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Does Unlock Your Glutes Work? is it a scam?

Do you know that the glutes are the body largest muscle? That’s why you are advised to train them correctly if you want to achieve the best shape, power and overall health. Do you want to know the exercises that can make you strong and round? In that case, you should keep reading this Unlock Your Glutes Review.

In this review, we will cover it all. You will have a good chance to learn of a safe and effective program. However, you must work for it if you want to have notable results. Keep in mind that there is nothing worth having that was ever easy and fast. It is important to know how to activate these muscles. This will help you deliver the results you have been looking for. The best thing about this program is that it goes beyond squats and other exercises. That being ready, you should be ready to leave behind a saggy rump.

You can agree with me that we are all living in a society whereby men and women are slowly becoming conscious about their health and look. While men are looking to have solid six packs abs, women want to get a slimmer body. If you are a man or a woman, you can attest that you would want to have a round firm backside simply because no one likes a flat butt.

For many years, a well round butt has been considered a symbol of fertility and strength. This program will help you especially if you keep failing to develop a well round butt even after having multiple deadlifts.

Unlock Your Glutes Review 0 copy
Unlock Your Glutes Review

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Unlock Your Glutes Review

About this program

Unlock Your Glutes is simply a four week training program that was mainly designed for men and women who have always dreamt to strengthen their butt while at the same time improving the overall body shape. Typically, the highly regarded program consists of manual and workout videos. The workout video requires only 15 minutes. You should do these exercises twice in a week. This manual shows myths and misconceptions about building muscles.

The author of this program has indicated that he came up with these exercises after going through numerous scientific researches and studies. The best thing about this program is that it will work for men and women. It does not matter if you like a gym or not. So, you don’t have to worry about going to the gym. All that you should know is that all these exercises are suitable for any individual. This means that you can use this program regardless of your fitness level. However, you should consider looking for advice from your physician if you are experiencing a knee injury. This is very crucial before starting this reliable workout regime.

unlock-your-glutes-manual review
Unlock Your Glutes Review

Who is Brian Klepacki?

Do you know that most health and fitness programs hide the identity of their authors? Fortunately, this is not the case with this workout program. The author of this program is well known in Florida. It is good to know that most people in Florida call him Coach Brian. Brian is proud to have Bachelor Degree in Kinesiology and Exercise Science. Besides education, the author has received numerous certificates for his good and commendable work in the fitness industry. This clearly shows his professionalism and knowledge about the human body.

Additionally, he is the proud owner of Optimax Performance Training. This is the factor behind his strong and growing following in Florida. Actually, he has been living in this city with his wife and son for the last couple of years. In the last 16 years, Brian has been appearing in many magazines and fitness related shows.

His vast experience and knowledge on body exercises matters have made him get consulted to work with American Olympic teams. Interestingly, Brian has worked in National Football League. You will notice that he has revealed his training secret inside his amazing program.

unlock your glutes review
Coach Brian – Unlock Your Glutes Review
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In depth Chapter by chapter Review

This program comes with numerous chapters. We have decided to include a summary of each chapter with the main aim of providing a clear view of this program. This enables you to have a good idea to enhance your shape.

Chapter 1

This chapter shows you the importance of glutes before strengthening the glutens. Strengthening glutens is very crucial in the development of the upper body and daily activities.

Chapter 2

The author has included a short anatomy lesson on Medius and Minimus muscles. It is said that the role of these muscles is developing an attractive body.

Chapter 3

In this chapter, you will find an easy gluten activation technique. These techniques will fire up your glutes before doing any workout.

Chapter 4

Brian shows how a strong butt can relieve back pain. This chapter will make daily activities easy to perform.

Chapter 5

You will learn the health risk of weak butt muscles. Additionally, it is the only chapter of this program that highlights the benefits of strong glutes. This will motivate you to complete recommended exercises.

Chapter 6

It shows you how a strong butt can release strong power. In sports and everyday life, strong power will come in handy.

Chapter 7

The author has included exercises that can easily improve the shape of your butt. It will definitely make a perfectly toned butt.

Chapter 8

All the exercises in this program are scientifically proven to enhance the butt size and shape. Furthermore, the author has posted a scientific citation to back all his claims about his program.

Chapter 9

Chapter 9 of this program provides an overview and parameters on cardio and warm up. Furthermore, it shows the finisher move.

Chapter 10

In this chapter 10, Brian has shared his thoughts about his entire program.

Chapter 11

All the workouts which are crucial in getting maximum results are included in this chapter. How can you use these workout charts? These charts can be used to perform the workouts twice in a week. It is possible to do these workouts many times when you like.

unlock your glutes review 3
Unlock Your Glutes Review

Will this program work for you?

The answer is yes. This program will work for you. However, you should be ready to put in some serious work and later commit to it as required. All the workouts in this program are designed and well executed by Coach Brian. Additionally, the techniques and movements recommended by the author are the real exercises. You might have seen these movement before. As you plan to do these exercises, you should be guaranteed that it is not painful. The pain you experience after having these workouts will let you know that you have really worked hard. After that, you should be ready to reap the benefits.

There is no doubt that many people have turned to this program to get the muscle activated again. It will help everybody not just athletes or Instagram. The most inspiring thing is that you don’t need to be in great shape to be effective.

Although the methods of exercises in this program are unconventional, they do work. People have praised this program simply because it has really turned the industry upside down. You should rest assured that it will boost your confidence while at the same time helping you perform much better.

Another notable thing you should note about this program is that it is only based on proven methods that work as you would wish. You will be required to train the muscle in the right ways if you want to get what you want. Over the years, we have seen many people messing it up. However, Coach Brian has perfected the technique. At first, it may feel weird. The clients who have been lucky to be helped by Brian cannot go wrong at any one time.

The only thing that will not work is trying to purchase 100 pairs of jeans a short time after you see how good your bottom looks in them.

unlock your glutes review 5
Unlock Your Glutes Review

Training the right way using this program

Unlike other programs available in the market, this program comes with several training principles. In this section, we will discuss these principles.

Glute Specific Training

It is good to keep in mind that Glutes has three planes of motion that include vertical, horizontal, and rotational. You should experience motion in all three planes if you want to fully strengthen your glutes. Are you aware that squats are only activated in a vertical plane? Remember that there is no side to side or twisting movements.

unlock your glutes review 2
Unlock Your Glutes Review

Waking Up Your Glutes

Glutes have extensive potential keeping in mind that it is arguably one of the biggest muscles in the body. However, excessive sitting will leave us with extreme muscle imbalances. This means that they are often under-utilized.

Picking things up are by no doubt simple things but they will end up leveraging power from the back rather than the glutes. You will start to establish a stronger connection between the brain and butt. In other terms, this is referred to as neuromuscular activation. It is one of the fancy ways of saying indeed our brain remembers to use our muscles more so during various movements.

15 Minute workouts 

The workouts in this program are done twice in a week. This program is not only designed to be complete but also a full body workout program. Similar to other top programs in the market, this workout program targets your hip and butt area. You are supposed to spend 15 minutes doing the extensive exercises. Therefore, you can use this program to supplement any existing exercise you might be having.

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unlock your glutes review 4
Unlock Your Glutes Review

Things included in this program

Being a digital download, you can access this program immediately after purchasing it. We have compiled the features of this program.

Main manual

The main manual of this program covers everything you should know about proper and beneficial training. The main manual starts by exposing the myths which surround glute training. It also talks about the benefits of having a stronger butt. The author has shown users the science behind developing stronger glutes before going through all the exercises you will be doing in your program.

Coaching videos

The videos incorporated by Brian in his program are fully HD instructional videos. Remember that all the videos here have been recorded at his very own training facility. Another good thing you should note about these videos is that they are well explained and come with bodyweight exercise variations. This makes them ideal for those people who have gym equipment.

Aesthetic and Functional Benefits

There is no doubt that a beautiful butt is the main factor that makes people to purchase this program. The highly preferred program is designed to help you achieve a rounder butt. You might be wondering the reason why this program has been gaining a lot of popularity in the last couple of years. It provides a wide range of health benefits. Furthermore, you will notice a great improvement on the basketball court.


  • This program is endorsed and written by a real life individual. He has a lot of knowledge on how to train professional athletes. He is lucky to have received a lot of certifications.
  • You will be provided with a two monthly money back guarantee after purchasing this program. Therefore, you have the full freedom to return this program to the creator if it does not satisfy all your needs. Your money will be sent back after raising such claims.
  • There are several bonuses included in this program.
  • It is one of the most affordable workout programs available in the market.
  • This program has received a favorable rating by other popular websites.


  • It is only a digital download.
  • Some of the videos in this program are hard to watch on TV.

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Final Thoughts

You will never go wrong when you consider using this amazing program. Additionally, you should not leave it behind if you want to have the butt of a star. Although you will not end up like Jenifer Lopez, you will amaze yourself in the end. We hope that this review article will help you in the coming days. We look forward to hearing from you. Thanks.

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