.
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8:00AM Team Cycling, SWERVE, 30 West 18th Street NEW CLASS ALERT


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5:30PM Team Cycling, SWERVE, 30 West 18th Street
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This is a tradition that is thousands of years old that allows sound and vibration to flow through your body allowing restoreation to the body’s natural state of peace and ease. All you need to do is lay and be, the bowls will do the rest.

Please wear loose fitting clothing with no buttons or zippers. Make sure to drink water throughout the day in preparation. This class is open to all meditation levels. Comment below to set up a private group session or to bring the bowls to your corporation.

Location: 35 East 10th St (bet B’way & University)

Comment or email to set up a private session.

#TBT to the Time I Competed in a Fitness Competition!


This past weekend I competed in the WBFF (World Beauty Fitness & Fashion) Competition in the Bikini Division. For those of you who know me, you might think, WHAT? It’s kind of how I felt…but I set my mind to it and committed. Over the past 7 months I transformed not only my body, but my life. I’m not the same person as when I started, we never are when me decide to make a commitment to something BIG.


Before this process I worked out every day and ate a very clean diet. Durning this process I had to take it to an entirely new level. I had to eat, sleep & breathe this competition for 210 days. I was lifting heavy, I completely shifted my diet and my workouts…it was INSANE and I felt like I was and I wanted to quit. While the physical results are easy to see what it did for me mentally was BEYOND my wildest imagination.THE DRESS

Every time I wanted to sleep in I had to remember what I was working for. When I wanted to hang out with friends I would have to do workouts with them instead of cocktails. Dinners out were a no go, it was food prep at home, but the biggest thing I learned is to talk to myself the way I talk to my students (sh!t is REAL GOOD!) SO many times in my workouts I had myself running through my head, “I CAN, I AM, I WILL” “When you think you Can’t you MUST!” (that one I took away from my Tony Robbins “Date with Destiny” last December). Remembering my own words kept me on the hook for not only finishing, but finishing STRONG.

I would never in my wildest dreams post a “butt” shot on my blog for the world to see. BUTT here it is. I’m proud of who I am and what I’ve accomplished.


I had a HUGE learning moment this past Thursday night, two days before the show…a breakdown. I had a dress rehearsal with my coach’s team. I FLOPPED. I FROZE… Whatever you call it, I was anything, but FIERCE. Walking, posing, in all of it I looked like a train wreck…not in my physical body, but in my spirit, my confidence was shot. I cried the entire walk home (I’m sure the carb/water depletion didn’t help). I wanted to quit, there was NO way I was going out on stage presenting myself like that.  A few inspirational texts from my coach and a dear friend and I knew I had to pick up the pieces and get it together. I went to NYSC with our PR rep from SWERVE (another dear friend) by my side on Friday morning to find what I had last the night before and the rest is history, I found my confidence!

DGP_0072 Over 35sGAME DAY

From start to finish this day was AH-MAZING! I woke up and ran errands because I had so much nervous energy in my body! I was surrounded by amazing friends, “my bridesmaids” while I got my hair and makeup done, I remember taking Biotin for several months so that I would have my hair looking awesome for the competition, some of you may not know whats biotin, but basically is a supplement that helps with hair growth. The texts/emails/calls posts that let up to the evening show with thoughts of “good luck” and encouragement were EVERYTHING. I was so filled with love that I didn’t even need to competed…I felt complete. BUT OF COURSE I DID!

I competed in the 35+ bikini division and transformation division in which I qualified for the world show. I will NOT be going to Vegas for the World’s. My goal is complete. I did not set out on this journey to make this my life’s pursuit. I competed to learn how strong I am and that i did.


I started training January 17th at 117lbs 21% body fat..

On July 6th (pre depletion week, the week before competition)  I was 122.4 13.4% body fat

COMPETITION DAY, July 11th: 114.6 12.7% body fat!!!!!

Remember, it’s not what you GET it’s what you GIVE. You gotta GIVE in a FIERCE way and BELIEVE that you will GET more than you ever dreamed.

Let’s celebrate this week together! Below is my schedule for the remainder of the week.


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Fhitting Room 7/12 at 10AM with DD and Farouk (POST SHOW)

Fhitting Room 7/12 at 10AM with DD and Farouk (POST SHOW)


6:00AM Signature FHIXThe Fhitting Room (w/Carlos) 31 West 19th St, Register HERE

7:00AM Signature FHIXThe Fhitting Room (w/ Carlos) 31 West 19th St, Register HERE

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earlybird SWERVE selfieTuesday 7/21

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5:00AM Team Cycling, SWERVE, 30 West 18th Street, Register HERE

6:00AM Team CyclingSWERVE, 30 West 18th Street, Register HERE

5:30PM Signature FHIXThe Fhitting Room (w/ Daury), 201 E. 67th St. (@3rd Ave.), Register HERELIVE FHIT

6:30PM Signature FHIXThe Fhitting Room (w/ Daury), 201 E. 67th St. (@3rd Ave.), Register HERE

7:30PM Signature FHIXThe Fhitting Room (w/ Daury),  201 E. 67th St. (@3rd Ave.) Register HERE