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Visual Impact Kettlebells a Scam? Does it work for you?

Visual Impact is simply a body transformation workout program that has specifically been designed to give you that fitness model build. It is essential to know that the Visual Impact is six month long muscle cardio program. To give you a good idea of this program, we decided to review the Visual Impact KettleBells.

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Visual Impact Kettlebells Review

What is Visual Impact Kettlebells?

The muscle building program has been made to give you a strategic muscle gains. This is very crucial for a visually stunning body. Unlike other muscle building programs in the market, the highly regarded program is designed to give you a ripped look. You should be guaranteed that this program will not leave you looking bloated.

You can agree with me that indeed gaining more than 15 pounds of muscle in your butt is not very impressive. It will end up ruining the look of your body. It has emerged as a sure way to gain 100% muscle. However, you will not look right if it is in the wrong areas.

People prefer using this program simply because it gives you a look that women desire. Your body will easily achieve that wrapped look by simply focusing on a good ratio. This is the right time to learn how you can improve your routine to correct your muscle that is too small. Additionally, the popular program has been created in a special way to show you the reason to lift heavy mass in the correct formula. You will be able to learn why the opposite is wrong.

Do you know that the guys in the gym will be asking you the secrets behind the perfect body? Everyone will always want to know how you have achieved your look. After using this program, you will have reached an understanding of the way your muscle appear. Typically, this program includes a downloadable 70 plus pages course. The course shows you advanced tips on gaining hard full muscles.

On the course, you will find the variables that are necessary to get the exact look you have always desired. Everything a personal trainer can teach you has clearly been included in this program. The muscle building book will be your favorite book in your library. The creator of this program has broken down it into three phases.

Visual Impact Kettlebells Review

Visual Impact Kettlebells Review

Typically, each of the phases in this program explains everything you have learned in the previous phase. The greatest thing about this program is the flexibility in it. It does not matter whether you prefer free weights or resistance bands.

You will be comfortable with all the exercises outlined in this program. Kindly note that it is not the type of resistance you use that matters. What matters is the scheme of weight and volumes you use. Another thing that we cannot forget in this program is the downloadable 227 pages exercise guide. The best thing about this program is that it is not designed to show the users exercises they must do. You are free to do the exercises you like most. However, the creator has provided numerous exercises that you can choose from. The presence of numerous exercises in this program means that you will never run out of exercises.

Who is Rusty Moore?

So, who is the author behind this amazing and beneficial program? The creator of this helpful program is named Rusty Moore. It is good to keep in mind that Rusty was once a skinny guy before he weighed about 225 pounds. You can attest that indeed he gained a lot of muscle. However, the way he gained his muscle was not very ideal. After sometime, he found himself with a huge lower body and that traps that are very similar to those of WWE wrestlers. What were the end results? The cloth shopping became a nightmare? That is when he decided to train himself to correct his muscle imbalances. Rusty was lucky to create a body that was not only strong but also good. That is what his program is all about.

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How does this program work?

This program is formatted in the e-book. It will educate you on things that are only required to build muscles while at the same time retaining muscle density. In this book, you will have three phases. Here are the three phases as outlined in the program.

The first phase

It is good to know that the first phase of the program targets sarcoplasm. Are you aware that the sarcoplasm is the same when compared to the cytoplasm of the cells of the body? Additionally, this program comes with all the important components of the muscle cells. What is the main objective in the first phase of this program? It aims at increasing the size of the sarcoplasm. This will increase the volume of each muscle. This will in turn increase the size of the whole muscle. Keep in mind that this is done by concentrating on a series of fatigue points. Actually, several repetitions have posed in between.

The second phase

It is arguably the most important phase in this program. Actually, this program targets sarcoplasm. Your muscle fibers will greatly benefit from this program. You might be wondering how the muscle fibers are targeted. This is done by repetitions coupled with weights. Between the repetitions, there is an acceptable amount of rest. Remember that the second stage is not a stage to increase your strength.

The third phase

The third phase is specifically designed to target muscle fibers. Strengthening the muscle fibers can be achieved by simply lifting heavy weights. Low repetitions with little rest are done between the repetitions.

Visual Impact Kettlebells Review 3

Visual Impact Kettlebells Review

Special features of this program

People like this program because it comes with special features that you will not find in other programs. Here are some of these features:

Explanations of Theory

The creator of this program is the kind of guy that means what he talks. He has included why this program works. This is very important because there are more chances of sticking with this program when you know why something works. It will show you why the highly preferred program is very effective.

Video Workouts Demos

If you have used this program in the past, then you can agree with me that it comes with a video component. The videos in this program are very beautiful, and you will definitely love watching them. Besides being clear, these videos are filmed on the beautiful beaches in Costa Rica.

What you will get after purchasing this program

You will get multiple exercises when you download the Visual Impact Muscle building program. The best thing about these exercises is that all of them come with demonstrations of how to perform them. You will also get a move for all muscle groups. The most important tips that the creator has included in this program include:

  • What you will end up feeling after every set of exercises to help you see maximum success.
  • Reasons why heavy lifting is better in helping tone your body.

Rusty also talks about how you can build your body muscles within a short period. Actually, this book has the in’s and out’s needed in any proper program.

What is functional fitness? 

Have you ever seen photos of bodybuilders who are excessively bulky? Do you know that there are guys with biceps bigger than your head? The excessive muscles will impede movement. This happens as a result of its sheer size. Such people don’t have a wide range of motion. You will notice this in actions that involve rotations and contractions.

In most cases, rotations are seen in volleyball and martial arts. Why have most bodybuilders reduced speed and agility? It is because of excess weight from their muscles.

Can this program help you build muscles?

The answer is yes. There is no doubt this program will help you to build muscles. It is said to be muscle minus fat. In the end, you will get a more lean and defined appearance. There are more possibilities of looking like Jean Claude. Jean is a perfect example of people who have an admirable body shape.

Visual Impact Kettlebells Review

Visual Impact Kettlebells Review


Is this program suitable for your needs?

Are you one of those people who want to build a lean and muscular physique? You are in the right place. It does not matter whether you are naturally skinny. You will be able to burn excess fat to increase muscle tone with this program. Additionally, it has been gaining a lot of popularity in the last couple of years simply because it works for everyone including athletes. Besides building a muscular physique, this program will maintain functional fitness. Your muscles will not only look good, but they will have real strength behind them.

Does this program work?

While some people see phase three more helpful, some prefer starting with phase two, Phase three has emerged as the best for burning fat and defining muscles. Besides bringing your body fat by more than 10%, this program will help you maintain muscle mass while at the same time increasing your strength.

It is very different from other programs. Remember that you will lose fat and also muscle mass when you use other programs.

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What you will like about this program

The creator provides some solid scientific evidence to support all his claims. This is something you will never find in other fitness programs. Additionally, Rusty has included a special report behind supplements. This has helped some people correct the misguided opinions, and finally they have been able to improve their diet.

You will often feel overwhelmed if you are a full time worker. It will only take an upcoming deadline to throw your life out of the balance. Away from that, this program comes with a set of lean muscle workouts. You are required to follow the nutrition plan accordingly. As a result, you don’t have to think about the type of food you should be eating on any specific day.

With this program, there is no need to obsess over taking multivitamins. Also, you should not worry about losing muscle especially when you are on vacation. Why should you have a workout if you can’t even enjoy yourself?

Visual Impact Kettlebells Review 4

Visual Impact Kettlebells Review

Pros of this program

  • This program has been designed with a mix of workouts and training styles. This assures you that you will never get bored. Additionally, these training styles will work with your body natural growth mechanisms. It works by avoiding any kind of workout.
  • This program will make your muscles much stronger and more defined. Your body will become larger without being bulky. This program has been designed for regular people who have been looking for a better way to build muscle. It will help you be in great shape. At the end of using this program, you will be looking good with fashionable clothes. That is the best thing you can ever hear from any workout program.
  • Nutrition is a big part of this program. You will easily reach your goal if you are dedicated to the workouts outlined in this program.

Cons of this program

  • This program has not been designed to increase your performance in sports. This course only focuses on visual appeal. It is good to remember that this program focus on health and strength.
  • This program is not for everyone. You should have the goals and the desire to attain a lean and muscular body in mind.
  • Rusty has not designed it to help you gain huge amounts of muscles.

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Final Thoughts

There is no other system like this program. It is one of a kind in its muscle building focus. Additionally, this program is easy to understand and complete. Furthermore, Rusty has made this program more entertaining to read with his inspiring stories and experiences. Visual Impact Kettlebell will enable you to achieve your dreams if you have a goal of getting a lean and strong body. We hope that this article will help you decide if this program is right for your needs. We look forward to hearing from you. Thanks!

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