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The Smoothie Diet Plan: is it a scam?

Are you looking for a way to burn fat? have a good body shape and maintaining it, without getting involved in intensive workouts or forcing yourself to eat things that you don’t like and sometimes things that you don’t trust? Search no further, and you’re at the right place. The Smoothie Diet is a 21-day online program designed to help you lose weight and maintain the desired weight you attained. This is a guide on the different kinds of smoothies and beverages essential and necessary for a healthy and stress-free weight loss.

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Smoothies and drinks of different sorts shall be shown in this program; you’ll be guided on their various health benefits. There would be different ingredients; fruits, vegetables, spices in these smoothies. Of course, these smoothies will not replace any of your square meals, I mean, just because you are going to be on a smoothie diet doesn’t mean you would have forfeited your regular breakfast or lunch or dinner for a glass of smoothie, we aren’t doing that.

The smoothies will help you consume the daily recommended amounts of fruits and vegetables needed for optimal health.  The smoothies would be like slides, drinks that would go with any meal of the day. They can be taken as desserts too. As this would not replace your meals, you’ll have them to compliment your meals. This is important because, to lose a sustainable amount of weight, you’ll need something you can continue with, but you wouldn’t be doing that forever, right? Why not hop on this challenge-like program and blend up nutritious drinks at the best times 0f the day for the next 21 days to reach your goals?

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The Smoothie Diet Review

What is The Smoothie Diet?

Good question!

You know, there’s no magic or secret whatsoever to losing weight. It’s all just a process, and you’ll see a good result in the end if you can grow in the process and flow with it. Although, some diets are tough to keep up with, you know, with the discouraging process. Some foods are difficult to handle, and when you do eventually, you lose the weight you so wanted, but after the diet, it’s all just gone, with the weight coming back and building itself on.

This smoothie diet program entails different courses that teach you to add the right smoothies to your daily meals and the various activities you are doing. It’s a guide to using smoothies to achieve the goals you want on your teaches you what smoothies to drink, when to drink them for best results, and the best smoothies for different activities. This 21-day online program provides you with the information you need about juicing and drinking smoothies to bring you closer to your health and weight loss. However, this is not some smoothie recipe book.
This is a quick look at what you get in this online program:

  • Main guide
  • Smoothie Schedule
  • Shopping List
  • Recipe Cards
  • Daily Journal
  • Healthy eating guide
  • Workout plan
  • Diabetes-Friendly Recipes
  • Gluten-free recipes
  • Smoothies for kids.

This program has brought you whole lot more than just smoothies. It has got you covered with recipes, schedules, pre-made grocery shopping lists, recipe cards, workout plans, healthy eating guides, and more. There are recipes for different tastes and preferences, plus kid-friendly and gluten-free options.  Cool, isn’t it? Of course, it is.

You can start right away, as the program is online. All you need to do is make the payment, and you’ll be logged on into the digital program. Since it’s a digital program, you need access to any digital device; phones, laptops, tablets, or even your desktop computer and an active internet source. This makes it easier to follow up as everything you need is at your fingertips, always within reach. It sure exceeds lugging around a massive recipe book.

If you aren’t a smoothie lover or have tried various programs similar to this, but you didn’t get your desired results, you can try this one out, the risk-free for two months with 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. This is enough time to see how following a strategic smoothie plan can bring you closer to your desired weight loss and fitness goals.

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Things you will learn In the Smoothie Diet Program.

This diet teaches you what you need to know about juices and smoothies to change your health and body. It covers the essence of infusing your diet with real foods and ingredients and supplementing your smoothies with healthy eating, giving you a chance to live a simple healthy food lifestyle. This program covers every topic, question, concern, preference, and taste bud there is.

You don’t need fancy types of equipment or ingredients that cost fortunes; all the parts you need are very affordable, and the instruments are easy to get. All are household. You wouldn’t need to purchase anything. You’ll be giving step-to-step instructions on how to make the smoothies and juices. It also comes with exercise guides, recipe cards, eating guides, and all.
It’s divided into ten regimes with different courses underneath each of them.

Main Guide

  1. Fat Burning 101
  2. Smoothie Basics
  3. What to eat
  4. The program Weeks
  5. FAQ
  6. Wrap up
  7. Recipes

Smoothie Schedule

  1. 5-week program; 7 days a week

Shopping Lists

  1. Navigating a Grocery Store
  2. Shopping lists Broken Down for each Week

Recipe Cards

  1. Printable Recipe Cards for each Recipe

Daily Journal

  1. Journal for each Week
  2. Mood, Energy, Digestion, Cravings Tracker
  3. Mind, Exercise Tracker

Healthy Eating Guide

  1. Introduction
  2. Healthy Eating Basics
  3. Healthy Eating Tips + 7-day Meal Plans

Workout Plan

  1. Fast Fat Blasting Workouts for Busy People
  2. Introduction
  3. Beginner Workouts
  4. Intermediate Workouts
  5. Advanced workouts

Diabetes-Friendly Smoothies

  1. 42 smoothies that are Diabetes-friendly

Gluten-Free Smoothies

  1. 42 Gluten-Free smoothies

Smoothies for Kids

  1. Introduction
  2. Eating Healthy Early in Life
  3. The Power Lies in You
  4. Breakfast Skipping- and absolute No-No
  5. Boost your child’s Nutritional Intake with Smoothies
  6. More Effective Way to Classifying Foods
  7. Conclusion
  8. Fruit Smoothies
  9. Green Smoothies

All these courses will be provided in this 21-day online program, as you have seen above, it’s not limited to any age range, health range, taste buds, or preference.

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The Smoothie Diet Review

Who Created The Smoothie Diet?

The online program, The Smoothie Diet, was created by Board Certified Coach and Nutrition Expert, Drew Sgoutas. Thousands of people recognize Drew for helping them achieve fitness and healthy weight loss goals by strategically using juices and smoothies. This unique program has helped many people transform their bodies and lives by having healthy juices and smoothies go with their regular meals.

Drew focuses on teaching you the importance of using real ingredients, healthy foods, and home-cooked foods to achieve optimal health, instead of just giving out recipes to clients are sending them on their way. The Smoothie Diet has worked for many people and is still working to date, so it’s a great achievement by Drew Sgoutas to give out hope to people that they can always look fit and live a healthy lifestyle.

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Our Verdict

The Smoothie Diet is an easy, delicious, nutritious, and healthy way to get the body transformation and fitness you have desired for so long by including the right smoothies into your day. It has every recipe for every taste bud and preference and even gluten-free and kid-friendly options. It will not replace your daily meals or represent any of the daily meals, and it will go with it. It can be used by anyone, looking for the right drinks, smoothies, and juices to achieve optimal health and sustainable weight loss.

You can give it a try, risk-free for two months with the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. Chances are you’ll be satisfied with the results. So, why not see how sipping on the right smoothies and juices can have a positive and benefitting effect on your health. You have nothing to lose, and at the very least, you’ll learn new recipes, see different health benefits of each, see delicious ways to eat your fruits and vegetables, and different ways to include them in your diet.

The workout plans will also guide and compliment the smoothies you drink. They won’t be intense or stressful. They’ll be easy workouts and exercises to help your stamina and boost your strength as well. Lots of kids these days are so guilty of skipping breakfast and deciding on eating junk later in the day, these online guides will help you curtail the habits and make you see the importance and equip you with healthy eating tips. Try it.

Remember, every glass of smoothie or juice takes you a step closer to your desired health and fitness goal.

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Topic: The Smoothie Diet Review: Pros, Cons, and How It Works


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