I’m loving this article in the Wall Street Journal today entitled, “Check In to Work Out”! You guys, this is amazing and what we’ve (if you’re reading this you’re most likely fitness minded like me) been waiting for. The InterContinental Hotel Group (parent of Holiday Inn) is starting a hotel chain called Even for fitness minded travelers…FINALLY! You can read the full article HERE or read a blurb below:

The Even brand will woo its guests with fitness centers that are three to four times the usual size as well as health-conscious fare on its cafe menus. It also plans to position in-room furniture against the walls, leaving an open space in the center for exercise.

Each room will provide an exercise mat. A bench at the foot of the bed where travelers typically unpack their suitcases can double as a workout bench. And the rooms, including the bathrooms, will feature windows positioned to let in natural light.

The Even Hotels’ fitness centers will be positioned next to the lobby so guests can see them upon arrival. “You won’t be working out in the subbasement of the hotel,” said Kirk Kinsell, president of IHG’s Americas division.

Ummm, I think you know where I’ll be staying from now on!



I can see you GETTING FIERCE!