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The Underground Fat Loss Manual: is it a scam?

Nowadays, most people tend to be conscious when it comes to their body. The reason behind this is because of societal standards that are great for the body to become too critical. There is nothing wrong when you are very conscious of your body. It is quite good when you are always on the lookout for your health. However, one of your most viable options is going to the gym.

It is no secret that going to the gym can be too costly. In a gym, you will spend numerous hours lifting extremely heavy weights. Also, you will be required to pay for every hour for your instructor. Going to the gym will become a bad option if you are one of those people who spend most of their time at home. You can agree with me that most of us are becoming lazy day after day. That is where this program comes in.

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The Underground Fat Loss Manual Review

Defining this manual

The highly regarded manual was invented for people who are always busy to go to the gym. Everything you have always wanted to know about losing excess body has been included in this program. Are you too lazy to hit the gym? This is the right time to consider trying this amazing program. It will help you save a lot of time and effort in the long run. All that is required on your side is dedication and discipline.

You will come across many people who think that this program is a diet plan. It is good to keep in mind that this is not a diet plan. It is more of a meal plan. Actually, this manual suggests a meal for the day. You will end up gaining what you deserve if you follow this manual as required by the creator. There will be less possibilities if you skip this manual occasionally.

The fat levels in men weigh down about 8%. You can attest that it must be amazing. You don’t have to spend numerous hours on a treadmill. You should follow the meal plan and you are good to go. You are very wrong if you think that this program includes a pill that absorbs all the fat. For a long time, great results have always been a product of hard work. You will never gain anything if you don’t work hard for it. This manual will help you in creating a brand new routine.

This is the ideal time to say goodbye to unwanted belly fats. Everything you need has been provided with this fat loss manual. Making everything balanced is very important. There is no need to stress out what should be included in your meal.

The Underground Fat Loss Manual Review 2
The Underground Fat Loss Manual Review

The author of this program

This program was created by Matt Marshall. In the last couple of years, Matt has been praised for coming up with the wonderful program for body fat loss. As a fitness enthusiast, Matt goal is to help people achieve their fitness in the easiest way. It is also worth noting that Matt Marshall is the person behind Fitness under Oath. The book tackles everything about fitness. He is one of those few people who are passionate about fitness. That is the reason he went to the extent of creating six outputs. He has combined books and manuals in his program.

Do you know that Matt Marshall tried this program to himself first before he published this manual? The reason behind this was to make sure that it does not disappoint in the end. Lucky, he achieved the results he desired in the end. After he was successful in his self-experimentations, he decided to share his new discoveries with everyone. Unlike other programs that have been released recently in the market, the Underground Fat Loss Manual is backed up with proper research and analysis. Matt goal aim was to help people keep fit physique. Additionally, the popular author has made sure that everything in this program is easy to follow.

Everything included in the manual

There are numerous things you will notice when you get started with this fat loss manual. From the detailed instructions to the meal plans, the creator of this program has organized everything as you would want. There is no need to worry about losing track since this program has got it all for you.

Chapter by chapter guide

Everything in this program has been divided into chapters by chapters since it is mainly designed for excess body fat loss. These chapters are separated to what you will need. In this section, we will list the titles of the chapters included in the program.

A cheat code for getting lean

If you have been lucky to use this manual in the past, then you can agree with me that it comes with a helpful trick that you can use to achieve your goal within a short period of time.

About this manual

Of course you will always need this if you want to get started with the manual. It has been included to prepare for future chapters.
The reason for single digit fat

This chapter will play a crucial role in helping you have a greater understanding of your body. Kindly keep in mind that your sex hormones can affect your body fat in this chapter.

You are further than you have been thinking

As you go through this chapter, remember that it has not been included to degrade people with their weight. This chapter will assist you to know the body fat that you might have accumulated in the last few years. You will have enough knowledge of how you can balance your fitness plans once you are aware already.

More chapters you should consider…

The Underground Fat Loss Manual Review
The Underground Fat Loss Manual Review

100% Mental

It is not only your body that will be affected once you begin using this program. Your overall mental ability will also be affected after starting this program. Additionally, you will be required to do many things as you pursue this program. However, you should prepare your mind that there will come times where you will experience hunger.

A set of meal plans

As we said earlier, this program is very unique from other weight loss programs available in the market. The highly loved Underground Fat loss Manual has included a set of suggested means for the day. You must follow these meals if you want to achieve your goals.

Furthermore, this manual has been designed to guide you to eat everything in moderation without having to sacrifice them. Be guaranteed that you will achieve your goals with great ease when you follow these meals on the right schedule.

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What makes this manual different?

Most traditional weight loss guides cheat meals. That is not the case with this program since it has been made to promote more freedom. After you are in a maintenance mode, you will have numerous cheat meals per week. However, this will only happen after you have reached your ideal weight. Additionally, wine and chocolate are allowed in this manual. You will find out how the author of this program reveals how alcohol can aid in your fat loss. There are multiple things that make this program different from the rest. There are still many things you will know when you purchase this program.

The Underground Fat Loss Manual Review 3 copy
The Underground Fat Loss Manual Review

Does this program work?

There are many reviews online that shows indeed this program work. You should rest assured that this manual will be an amazing guide when it comes to losing weight. It is important to have a weight loss program if you want to lose weight and remain fit. In simple words, the Underground Fat Loss Manual is a trick that will help you lose weight gradually.

This guide clearly shows you eating manners that will help you control carbohydrate hunger. Also, this manual comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. Therefore, you can purchase this program without worrying if it will work or not. You have the full freedom to return this manual to the creator if it does not satisfy all your needs.

The ideal person to use this program

Have you been trying to lose fat before with partial success? This manual has been designed for anyone who has tried losing weight but failed because of the unsustainable nature of other programs. It has been discovered that mild calorie deficits for long periods of time are a proven path for safe fat loss. However, the reality of the approach is through calorie counting and meal planning.

People who often stray from such fat loss plans will give up altogether. It is good to know that most people are afraid of jumping too fast with a calorie deficit. The reason why you should consider this manual is that it provides an alternative to both paths. It achieves this by allowing the users to tackle fat loss tasks in a more aggressive way.

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How does this manual work?

The Underground Fat Loss Manual is simply a digital program with the main manual and several bonuses. What should be the starting point of the plan? It is supposed to be an accurate body fat assessment with a DEXA scan. This scan will be more accurate when compared to most other methods which are more expensive.

Don’t let the DEXA scan premise put you off since you can go for cheap skin calipers from your local store. After you know your body fat, you will be given a four week protocol. Usually, the protocol is followed by a maintenance phase. It is the same protocol the creator of this program has used to lose more than 10lbs of fat within one month.

Scientific studies supporting the Underground Fat Loss Manual

Scientific studies had to be done to verify the truth of Matt claims. We have come across some links to these studies that are worth checking out. The first study that Matt has put forward to substantiate his claims is one from the University of Newcastle. This study was done by a renowned professor called Prof. Mario Siervo. In his study, Mario proved that there are three different groups of obese men.
The second study was done by a team of researchers.

These researchers found out that slow and steady calorie deficits can elicit slow metabolism. The slow metabolism resulted in increased fat mass and decreased lean mass. If that is not yet enough, the third study reveals the negative effects of slow dieting on males. Moreover, the forth study that Matt provided to back up his manual is one from another group of popular researchers. It is important to keep in mind that this study is the most surprising because it clearly show that people who dieted the hardest for two months will keep the weight off with great ease.

Pros of this manual

  • You will achieve your dream body in a short period of time.
  • You can achieve your dream body shape without the need to go to the gym. Additionally, there is no need to lift heavy weights.
  • This manual will save you a lot of time. It would be better if you use this program instead of doing numerous workouts.
  • This manual is easy to understand and follow.
  • It will help you gain more confidence in your physique.
  • It is possible to set toned abs without even trying so hard.
  • This manual has been associated with lowering the risk of heart related problems.
  • This manual will make your growth hormones to level up.


  • You cannot purchase this manual anywhere. It can only be found on the official website.
  • This manual is not free, but it is affordable.
  • There are possibilities of experiencing occasional hunger when using this program.

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Final Thoughts

Do you have dedication and commitment? You will never have any problem when using this manual. Most of the time it costs a lot to be fit. With this manual, you will achieve good health without working out. We hope you will find this review helpful as you plan to purchase the Underground Fat Loss Manual. Feel free to ask our great team any question you might be having.

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The Underground Fat Loss Manual Review

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