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Time Volume Training: is it a scam?

Do you know that training to build muscles and strength while at the same time burning fat is something many people sought after? Over the years, many people have been claiming how working at home has been showing real results.

You will get more done at home when compared to the gym. It has been proved that working out at home with just your bodyweight is a reliable method to achieve your fitness goals.

You can do it in the comfort of your own home whether you want to stay fit or even burn excess fat. That is where the Time Volume Training program comes in. The author of this program has indicated that his techniques will work in the gym or at home.

He goes to the extent of saying that he has a three rep solution that can easily work with weights and some bands. In this review article, we will discuss more Time Volume Training. This review article will help you know the reason why this program has been gaining a lot of popularity in the last couple of years.

Time Volume Training Reviews
Time Volume Training Reviews

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Time Volume Training Review

What is Time Volume Training?

It is by no doubt one of the most popular programs in the market. It is good to know that this program has been designed for both men and women. You don’t have to worry about your age. People of any age group can use this program. This is the right time to invest in a program that builds muscle and strength. It is also said to burn fat within a short period.

The best part about this program is that it is accessible to both beginners and advanced trainers. It will achieve all your fitness goals without hurting your joints. The type of workouts encouraged by this program will never give you stress.

This means that these workouts will not harm your recovery and nervous system. People prefer these workouts simply because they do not cause a spike in cortisol levels. With that in mind, you should be guaranteed that this program will not end up damaging your immune system. It is worth noting that this is something most programs available in the market fail to do.

The highly regarded Time Volume Training program has been designed uniquely by introducing a different way of training. The mode of training included by the author will not have these negative effects. Therefore, it can be adopted to be used by any person. It does not matter whether you have access to equipment or not.

Time Volume Training Reviews

Who is the author of this program?

The popular program was created by Nick Nilsson. Besides being the creator of Time Volume Training, Nick runs highly successful websites. In the last couple of years, Nick has managed to produce many programs.

Most of his programs are based around exercise and working out. Although he is 46 years old, Nick boasts of 30 years of experience in weight training. It is said that Nick was extremely athletic even when he was a kid. In those years, he had a chance to participate in lots of sports that include speed skating, swimming, and soccer. He participated in any other sport you can think of.

Nick’s father was a role model to his son. Even now at the age of 78, his father is still his role model. If you have used this program, then you might have seen Nick claiming that his father is in better shape when compared to most people he knows.

Besides having great endurance from a young age, Nick felt that has was very skinny. That is what encouraged him to start training at the age of 16 years. However, he has indicated that he had no clue what he was doing at the time.

You might be aware that most of his workouts consisted of bench presses and crunches. It was only after a while when he decided that these types of exercises were not helping him as he would wish. His dream was to be extra huge and ripped. It is this time when he began his transformation. He ended up with his nickname “The Mad Scientist of Muscle”.

Just like many program creators in the market, Nick has made numerous mistakes in his early years. He decided to follow the Bulgarian Burst training program during his first year at university. Keep in mind that this book was written in the 90s.

It was written following the principles of training by the Bulgarian weightlifting team. Additionally, he was eating a lot of food by then. This contributed to his 75lbs in less than four months. His eating habits lead to a sudden increase in body fat.

The only solution here was going back to long-distance running. However, this was not a great idea. By then, he weighed 217lbs. Remember that he had not done any cardio for several months.

After a while, he started learning more about proper exercise and nutrition. It is important to know that Nick has completed his Physical Education Degree. Also, his degree in psychology has helped him a lot in understanding the science of training.

In his Physical Education degree, he learned about biomechanics and kinesiology. All of these he learned at an advanced level. It is his degree and the extensive knowledge he gained that helped him come up with successful programs he offers online.

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Time Volume Training Reviews
Time Volume Training Reviews

How does this program work?

Have you ever heard that the Time Volume Training programs work on the principle of density training? People who want to build strength and muscles have to follow intensity training. What is intensity training in simple terms? We can describe it as the measure of how close you get to your one-rep max. It is all about the amount of weight you can lift in an exercise.

High intensity means that you are lifting more than 85%. On the other hand, 70% of your one-rep max would be classed as moderate intensity training.

It has been discovered that intense training can cause some negative effects that we earlier mentioned in the article. That is the main reason why many people nowadays don’t see the muscle and strength gains they are hoping for.

This happens even though they are lifting extra heavyweights. On the other hand, density training is how much work you do within a certain timeframe. In its simplest form, Time Volume Training works as follow:

  • You have the full freedom to continue with this format until your 15 minutes are over.
  • You can increase the rest time once you have discovered that you can no longer be able to do three quality reps.
  • You should pick a weight that you can easily get ten good reps for at least 15 minutes.
  • You start the program by performing only three reps. From there, you should stop and rest for 10 seconds.

You might be aware that building muscle is all about progressive overload. Therefore, it is either making the exercise harder for you or adding more weight. With this program, you will only increase the weight once you have been able to get a third of the way through. Kindly note that you will only require about 10 seconds of rest between your three reps.

Do you have to increase your rest period to twenty seconds after three minutes? In that case, it would be better if you continue with the same weight until you can reach the five-minute mark. You can attest that indeed this program is in the most basic form.

What this means is that you will be doing more sets with less rest upfront. This is often referred to as front loading. You will have a hard time doing more sets when you have fatigue. At the end of it all, you will end up doing fewer sets with longer rest.

Kindly remember that you are completing three reps. It means that you will be performing high-quality work for longer. In such a time, you don’t have to worry about bad form and junk sets.

In most cases, this often leads to injury. There are different versions of this program. All these versions have been introduced inside this program.

Time Volume Training Reviews
Time Volume Training Reviews

Who is this program for?

The beauty of the Time Volume Training program is that it can be applied in any way you choose. The simple manipulation of time and volume will allow you to get a muscle pumping. You can do this in your bedroom.

Most people nowadays are still in their homes due to the COVID-19 situation. Are you like these people? You should be guaranteed that this program will work wonders for you. I would recommend this program if you have been looking for quality strength and size using bodyweight exercises. You don’t need to have gym equipment in your home when you consider using this equipment.

The short aerobic system in this program will put your aerobic system to work throughout the whole routine. This will greatly enhance your fat loss. What if you cannot set aside extra time during the week for dedicated cardio workouts? This program will solve all that.

Your experience with this program will be nothing short of impressive. The use of time blocks in this program is just an interesting and stimulating way that will make your routines simple and effective.

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Time Volume Training Reviews
Time Volume Training Reviews

What do people think about this program?

Many people have admitted that the Time Volume Training appealed to them. Most of the workouts you find in this program are what you will find inside the TVT programs. However, you will manage to finish many of your workouts a short time after fitting in with the principles of Time Volume Training.

Time Volume Training Reviews
Time Volume Training Reviews

Pros and cons of using this program


For a long time now, this program has been associated with numerous pros. In this section, we will discuss the pros of purchasing this amazing program.

  • This program can be completed with weights or bodyweights. You have the freedom to complete the program with a mixture of weights and bodyweights,
  • It is possible to complete this program either in the gym or at home.
  • The highly preferred program can be used by both men and women of any age.
  • It does not matter whether you are an advanced or beginner trainer. Anyone can use this program.
  • Many people have used this program with great success.
  • The author of this great program has been involved in the health and fitness industry for most of his life. This has enabled him to produce some of the most successful programs in the market.
  • You will get a lot of helpful information that includes bonuses, video demonstrations, and program updates after purchasing this program.
  • The Time Volume Training program joins other programs in the market that comes with 60 days money-back guarantee. The presence of a money-back guarantee means that you can ask for a full refund if this program does not work to your expectations. Therefore, you should purchase this program with confidence that you will not be asked any questions when you want to return it.
  • There is no need to worry about the negative effects of this program. High-intensity workouts do not cause any kind of stress.

This program does not have cons. If there is one thing it is that the Time Volume Training is only available online. This means that you can’t order a physical copy. But that is not a con.

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Final Thoughts

You will love the concepts and principles behind this type of training method. Many people have used the workouts in this program for many years with great success. You will like the fact that you can perform this program both in the gym and at home with your bodyweights. When you consider what you get in this program for only $19, you will not be having anything to lose. We hope that you will find this review article helpful. We look forward to hearing from you. Thanks!

Time Volume Training Reviews
Time Volume Training Reviews


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