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The Fat Burning Kitchen: Is it a scam?

With so many weight loss products, books, diets, videos, gurus, and advice circulating around on the web these days, sifting through the noise can be just as exhausting as a trip to the gym!

For many people, especially those struggling with weight loss, trying to figure out the complex relationship between food and our bodies can be challenging to the point where we often times give up trying. In the new book, The Fat Burning Kitchen, author Mike Geary breaks down this complex relationship in a way that is easy to understand.

As a personal trainer and certified nutritional expert with 20 years of experience, Geary is already well-known in the fitness community for his other helpful and inspiring books, such as The Truth About Six Pack Abs. Released in 2017, The Fat Burning Kitchen is Geary’s latest book, which appears to be well-received so far.

However, some critics have claimed that this book isn’t worth the time, because it isn’t teaching any new information. To fit out whether or not the information in this book can truly turn your body into a “fat-burning machine,” as the book’s subtitle claims, we have conducted a thorough Fat Burning Kitchen review to find out if this book lives up to the hype.


Overview Of The Fat Burning Kitchen

The first thing that stands out about this book is that it is quite lengthy, which is a good sign that this book is overflowing with useful information.

However, as we established above, too much information can lead to information overload for individuals who are new to healthy eating and this can lead to a feeling of intimidation which ultimately can lead to a person giving up on their new diet.

Browsing through the table of contents of this book gives some peace of mind that this book will not be overwhelming, as Geary has divided this book up into chapters based on the type of food. There are 22 chapters in all, which each extensively cover a wide range of foods which have a significant impact on both weight loss/gain and overall health.

For example, chapter 1 covers refined flour and corn products, chapter 3 covers oils and fats, chapter 6 talks about commercially produced meat, chapters 8 and 9 cover energy drinks and bars… there is even an entire chapter on avocados (chapter 15) and dark chocolate (chapter 20).


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The Fat Burning Kitchen Review – Content Overview

Now that we have outlined the overall content of this book, we are going to dive a little deeper to examine the content’s value. This will help us in determining if this book can actually prove to be helpful for someone who is serious about weight loss and healthy living, or whether this is just another gimmicky weight-loss product.

Early on in this book, Geary makes the claim that the book will show readers how to lose weight and be healthy without outdated calorie-counting techniques. In doing so, it explains to readers how to determine foods that are actually healthy, versus those that are disguised as being healthy.

Geary breaks down polyunsaturated fats, saturated fats, and cholesterol, and the impacts these different fats have on our bodies. He also dives into whole-grains and different types of milks, explaining the role they play in weight loss.

Interestingly, Geary also tackles some lesser-known topics such foods that are seemingly unhealthy but can actually be a healthy option (such as burgers), as well as foods that are generally healthy, however might not be under certain circumstances (such as tilapia and salmon).

He also explains why some foods that are typically seen as healthy alternatives (such as soy and veggie burgers) can actually increase the amount of body fat.

These are just some snippets of insight that are covered in this book.

As a whole, this book is diving into all sorts of little areas that people are generally misguided or ill-informed about when it comes to food.
The content presented is based on the science of food at the cellular level, but explains this information is such a way that is straightforward and uncomplicated so that the information is easy for anyone to absorb and understand.

The book will teach readers which foods to eat and which ones to avoid if they wish to turn their body into a fat-burning powerhouse.

Truth About Six Pack Abs WB

The Fat Burning Kitchen Review

Is This Book Backed By Proven Results?

When it comes to weight loss, this is always the million dollar question. We can sit and discuss content all day long, but at the end of the day what matters are the results. We wanted to find out if this book actually holds up to the hype, or if its a waste of time, repeating drivel that we have all heard before through social osmosis.

To find out, we poured through endless amounts of consumer reviews to gain a general understanding of the book’s value, and whether this book will truly help turn a person’s body into a fat-burning machine.

fat burning
fat-burning machine.

One reader of this book said that it changed their perspective on food, and convinced them to change the way they ate.

Most other readers who have commented on this book have relayed similar sentiments, especially expressing that they found this book to be highly informative, and even though they may have already known some of the information in the book, it also taught them new information that they had never heard of before.

Ultimately, it would appear the value of the book is dependant on the existing knowledge base of the reader — someone who is already a highly knowledgeable about nutrition and weight loss may not learn as much new insights as someone who has less knowledge on these topics.

Evaluating Pros and Cons

Below we have listed out the pros and cons of this book based on its overall content, value, and target audiences.


  • This book combines a lot of existing knowledge into one comprehensive source, which eliminates the need for health-seekers to have to sift endlessly through piles of scattered information on the web.
  • This book is highly beneficial to individuals who have struggled to lose weight, as it has a high potential to fill in the knowledge-gaps when it comes to nutrition, which may be causing the individual to continually struggle with the weight loss process.
  • This book very lengthy, in depth, and covers a wide number of topics.
  • Readers of this book have commented on the fact that the book changed their perceptions on food and pinpointed areas for them which were causing problems in their health and weight loss journey.
  • Due to the robust nature of this book, it can fill in any existing-knowledge gaps held by individuals who already have some knowledge and understanding of nutrition and weight loss.


  • Due to the in-depth information of this book, it may not be ideal for individuals who are simply looking for a more basic understanding of nutrition and weight loss.

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The Fat Burning Kitchen Review – Final Thoughts

Overall, we view this book as being highly beneficial for the majority of readers who are struggling with weight loss and proper nutrition, as the practices promoted in this book tend to be well-received and highly regarded.

While the book may not be as ideal for readers who already have some expertise when it comes to nutrition, the robustness of the information presented can aid in filling-in any knowledge-gaps the reader may have regarding these topics.

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The Fat Burning Kitchen Review


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