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Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge: is it a scam?

Nowadays, many people are having a tough time getting into shape. From extra fat to not being able to perform great physical exercises, as men grow older it becomes hard to do just that.

However, it does not mean it is not possible. That is where Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge comes in. One time disabled but proud marine, Gomes shows us how to do things that we never thought could be possible using the Zero Bodyweight Challenge program.

This program has been gaining a lot of popularity in the last couple of years because it does not take time and effort. It will take less than you might imagine.

Does this program help people achieve a fit body? You might have heard that your body will no longer be able to do the things you used to do before. In that case, the only choice will only be settling for a life of weakness simply because your body does not respond to the workouts as it did before.

There is no doubt that you would want to shed excess body fat while at the same time building endurance levels. You are very lucky since there is a perfect way to go about it.

The powerful way will revamp your muscles. The type of control and power that comes with this program will avoid injuries. It has been designed to repair joints instead of injuring them. Does this work?

Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge Reviews (1)

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Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge Review

What is Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge?

It is arguably one of the unique programs ever to be in the market. This program has been designed to help men over 40 years to bypass their weakness while at the same time combating ready conditioning.

Do you know that men can use this secret training method at any age? The best part about this program is that it comes with coaching, power breathing, and a series of videos. All these have been designed by one person. You will notice the consistency in them.

Through the series of guides and videos, the author of this program break down the secrets of building a functional and strong body. Keep in mind that most of the things outlined in this program are secrets.

This means that not many people know about them. In his story, Gomes talks about his long journey to recover in the training field. All the advice in this program will better you in all scopes of physical fitness.

In the end, the numerous changes you experience in your body will not only be quick but also encouraging. This will help you see through the process. In turn, it will bring the good health you have always wanted to have.

Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge Reviews
Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge Reviews

About the author of this program

The amazing program has been designed by Helder Gomes. It is good to know that Gomes used to struggle with obesity. It is said that he was not hugging his dear wife.

This made him lose all sense of purpose in life. He had a lot of shame accompanied by his weight. Fortunately, he did not sit down and do anything. Keep in mind that most of the programs that were designed for young abled bodies did not help him.

Additionally, Gomes was advised by doctors to avoid lifting his arms high. On the other hand, some people told him to suck it up. His journey to accept the results was the first step to happiness. This happened days after the marine told him that he was no longer fit to serve.

In his program, he says that he had to look for other working answers. At this time, he started researching somatic exercise and other beneficial modalities. However, he discovered that most of the things he had learned about flexibility and fat loss were not correct.

Later, Gomes would meet a Russian who exposed him to mental tricks. These tricks could elevate strength by changing his thought process. It is important to know that Gomes is a service-connected disabled veteran. In other names, he is referred to as a super-soldier.

helder-bust-noglasses Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge

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Who is this program for?

This program is specifically designed for young and older trainees who want to maintain their joints and tendons. Have you ever had a long hiatus or even injury? You can use this program and expect great results within a short period.

Although this program is useful for general fitness and readiness, kindly note that this program was not created to be a muscle enlarging system. The author of this program has discouraged grinding reps. His program promotes the grease groove method instead.

The program strategy

Unlike other programs in the market that increase muscle size, this program mainly focuses on training the nervous system. The mechanism behind this program is that it is the nervous system in control of your muscles.

The most interesting thing here is that you will experience an increase in strength without increasing muscle size. In short, this program is aimed at making your nervous system more efficient than before. You should be guaranteed that it will become as strong as possible.

It is good to know that you might need a different plan more so if you are a skinny person. The specific plan will not only increase the muscle size but also the strength. Most people prefer switching over to strength-only training later on. This brings the muscle mass to full strength potential.

The highly regarded program will be the ideal choice if you are happy with your muscularity levels and all that you want is to lose fat. In that case, you will never regret purchasing this program.

Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge Reviews
Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge Reviews

Power Principles
The training method in this program is unique in a way such that it was designed to fine-tune your nervous system. Keep in mind that this is the most crucial thing for tactical people who include SWAT teams and combat professionals. This will help such personnel stay fit and ready for action. They can do this anytime and anywhere.

The author has come up with several principles that you should adhere to if you want to have the best results. In this part, we will explain these principles in detail.

The first principle

It is simply the re-programming of the central nervous system. This principle consists of training the brain to fire up stronger signals to the muscles. This will improve the contractile force. What this means is that more muscle fibers will be engaged at once.

Unlike powerlifting, it will be done with the same signal. This kind of training is repeated from time to time. Failure to have this training will increase the strength levels more than your muscularity levels.

The second principle

It is even more interesting when compared to the first principle. This principle is all about strengthening any leak your body goes through in a specific movement. It will channel these leaks into the task ahead of you.

What does this mean? If you are untrained, you will always have an inefficient way to perform these movements. There will always be a lack of coordination that usually aids the main movement. It is said that this makes the muscles work in isolation instead of muscle chains.

The most ideal example, in this case, is a pull-up sequence. In this sequence. You can go up considerably by learning the best way to stabilize your muscles. This will channel elastic energy in the pull upwards.

It is worth noting that this part of this program addresses the important aspect of athleticism. There are claims that this helps you become more efficient when it comes to moving your body across the planes. This plays a crucial role in improving coordination and saving energy. At the end of the training, better performance is always a guarantee.

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The third principle

This principle is about technical failure. Remember that this is quite different from complete muscular failure. Muscular failure will become desirable in muscle-building protocols. Are you aware that there is no such kind of luxury for military personnel or even tactical teams? What does the idea of technical failure mean? It means practicing until good forms start.

Features of this program

The highly preferred Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge comes to a couple of times. These guides and items have been designed by Gomes to show program users the best way to obtain a physique. The training method in this program will restore the body to its old drive and fitness. This program comes with the following things.

  • Field Guide. This guide boasts of PFO system programming and training framework. The framework is based on conditioning protocols. Additionally, the guide shows the users the secrets of maintaining kinetic chains. Furthermore, this guide will provide you with several movements. These movements are based on any soldier. It also teaches you how to use your muscles in the real world.
  • Coaching videos. These videos have several demonstrations and vital explanations. These videos are very helpful in showing you how to put this program to the best use. Additionally, the Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge is filled with a lot of military tricks that will keep the user on track in gaining full health.
  • Follow-up videos. The creator of the program has broken down movements step by step in these follow-up videos. These videos will teach you how your body can reinforce your joints naturally. It also shows the best ways to turn simple movements into body rebuilding techniques.
  • Power Breathing. This section consists of several exercises regarding breath. This shows you the best way to control it to bring the best effect to your training routine. The zero breathing part utilizes military tips that include geometric breathing.
  • Intestinal Fortitude. The highly loved part of Warrior Zero teaches users easy ways of acting in certain situations that Gomes has brought. This section has several crucial things that Gomes learned during his time in the Army.
  • Supportive nutrition. It is based on ten fueling principles. This module will teach you how you can maintain an adequate diet while at the same time making you through other modules.

Pros of using this program

  • This program will enhance your body strength. This makes it ready for almost any kind of physical activity.
  • The explanations in this program will prepare you for almost anything especially when it comes to combat.
  • This program teaches users the best way to diet. You are advised to diet in connection to your modules. This promises optimal health.
  • It is designed to provide breathing exercises. This will enlighten you on the workings of your body. Ways of getting great results have also been outlined in this program.
  • All the techniques in this program are credible more so if you have enough experience in the army.

Cons of this program

  • You are required to invest yourself in the program if you want to see the results.
  • This program is only available in digital format.

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Final Thoughts

From the above review article, you can agree with me that the Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge is specifically designed to give users flexibility and ease of movement. You can apply the principles in the program with less intensity and less speed.

This is the right time to make yourself a great man your friends and family would always want. Another crucial thing to note about this program is that you have two months to try it. This means that you can return it to the seller within 60 days after purchasing it.

Therefore, you don’t have to worry about your purchase because you are guaranteed a full refund. We hope that this review article will help you make a wise decision if the Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge is perfect for your needs. Do you have any questions regarding the above program? Feel free to contact our team. Till next time. Thanks.

Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge Reviews


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