Every day is a chance to WIN. I have to say that the past couple of weeks I’ve not been on my A game. I can give you loads of excuses; my kitchen is getting remodeled, it’s holiday party season, I never go out so I’m going to “enjoy” this. Guess what I don’t enjoy…feeling like crap. I know that it’s a downward spiral, a simple equation; I have a drink + I eat crappy = I feel like crap the next day. No more. It’s easy to say it’s the time of the year or whatever the excuse is, because it will be the same in July, trust me. Reel it in and get yourself together. I’m unwilling to feel like garbage and want you to feel nothing but FIERCE too!

My alarm goes off 3x a day saying “DFierce you woke up to ride hard, eat clean and lift heavy. You are AMAZING!” And so it is! Here’s where I’ll be this week and make sure to register for my New Year’s Event on 1/9/16!


6:30PM Team CyclingSWERVE, 30 West 18th Street Register HERE

7:30PM Team CyclingSWERVE, 30 West 18th Street Register HERE


5:00AM Team CyclingSWERVE, 30 West 18th Street Register HERE

6:00AM Team CyclingSWERVE, 30 West 18th Street Register HERE


Dyan on a BikeTHURSDAY 12/17

6:30PM Team CyclingSWERVE, 30 West 18th Street Register HERE

FRIDAY 12/18

6:00AM Team CyclingSWERVE, 30 West 18th Street Register HERE

7:00AM Team CyclingSWERVE, 30 West 18th Street Register HERE


9:30AM Team CyclingSWERVE, 30 West 18th Street Register HERE

10:30AM Team Cycling, SWERVE, 30 West 18th Street Register HERE



I love my life and my goal is to share all that I do with YOU. I know that you may be like, breath work, what?! Trust me, I would only bring the best to you and I want you to be able to jumpstart 2016 with setting YOUR intentions on what you want to create. No resolutions, but rather intentionally shifting your focus on getting all you desire.

DATE: Saturday, January 9th, 2016


COST: $129

For more information and to REGISTER click HERE!


Music to My Ears

I'm STILL posting these until they manifest on my ears!

I’m STILL posting these until they manifest on my ears!


I often get asked for my playlists after class and I love sharing what inspires me with YOU! If you want to  share the love with ME what songs are your favorites of all time or are your new recent faves I would love you to post below in the comment section! Below are some FIERCE new tunes that make me shake it! ENJOY!

  • One Drop – Major Lazer
  • Living Room – TWRK Isaac Jordan Edit
  • Murder – DJ Slink x DJ Fresh Direct
  • Come Thru – Drake
  • Where it All Started – Ohmega Watts
  • Do What U Want – Lady Gaga
  • Call These Boys – Estelle
  • You Make Me – Avicil
  • Lovely Day – Bill Withers

I love YOU! If you wanna CLEAN it up with me the week of November 11th click HERE and we’ll Rock the GO GET FIERCE Gingersnap’s Organics Cleanse TOGETHER!




Listen Up! It’s Tunesday

Dakota Rockin' OutSOME FAVES

These tunes even get Dakota on psyched (in her own lay on the ground with her jump rope kinda way)! I haven’t posted a list in a few weeks, so that makes today’s post extra FIERCE and longish. Enjoy every second of this extended ear candy!

  • Latch – Disclosure
  • New Kings – Vicetone vs Popeska ft. Luciana
  • On My Own – Miley Cyrus
  • Walking On Air – Katy Perry
  • Do What You Want – Lady Gaga
  • You Make Me – Avicil (Dirty Pop Deconstruction Remix)
  • Under Control – Alesso & Calvin Harris
  • Reload – Sebastian Ingrosso
  • Watch Out For This – Major Lazer
  • Doo Wop – Lauryn Hill (Italo Bros Remix)
  • Counting Stars – OneRepublic (It’s the Kue Club Remix)
  • Stronger – Surkin
  • Biting Down – Lorde (Probcause Remix)
  • Timber – Pitbull ft Kesha
  • Nothing Compares to Wrecking Ball – Miley Cyrus vs Sinead Oconnor

I love YOU! If you wanna CLEAN it up with me the week of November 11th click HERE and we’ll Rock the GO GET FIERCE Gingersnap’s Organics Cleanse TOGETHER!




Hump Day: Let’s Shake It!

I'm STILL posting these until they manifest on my ears!

I’m STILL posting these until they manifest on my ears!


I’m STILL reeling from all the Britney! I’m giving you some new tunes to supplement that track with. You can still keep it on REPEAT, but these songs will be some that you can add in when you need a change of pace. Keep the Brit for hills, your hard sprints and in moments where you’re envisioning yourself in your teeny bikini (Shout Out!) I love how much music can inspire us to work hard, push deeper and shake a tail feather. May these beats bring a deeper sweat to your workout this week!


  • Belly of the Beast (feat Elan) – Finch & Infuze
  • Excuse My Rude – Jessie J
  • Bust It Wide Open – Lil WII xCrizzly
  • Wrecking Ball (Matt Nevin Mix) – Miley Cyrus
  • Dirty Talk – Jason Derulo
  • We Go Down – Krewella
  • Pride – U2 vs Tiesto
  • Slow Down – DJ Snake x Yellow Claw x Spanker
  • Sweet Thing – Mary J. Blige





Tunesday…& It’s ALL about Britney!


I’m totally hooked on the new Britney track “WORK B#*%CH“! You guys, it’s SO good and perfect for a workout jam. It also has a FIERCE message that you gotta WORK for what you want, DUH. Focus on whatchu want and get after it. Today is YOUR day. Put this baby on your iPod and press REPEAT. I won’t diminish the awesomeness of this experience with loads of other tunes. I’ll let you savor it and give you a FULL list of hits tomorrow! YOUR WELCOME!!!


You wanna hot body
You want a bugatti
You wanna maseratti
You better work bitch
You want a lamborghini
Sip martinis
Look hot in a bikini
You better work bitch
You wanna live fancy
Live in a big mansion
Party in France

You better work bitch
You better work bitch
You better work bitch




Music LIFTS the Soul!

I'm STILL posting these until they manifest on my ears!

I’m STILL posting these until they manifest on my ears!


Whenever I hear a song that calls up an extreme emotion it changes my energy; I want to dance a little more passionately, workout a little harder or even cry. Today is a day where, at least in New York, the energy is a little heavy remembering the events of 12 years ago. I think we all have a part in lifting up, not only ourselves, but others. Today I’m going to do MY part…not to make people forget, but to lift them up to a higher place. A place where love and kindness are the default, where a smile and a hello to a random stranger changes someone’s day, a place where we feel safe and at home.

Today I invite you to do YOUR part to bring light and love to those around you. Here are some tunes that create a great space for the SOUL…

  • Feel the Love – Rudimental
  • The Heart of the Matter – India Arie
  • Let There Be Love – Christina Aguilera
  • Adorn – Miguel
  • Love Like This – Faith Evans
  • Thinkin About You – Frank Ocean
  • Lovecontract – Musiq Soulchild
  • Again – Faith Evans
  • Baby – Angie Stone
  • Ascension – Maxwell
  • No Ordinary Love – Sade
  • Say Hey – Michael Franti
  • Halo – Beyonce
  • Music – Leela James
  • Thing Called Love – Bonnie Raitt (I know it’s OLD, but it makes me HAPPY!)
  • On and On – Erykah Badu





Music to My Ears…Tunes for the Weekend!

I'm STILL posting these until they manifest on my ears!BOO YEAH!

I’m headed to the beach today and gonna live it up with my high school friends! This is the time where I could share all the hot tunes from 1995 we used to drive around town listening to on KISS 108FM OR I could post the tunes we’ll be listening to THIS weekend while we make NEW memories…. hmmm.

I like living in the present. We’re for gals hitting the beach like we use to, but this time we’re bringing 8 kids with us (and zero are mine)! ALL munchkins are under the age of 5…what? I know it seems crazy, but it’s true, these mama’s ARE FIERCE! Next week I’ll post photos of the old crew when we were in HS and then from this weekend. Undeniably, we are all hotter than high school and it’s nearly 20 years later. Us Needham Rockets are proof positive that women do get better with age. So with that being said, I’m choosing the NEW hits!

It’s Time to Make NEW Memories!

  • Take Back the Night – Justin Timberlake
  • Center of the Universe – Axwell
  • Applause – Lady Gaga (SO FIERCE!)
  • When a Fire Starts to Burn – Disclosure
  • Right There – Ariana Grande
  • Can’t Believe It – Flo Rida (MY THEME SONG…listen to the words!…mmmhmmm)
  • Shake Something – Cali Swag District
  • Run – Flo Ride (This has been on before, but I brought it BACK!)
  • Bump – Baby Blue
  • Roar – Katy Perry (Dirty Pop Deconstruction Remix)
  • Holy Grail – Jay-Z feat Justin Timberlake

Tell me what you’re doing this weekend to make some memories! (Rita, This is for you and your daughter!!!)

Listen, Play, Enjoy!!!