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Why Does My Throat Hurt When I Run? REASONS and PREVENTIONS

Running is undoubtedly one of the best forms of exercising. It is a vigorous form of working out and helps activate a large number of muscles and cardio vascular organs. As you go for fast running, it causes the human body to breathe in a fast manner.

This enhanced speed and depth of breathing results in higher metabolic activity in the body. But the overall impact of the running exercise depends on the current condition of a person’s health, his or her breathing methods and the environment in which the exercise is performed.

So depending on the nature and technique of breathing during running, many people suffer from a hurting pain in the throat while or after the run. In many cases, this pain is acute and intensified while in others it may range from mild to bearable.

But the question that may arise in most new runners’ minds is why does my throat hurt when I run? Or what is the cause of pain in the throat while or after running. Is it because of the running exercise or is there any other reason for this pain?

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There are several queries in a person’s mind when he is trying new things in life and when there is something wrong with his health or body. Same is the case over here.

Although running is a great exercise that can have tremendous health benefits, if it is accompanied with any type of pain, the whole activity is nullified.

It is not a very uncommon side effect of running. Most of the times, it is caused by a sore throat. The reason behind it is quite simple and common. When a person runs there is inhalation and exhalation of air.

This process is increased with the increase in speed of running. As the air passes through the throat cavity towards the lungs, very often it may cause irritation and soreness of the throat.

This sore throat is also often felt when we do any kind of vigorous exercise other than running as well. According to some experts, the problem arises in the case of acidic reflux conditions or nasal congestion in the body.

When A Person Runs There Is Inhalation And Exhalation Of Air. This Process Is Increased With The Increase In Speed Of Running. As The Air Passes Through The Throat Cavity Towards The Lungs, Very Often It May Cause Irritation And Soreness Of The Throat.

When a person exercises, the lesser flow of air inside the body creates hindrances towards breathing. This results in faster and deeper breathing patterns.

Let us find out about some other causes and reasons for the pain in the throat that occurs while running or exercising.

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Many people breathe with their mouths open while running. This is a great contributory factor towards suffering from a bad throat. As we run, air travels in through our mouths and leads to dryness of the path it follows.

This dryness creates irritation in the throat cavity and the person starts feeling a tingling pain. This is one of the possible reasons for the pain that occurs during running.

Breathing with your nose ensures that the air traveling through that nasal cavity not only warms up the air but also carries out a filtering process to clean it from the impurities.

So people who run with their mouths closed are less likely to feel this pain.

TIPS: Remember inhale nose: 2 times – exhale mouth: 1 times.

One way to knock out this annoying pain is to switch from running outside to exercising inside. Recumbent bikes are a great way to help ease your throat pain and travel a longer distance in less time.



This is a very common reason for sore throats in people. When air at lower temperatures passes through our throat cavity or nasal cavity, it is sure to leave some adverse side effects. The sore and painful throat is one such problem.

It does not happen to all people, but for some, it is a most likely problem. The medical condition of pharyngitis is one such problem. This is caused by inflammation of the throat along with aches in the back region.

The preventive measure for this kind of a problem is using a cover for your mouth and face to stop the cold air from entering into your breathing cavity.


The problem of pain in throat or soreness mostly occurs in dry weather conditions. Running during low humidity levels in both hot and cold weathers can cause throat soreness.

When we run in dry air, the lining of the throat or breathing cavity also dries out. Sometimes impurities like pollen grains and dust particles also enter into the breathing canal and cause further aggravation of the problem.

This problem is most common while running outdoors. During treadmill running, you can use humidifiers and control the environmental humidity artificially.


Sometimes when we run right after meals or at a time when our food has not been digested fully, the acids in the stomach jump back up in the mouth cavity due to the vigorous running and exercise. This causes hoarseness of voice and irritation in the throat.

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Preventive measures for a sore throat while running include the following few tips and guidelines:

  • It is advisable to breathe through your nose instead of your mouth to avoid pain and soreness of throat
  • Prevent yourself from pollution-prone areas and vicinities
  • Avoid running in cold weathers or prevent cold air from entering into the breathing channels by wearing a scarf or cover on your face
  • Before, during and after running drink plenty of water to keep hydration levels high
  • If you suspect a sore throat or some kind of irritation, you must start the medication of home remedies to cure it before the problem aggravates.
  • Avoid exercising or running right after eating your food. Give at least a gap
    of 3 or more hours to start any vigorous exercise to avoid acid reflux in the body.


Most of us have an inclination towards mouth breathing while we run or exercise. This is especially true for those who work out once in awhile or people who are not in shape. Sometimes we might be in shape but disorders with the nasal cavity might create obstruction while breathing from the nose. So we opt for mouth breathing.

Honestly, one quick way to solve this issue may simply come down to spending less time running, especially outside.

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This is the most common reason for the pain in the throat that we encounter while and after we run or exercise. The dryness causes the throat to become sore and irritable.

Therefore it should be kept in mind that the purpose of mouth is to eat, drink and talk while breathing should be done through the nose. This is the natural way of doing things. The nasal canal is programmed to keep the air moist and warm without creating a drying effect. That is how we are born.

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