Oh SNAP, Here’s the Deal!

gingersnapHERE GOES

If you know me, you know that I’m a VERY bad cleanser. I have every excuse in the book to not do ’em or follow through. Here are some of my favorite “reasons” for not starting, cheating & quitting; “I’ve worked out SOooo much today!”, “I’m STARVING!!!”, “I feel sick, I MUST need to eat something!”, “I have a headache.”, “How can I possibly teach when I’m this friggin’ hungry?” Those are just a few of my go tos to get me off track.


Today I’m on Day 3 of a 3 day cleanse from Gingersnap’s Organics. I’ve made it through like a champ (well, if champions mildly complain about being hungry)! I walked Dakota over to 7th Street between 1st and A to pick up a Green Shake mid-morning from GO. I got to chat with Omar, one of the amazing peeps that work at GO, and he said it’s the freshest and cleanest kitchens he’s ever worked in (including his home kitchen). I have to say that you can taste it and feel the goodness. I don’t know it’s a Greek thing, but one of the greatest compliments my mom ever gives about food is that it’s “So Fresh” and that’s the way I feel, FRESH!

Gingersnap'sFO’ REAL

Yes, I was hungry yesterday, but it was only for a hot minute and I made it through. I went to bed wanting to eat, but I wasn’t really hungry and I didn’t cheat. I woke up this morning and felt awesome! I hopped on the scale thinking I feel great, but not SO much lighter and BAM I’ve lost 5lbs in 2 days! WHAT? Yeah, it’s crazy, I KNOW!  Believe me, I’m psyched that the pounds are falling off, but even more excited that I’m feelin’ so good.

I’m going to continue my “cleanse” aka new way of eating next week with 4 days of the Raw GO cleanse (it’s all gluten free, raw & organic). Next week more of my clients will be joining me, if you’re interested or have questions you can hit up the Gingersnap’s Organic Website!

Happy & Healthy Eating!





Tune in Tuesday…On WEDNESDAY!

Having a Lady's Day with my girls Erika and Anna!

Having a Lady’s Day with my girls Erika and Anna!


Sometimes when I’m not back to back all day I tend to procrastinate and leave things on my TO DO list…sound familiar? I love being busy from the time my alarm goes off at 5AM until I hit the sack at 11PM I’m usually, teaching, training, writing, creating (new classes). When I’m not running from one thing to the next I tend to retreat into Dyan-land. Yesterday was one of those days, I took a giant breath! I taught and trained in the morning and then went to hang with my girl, all around fitness and hip hop hottie, Broadway St-izzle-ar, entrepreneur and all around FIERCE, Erika Shannon and her new beautiful babe, Anna.

What does this have to do with you? Well, I got so jazzed up about my day I left my playlist post in draft form and never pressed “publish”. With the thought that every THING happens for a reason, maybe you need an extra musical pick-me-up on this First of Spring Day. Check out this week’s playlist below. (A VERY Special shout out to baby Anna. She loves to fade off to sleep with a lil’ Robin Thicke, smart girl!)

  • City of Dreams – Dirty South & Alesso
  • Brooklyn Go Hard – Biggie
  • Addicted – DJ Assed
  • Here We Go – Hard Rock Sofa & Swanky Tunes
  • Pursuit of Happiness – Kid Cudi (attn: “adult” song…lots fo “F” bombs in the beginning)
  • Love Like This – Viceroy Remix (originally Faith Evans)
  • Give It To Me – Sharam Jay
  • Meiaple – Robin Thicke & Jay (FOR YOU, ANNA)
  • Whip Appeal – Babyface


If you want to join my 5 Week FIERCE TRAINING CAMP we kick off our sessions on Saturday, March 23rd! The group maxes out at 12 participants so you get FIERCE personal attention! Learn more about camp or shoot me an email: dyan at GETFIERCETRAINING.com.

Thinking of YOU!



I can see you GETTING FIERCE!


Swarovski Crystal DJ HeadphonesLast Tuesday I shared that I spend my free time listening to new music, reading about new artists and what’s hot on music blogs. This week’s list was inspired by my girl, BeFit from one of my FAVORITE and FIERCEST of fitness site’s, RATEYOURBURN.COM. Each week Be’ posts an indepth blog on her new fave tunes (some are themed). She has the pulse on what’s new and hot and I love and FULLY appreciate her passion for music! Gotta give props to where my inspiration comes from.

Let me know what you think and let me know what YOU’RE listening to this week that’s inspiring YOU to GET FIERCE!

  • Better Than TodayKylie Minogue
  • Watching the World Go ByLogistics
  • Reason – NERVO & Hook n Sling
  • Overdose – Little Daylight
  • No Diggity (Fare Soldi Remix) – Blackstreet
  • Birthday Cake – Rihanna
  • Those Days (Viceroy Remix) – Amtrac
  • Man Like That – Gin Wigmore
  • Adorn – Miguel (Cool Down)

Also, if you want to join my FIERCE TRAINING CAMP we kick off our sessions on Saturday, March 23rd! The group maxes out at 12 participants so you get FIERCE personal attention! Learn more about camp or shoot me an email: dyan at GETFIERCETRAINING.com.




PS – I’m manifesting a pair fo these Swarovski Crystal DJ Headphones! LOVE THEM!

NEW MUSIC: Tune In Tuesday


Wowza! I haven’t posted for you (or me) since last Tuesday, WHAT?! So sorry about that… it’s unacceptable, for sure.

I’m HERE and ready to fire you UP! I’m teaching 24 classes a week and pushing my own limits to get you (and me) as FIERCE as humanly possible! I love my job, but truly have to make an effort to get it all in, in my life that is (friends, movies, an occasional date). I focus my time in keeping my classes FRESH and FUN! What does that mean? I spend my time listening to new music, reading about new artists and what’s hot on music blogs and preparing CHALLENGING rides for you and workouts for my personal clients! It’s a lot, but it’s ALL worth it!

Check out my selections for this week! I love them and it’s a collaboration from a variety of different searches, student requests and my new faves! Let me know what you think.

  • Atlantis – Ellie Goulding
  • I Stand Alone – Theophilus London
  • Yaow! – Bauer
  • Stay – DJ Topsider
  • Bad Habits – Brass Knuckles
  • Can’t Hold Us – Mackelmore & Ryan Lewis
  • All Night – Team Pitbull
  • Bounce – Calvin Harris
  • Get It Tonight – Flo Rida
  • Stay – Rihanna feat. Mikky Ekko (cool down)

Let me know what you’re lovin’ and what music is GETTIN’ YOU FIERCE this week!

Also, if you want to join my FIERCE TRAINING CAMP we kick off our sessions on Saturday, March 23rd! When you register (HERE) by Friday, March 1st and enter the code “IAMFIERCE” you get $20 the 5 week course! The group maxes out at 12 participants so you get FIERCE personal attention! Learn more about camp or shoot me an email at dyan at GETFIERCETRAINING.com.




Tune In Tuesday: NEW Fun Stuff

Dakota Rockin' OutLISTEN UP!

I love me some music (& Dakota) and I love to share it with you. I have to say in life I wasn’t always ver good with sharing, especially with food, but I’ve changed (I still have to work on sharing my food!) With all of the FIERCE life games I’ve been playin’ I didn’t give you my playlist last week, HOW RUDE! Here’s an extra long list of my recent faves to keep you runnin’, walkin’, dancin, shakin’ & WERKIN’ your THANG!

  • Show Me – Bruno Mars
  • We Got the World – Icona Pop
  • Killin It – Krewala
  • Hung Up – Hot Chelle Rae
  • Closer – Tegan and Sara
  • Higher – The Saturdays
  • Holidays – Miami Horror
  • Lucky Ones – Wynter Gordon
  • Move Around – Diplo
  • Til Death – Wynter Gordon
  • All Tied Up – Robin Thick (cool down)
  • Need to Know – Wilkinson feat Iman

Let me know what you’re lovin’ and what you’re workin’ out to these days!




Eleven Days: 6th, 7th & 8th WAYs WHOA!

This is a BIG Monday! 

BEST LIFE EVER!I have 4 days to post 6 more ways that I’m continuing my quest to live my FIERCEST LIFE. I took the weekend “off” of posting to think intensely about the last changes I am committing to. I’ve been telling you (over and over again) that I plan on being 105 years old! I wanna be a be FIERCE granny. I also want to have my word be meaningful and choose things that I CAN and WILL do fo’ life, not just for the next few days or weeks. I’m committing to being my BEST me starting NOW! I’m sharing the steps I’m takin’ to get there with you, one each day until my 35th birthday next Friday. Today is . (Check out DAY 1DAY 2 DAY 3DAY 4 & DAY 5 for other game changers.)



  1. PEACE: I think that when you appreciate things in your life that you already have or experience (even the crappy -ish) it puts you in a space where you can receive what you are wanting. Let me clarify, if I want more money, I believe that i have to first appreciate all the money I already have, the classes, the clients and all of the ways that bring me those funds. I believe THEN more of what I want will come. Why did I put “(even the crappy -ish)”? I think we have to see the stuff we really are not wanting in our lives as lessons. As soon as we can APPRECIATE it as just that, a lesson, and not as a end all be all state, THEN I believe that we can learn and move on. Make sense? Appreciating will bring me peace.
  2. MAS (en Espanol): I wholeheartedly believe that I it’s okay to want more. More love, more money, more success, more WHATEVER. If I want to be in that space I have to learn to appreciate each and every day ALL that I have in my world.

DAY 6: I will write my appreciation list in my Super Fierce Wonder Woman journal each night. It will be 10 things that I’m grateful for in that moment, day, life.

It’s still Day 6 of writing, but this is “Item # 7” for my FIERCEST LIFE LIST.

8 O'Clock#7: I AM HUNGRY


  1. Health: I work late and rise early. My body doesn’t have an abundance of time to heal itself (hence my 6 hours of sleep rule). By going to bed “hungry” it will allow my body to not be working to digest food, but working to repair what it needs to during rest (the point of sleep). 
  2. Habit: I tend to reach for food while I’m “unwinding” at the end of the day. This is not a real hunger I’m feeding it’s a habit I’ve continued and now I’m putting an end to it.

“DAY” (Item) #7: I will be finished eating for the day at 8PM. This is with clarification that If I’m out at a big dinner with friends I’m not going to be the lame-o who ruins dinner by making the plans for 6PM or sitting with a pouty face on that I can’t eat cuz we’re eating late. I’ll go, have something light to eat and ENJOY my friends and all the fun! (I do live in NYC after all and it is a bit of a late town!) I told you I want these rules to be fo’ LIFE, I’m making them doable.



  1. HAPPINESS: I believe in saying what you feel. If people don’t know you or how you feel, they don’t really know you. I’m committing to write one letter a week letting my love ones know how much they mean to me. I think we don’t tell the people we’re closest to that we love them enough (and you can’t ever really tell them too much, can you?) So, I’m doin’ it. 
  2. KARMA: Putting out goodness is never a bad thing. Who knows what’s happening on the other end of that letter when the person you love opens it. It may be a horrible day for that person and you can brighten it just a bit or you can make their already sunny day sunnier…either way I think it’s all good!

“DAY” (Item) #8: I’m HAND writing one letter each week to a friend or loved one! (How much are stamps?)

I love this game so much! Has it inspired you to take on some of your own challenges? If YES write below and if NO write me below telling me “why?” I want t hear from you.





BEST LIFE EVER!I have NINE more days to post 9 more ways that I’m continuing my quest to live my FIERCEST LIFE. I’ve been telling you that I plan on being 105 years old, so I’ve still got 70 years to go! I have ELEVEN “things” that I’m adding (or shall I say putting back in) to my daily life that, I feel, make ME a better person. I’m sharing one with YOU each day. Today is # 3. (Check out DAY 1 & DAY 2 for other game changers.)



  1. HEALTH: You need good quality sleep for your bod to function properly.I’ve talked about this before. There are two hormones that are key in proper function of a healthy bod are ghrelin and leptin. Ghrelin is the  hormone that tells your body when to eat, and leptin is the hormone that tells you to stop eating. WHY SLEEP DEPRIVATION SUCKS: When you are sleep-deprived, you have more ghrelin (picture Chris Farley, “Don’t touch me I’m Starving!)! and when you are sleep deprived, you have less leptin (aka your stop button, so you just keep on eating). Less sleep equals more ghrelin plus less leptin equals weight gain, double, equals rule #3: I’m goin’ to bed early!
  2. GETTIN’ SMART: I wake up at 5AM each day and don’t get to bet until much before 11:30PM. I have F.O.M.O. or fear of missing out. I like to be up and awake, I was always the last one to fall asleep at slumber parties, but I know I need to give my bod time to rest. I know it’s the right thing to do.
  3. NUFF SAID: Do I really need more reasons? I’m doin’ it!

Picture 6DAY 3: ZZZZ I will get a minimum of 6 hours of sleep EACH & EVERY night!



PPS – I know I’ve told you for the past couple of days but I REALLY DO LOVE my birthday! I really think that I’m going to declare EVERY day my special day from now on! I AM FIERCE… WE ARE FIERCE!