5 Best Weight Benches – An Essential Piece Of Fitness Equipment

One of the most vital and popular fitness equipment in professional and household gyms is the Weight bench. The presence of this one piece can help you explore a number of exercise options in your workout sessions. If you are also looking for the best weight bench, this is a good place to get some valuable information and weight bench reviews.

Top Rated Weight Benches

Product ImageProduct NameSee Price
1. Marcy Flat Utility Weight BenchSee latest price
2. Universal 5 Position Weight BenchSee latest price
3. Bowflex 3.1 Adjustable BenchSee latest price
4. Bowflex 5.1 Adjustable Weight BenchSee latest price
5. Rep Adjustable BenchSee latest price

Review of the 5 Best Weight Benches On The Market

Top 5 options that are currently available on the market have been provided below. Each one of them has variations in design, make, type and utility. Keep in mind the factors discussed above and make a good investment for your workout needs.


This is an amazing multi-purpose flat weight bench that offers a number of usage options. With compact size and easy maintenance, this bench is ideally suited for your basic strength training, exercises to tone your muscles and especially for abdominal crunches.


• It is comfortable with foam embedded bed and a firm support for your back
• It is rectangular designed with a compact size
• The weight capacity of this weight equipment is 300 pounds including the user’s weight
• Allows addition of extra weights and exercising bands to enhance your exercise sessions and improve the fats burning process of the body
• The metallic structure of the product has a powder coating that provides a long lasting durability to it.

Suitable For:

The Marcy Utility flat bench is suitable for those who are at their beginner’s level of trainer. It is easy to install and takes only a few minutes to assemble. It is lightweight and can be carried around with ease and comfort. Coupled with other weights, it is best for various body exercises and workouts. For the available price range it is the most suitable product on the market.


  • ​​​​​Suitable for home based small gym
  • Durable and can be reliable for years
  • Good for beginners


  • Does not offer different positions
  • Allows you to perform limited exercises
  • Not suitable for large professional workouts and gyms


This is an adjustable weight bench that offers a larger variety of options for its users and buyers. Ideally suited for all types of strength building and muscle toning exercise, the Universal 5 position weight bench takes your workout to a higher level.


• It can be used in 5 different angles including -10, 0, 15, 30, and 45 degrees
• With its adjusting angles, it can be used for a larger number of exercises
• The bed of the bench has been lined with a firm but supportive foam material that adds to the comfort while working out
• It is sturdy and has enhanced stability to be used on different surfaces
• The weight capacity of the product is 430 pounds in total while user weight can be reached up to 250 pounds.

Suitable for:

A product offered by a well reputed brand on the market, the Universal 5 position weight bench is best for both beginners and pros. It not just has good looks but is also very effective for a number of muscle and toning exercises. With a larger weight capacity, it is priced at a slightly higher side as compared with a flat bench.


  • Exercises are very safe and secure
  • It is good bargain for newcomers
  • Lightweight with convenient portability
  • Good for home as well as professional gyms


  • Cannot be adjusted to a right angled or 90 degree position
  • Some exercises become difficult
  • The leg bracket sometimes obstructs various exercise positions causing discomfort


It might be a little older version of the Bowflex fitness equipment but it offers are a large variety of features and functions in the price range it is offered for. Brought to you by one of the most reputable manufacturers of fitness and training equipment, the selecttech 3.1 adjustable bench is your ability for transformation of any place into a full fledge workout and weight training gym.


• The adjustable design of the product allows it to change four different positions or angles including -10, 0, 45 and 90 degrees
• It has a weight capacity of 300 pounds
• To diversify it into a declining angle, the product is equipped with a detachable brace that holds the legs down to allow easy exercise positions
• The comfortably cushioned seat gives the user the right posture support and allows performance of various positional exercises without any fears of damages
• The Bowflex SelectTech 3.1 comes with a warranty period of one year for the upholstery and for an unbelievable 15 year period for the frames of the product.
• With its compact and sleek design it can be stored in smaller spaces very easily.

Suitable For:

For the price range it is offered at, it is a good bargain in terms of value and features provided.


  • Offers four positions including a declining adjustment
  • Comes with a durable frame that is fit for heavy duty professional use
  • The leg holder can be removed


  • The bench cannot be folded and hence becomes difficult when storing it
  • With these positions you can get products from competitors at the same price
  • Lacks easy portability


Like the previous product described, this adjustable weight bench has also been manufactured by an expert producer in the industry called Bowflex. Unlike the 3.1 model, the 5.1 offers a larger number of adjustments and positions.


• It can be adjusted into 6 different exercising positions or angles starting from -17, 0, 30, 45, 60 and 90 degrees.
• This product also makes easier declining positions and enables comfort in exercising by allowing the legs to be pulled down by the removable braces.
• The SelectTech 5.1 has an even longer warranty of frame that lasts for 30 years. For the upholstery the warranty period is the same as the other models i.e. one year.
• The seat is comfortably cushioned and has a better support for proper postures of exercise.
• It has a weight capacity of 400 pounds which is inclusive of the user

Suitable For:

With these features the bowflex 5.1 is definitely ahead of the 3.1 model. It offers two more angles as well as more options for bringing in variations in your workouts. The price range is a little on the upside as compared to other products in this category. But with all the available features the bowflex 5.1 can act as a stand-alone gym for all your workout and strength building needs.


  • Comes with 6 different positions including decline
  • Adjustment process is fast and easy
  • You have a large number of exercise options and workout selections
  • Addition of wheels or tires for movement is possible



Leading the professional gym equipment in the weight bench category, the Rep adjustable bench is highly recommended for the heavy duty workouts. With a huge weight bearing capacity, the equipment can be used by various levels of power lifters and professional trainers. You can couple it with other machines and tools like dumbbells, cages or power racks and make full workout sessions to enhance your muscles and tone your overall body.


• The weight lifting capacity of this massive product is 1000 pounds.
• The product can be adjusted into 7 laddering positions starting from -20 to 85 degrees
• It can be adjusted into 4 different seating positions as well
• The size of the bench pad is large and is comfortable to rest the back in a more relaxed manner.
• The machine has a height of 17.5 inches from the surface to the resting bed
• The vinyl coating is great for easy maintenance and avoiding any unnecessary wear and tear.
• The product comes with a decade warranty for the frame structures.

Suitable For:

This product is not suited for home use. For professional trainers and fitness centers it will be a good addition.


  • Comes with a large weight bearing capacity
  • Ideally suited for professional gyms and workouts
  • Offers 7 different position adjustments
  • Seat can be adjusted comfortably


  • It is too costly for low budget buyers
  • The footer position is causing discomfort for people with bigger heights.

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Having a good and comfortable weight bench for your fitness routine is vital for its successful outcomes. The weight bench allows you to perform a number of different exercises and creates a whole new set of challenges for you to achieve. It is not significant whether you are a beginner or you have been a gym goer for years, enjoying variety in your workout sessions can bring more motivation and enjoyment in the whole process.

There are a number of different weight bench manufacturers in the health and weight lifting industry. From very popular brands to some new entries, the buyers have a large number of options to choose from. They vary in designs, features, manufacturing materials and even in their effectiveness of use. Some brands even rely on their repute in the sports goods industry to sell their products.



Selecting the right product for your workout can make a lot of difference in your exercises and their outcomes. A good product can enhance your capabilities and allow you to create better rounds of exercises that have the involvement of a greater number of body parts and related muscles.

This does not mean that you need to buy a very expensive machine. Coupled with other gym equipment like barbells and dumbbells, a most simple but reliable weight bench can do wonders for your muscle building and fitness.



With so many possible options with brands, designs and types, selecting the right equipment for your needs can be a tricky and overwhelming task. Some important factors that you need to look into while comparing the various available products are:

  • Safety – It should be safe to use
  • Comfort – You should not have to exert a lot of effort
  • Durability – It must be Study and long-lasting
  • Reliability – The design and features should be effective
  • Ease of Use – Usage, maintenance and storage should be simple
  • Workout Possibilities – You should be able to perform a variety of exercise with it.


Currently there are different types of weight benches available on the market. The major variation occurs from the design. A weight bench can be:
• Fixed or Flat Weight bench
• Inclined at an angle
• Declined Weight Bench
• Adjustable Weight Bench



For making the right selection from the above types and various brands you need to consider the following factors:

1. The Positions Needed by You

It depends on the exercise that you plan to perform on the weight bench. Currently the most popular choice in terms of position is the adjustable weight bench. This is because it provides a large number of options and positions that can be used without any hassle. You can adjust the angles of the bench in more than 10 different ways.

2. The Weight you want to Lift

Select the best weight bench that can hold the weight you are planning to lift. With heavy lifters, low weight capacity benches are a big no. Using a bench that is not suitable for the given weight can be damaging for you and your body. Go through these weight bench reviews before making the final decision. But for basic weight workouts, a simple low capacity weight bench would suffice.


3. Size of the Weight Bench

This is quite a simple factor of selection that depends on the size and height of the users. Taller than average heighted people often find it difficult to adjust themselves, comfortably, on a bench. You do not want a bench that is too short or too big. Check out the actual dimensions and measurements of the weight bench and then get the picture whether it will be suitable for your workout or not. For professional gyms, go for an average sized machine.

4. Moving and Storing the Weight Bench

This is quite an important consideration especially if you are buying the weight bench for your home or office. If you plan to move it around to various places, then it should be light weight and able to adjust in smaller spaces. Folding options help to ensure easy storage and portability of this gym equipment. So make sure to look into the folding options offered by the brand.


5. Looks of the Bench

Not a very important factor for many, but it cannot be ruled out totally as well. There are people who want their machines to be attractive and look interesting. Modern designs and good physical appearance can reduce the boredom from the workout sessions.

6. The Price

Undoubtedly one of the most important factors underlying our buying decision is the budget or price of the product. Different manufacturers are offering different types of products with a wide range of prices. Compare the options according to their price and features and then check the match with your budget.


By now you must have a clear picture about what all is being offered by the five top rated products in the weight bench category through weight bench reviews like this one. For those who are looking for the best weight bench for their home, the Bowflex 3.1 is the best suitable option. It has the necessary positions needed for most workout trainings and is also falling in the cheaper price range. However for the more professional requirements the heavy duty.


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