Top 12 Vegan Female Fitness Tearing Down The Myths About Veganism

If you haven’t heard, veganism is no longer a forbidden word.

And can you just shove that presumption that vegan won’t provide enough nutrition for your body, leading to health issues up to your ***?
It has been scientifically proven to be wrong over and over again, by actual scientists. What else do you need?

How about Top 12 Vegan Female Fitness Tearing Down The Myths About Veganism? Does that enough for you?

Top 12 Vegan Female Fitness

Naturally Stefanie
Talk about a force to be reckoned with, Stefanie Moir or @naturallystefanie to all her followers on Insta-universe has been beating the stigma of vegan fitness down for a few years now. In 2016, PETA honored her with UK and Ireland’s Hottest Vegan award for all her work for the animal rights community.

She has shown people again and again how you can live green, and still muscle and the body you have ever dreamed of. All it takes is commitment. Are you ready to commit?

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Amanda Fisher
For starters, Amanda was already a vegetarian before deciding to go completely vegan. She admitted how hard it was to give up junk food, that’s the thing holding her back from going vegan.

However, through time, junk food did seemingly unreversed damages on her body like being overweight, having an autoimmune condition, etc. She then, determined to be a positive change for herself as well as her community, she has adopted a vegan diet for more than nine years now.

She currently is a personal trainer and has lost up to 30 kilos after trying and living with a plant-based diet.

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Jehina Malik
There should be something to say about being one of the earliest vegan fitness bodybuilders of the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB).

She has been rocking the world of vegan fitness ever since she was only 19 years old! She is the living proof against all the myths about going vegan damaging your body. She also has a long history of competing in bodybuilding.

Just look at her body, even you can’t deny her achievements, and she does everything with the power from plants alone!

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Tia Blanco
Even though Tia was born and raised with vegetarian parents, she didn’t consider that as an option until after watching documentaries about all the slaughterhouses.

That was precisely the moment Tia decided to transition to vegan. She’s vocal about her choice. However, she states that she won’t ever force her beliefs onto other people; it has to be their choice.

Besides with a couple of gold medals under her belt, she has been using her platform as a world-class surfer to help to break all the misunderstood information about the vegan diet.
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Crissi Carvalho
Crissi has been in the personal training industry for at least ten years now. However, as a vegan, she only made the transition roughly four years ago.

As she started dipping her toes into the industry pool, by that time, she was still learning all the traditional ways, and not the bash tradition, but for the fitness community, we are all aware of how damaging those old methods can do to our body and mind.

Crissi came to her own as she experienced a cancer scare at the age of 36. That’s when she reevaluated all her choice, especially her diet, and consciously made the decision to transition.

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Catra Corbett
If ever anyone tells you veganism will stop you from running, let’s Catra Corbett (and you, of course!) prove them wrong. She is also an embodiment of the second chancer if you ever know one.

She has battled her drug and alcohol addiction for a long time now, and she never tries to hide any of her past, as it shapes the person she is right now.

She turned to vegan in the hope of a better life choice, and she found it. Ever since, running has been pretty much her life, with multiple titles for the John Muir race.

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Koya Webb
When it comes to personal training, Koya doesn’t stop only at the physical body fitness; she will touch your soul and mind as well.

Besides a career as a celebrity personal trainer, she reaches out quite often to express her point of view, her beliefs and diet as well. She’s an enthusiastic motivational speaker, particularly on her “Loved Up” life approach.

Going along the ride with her, you not only find meal plans, workout sets but also how to practice self-love every single day.

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Maayan Eliasi
With an impressive collection of winnings, Maayan has found her standing in the vegan bodybuilding community and earned the nickname “Vegan Babe” along the way.

She has also shared that despite being completely open about her diet, some people still don’t accept the fact that she can achieve all of that only with eating plants. However, it only fuels her more as a vegan, a bodybuilding athlete, and an inspiration.

She made it her mission to erase the belief that going vegan can’t equal winner and no obstacles can stand in her way.

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Yolanda Presswood
There’s little to nothing that can slow Yolanda down in her path to greatness. However, she wasn’t always the strong, powerful woman she is today.

She was already a Lacto-Ovo vegetarian by the age of 16. 3 years later, she wanted to transition to vegan, but her support system virtually not existed. And being vegan was not a popular choice back then, she regrettably gave up.

Now, being a national record holding powerlifter, she has vowed always to support people’s choice to go vegan and to prove to others that whether you adopt the vegan diet or not, vegan won’t be the cause of your health issues.

Ella Mangers
Starting from a very young age, her love for animals has been the push she needed to make the switch.

She adopted a vegetarian diet at seven years old, without the support from her family, as the common belief back then was vegetarian will deprive you of all the nutrition that’ll help your body growing up. Still, she didn’t back down, she continued and finally transitioned to vegan at age fifteen.

After that, she has dedicated her whole life to being a vegan athlete and fitness coach. Coming up with all the workout routine and sharing all the health and vegan tips, Ella is pulling her followers towards a healthier lifestyle.

SuzAnne Llano


Some can be the influence, as some can be influenced. In this case, SuzAnne has been both. After meeting Greg – her partner, she realized there was no one set way to achieve what she wanted, even in bodybuilding.
As Greg Moormann is also a vegan bodybuilder, SuzAnne credited him as the push she needed to get to where she always thought she could be but hadn’t reached yet.

Next thing we know, she became the influencer as well and is pretty vocal to spread the word out about animal cruelty and the benefits of veganism.

Anastasia Zinchenko
We have always wanted to finish our list strong, that’s why we end with Anastasia. She has been competing in powerlifting and bodybuilding for several years now and racking up quite the collection of titles and awards.
Her switching to vegan is quite the journey, starting as only curious about what vegan can bring to the table. As she continues she discovered all the downside of meat-eating industry, she had to stop to check herself, specifically her morality.

As a result, she found peace and respect for life in veganism and has been continuously advocating for the vegan community, especially using her achievements to disprove some myths about veganism.


At The End Of The Day

We are super sad that we have to end our list here, we still have a lot more vegan female fitness to show you.
Even though it’s not your job, my job or their jobs to prove all the advantages of veganism (not to mention, the morality of it all), they still stand up and keep talking about it, because it’s hard to be heard when you don’t have a voice. That’s why they are so badass!
And what about you? Are you having a hard time transitioning to a vegan or someone spilling all the wrong “fun facts” about it?
Share this piece right now and tag them so all the awesome ladies from this list (and more) can stare them into research more truths about the matter. Also, you will contribute to vocalizing about veganism, helping others struggling in finding their way.

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